(living room)
(Trudy is in the kitchen, Mara, Piper, Patricia, Mara, Nina, Joy, Eddie, and Alfie, and Mick are eating)
Amber: (enters with a box) Happy Birthday Piper!
Piper: Amber its not my birthday.
Amber: but you said-
Joy: I was lying Amber.
Amber: oh.
Patricia: plus. If it was Piper's birthday, than it would be my birthday too.
Amber: oh. Then I'll return this sold gold neck less to the store or better yet I'll wear it.
Piper: on 2nd thought.
Amber: no no. I'll have it. It's not your birthday anyways. And mine was just a week and a half ago.
Piper: worth a shot.
(room in the mommy sarcophagus tunnel)
Jerome: (banging on door) HELP! Oh no use (Turns around and sees some Egyptian hieroglyphics on the floor.) what does that mean?
(Dinning room)
Nina: okay guys so Piper is a Sibuna.
Eddie: and Patricia is too.
Joy: so I'm the only one not in Sibuna.
Amber: yeah.
Mara: oh just let Joy in. It would be better for the search.
Nina: (sigh) I guess.
Amber: Nina tell them about what you found last night.
Nina: oh right. (reaches in pocket and takes out the frog paper)
Alfie: a frog?
Nina: I think it will help us get Fabian back.
Mick: what does it say.
Nina: to turn the frog into human, it must be kisses by true love.
Patricia: so you have to kiss him?
Nina: what if I'm not his true love?
Amber: oh your totally his true love. You 2 are perfect for each other. Plus. I'm not kissing any frogs.
Nina: okay. Let's go now before school.
(all exits)
(room in the mommy sarcophagus tunnel)
ANIBIS: (appears) why are you just sitting there?
Jerome: I don't know where to go.
Anubis: ( sees some Egyptian hieroglyphics on the floor.) well this will tell you.
Jerome: I can't read it.
Anubis: well it say, to find the chamber of the mask of Anew, follow the tunnels of the gods and goddess and complete each task. If you dont complete the task. You will meet a toucher from that god.
Jerome: what chamber am I in now?
Anubis: (looks around and sees some sees some Egyptian hieroglyphics on the wall) well that says the beginning so I suggest you have to go through that door. (points to a door)
Jerome: it must be locked.
Anubis: (walks over and opens door)
Jerome: oh well you did that with your magical powers.
Anubis: nope. It was already unlocked.
(Eddie's room)
Eddie: (takes out Fabian from box and hands it to Nina) here you go.
Nina: I hope this works. (kisses Fabian frog)
Amber: nothing's happening. It didn't work.
Nina: I'm not his true love.
Mara: come on guys. Let's get to school.
(all exits)
Fabian: (turns to a human) wo! What a crazy dream.
(chamber of Shu)
Jerome: okay so what Egyptian god is this?
Shu's voice: (coming from portrait of Shu) I am Shu. The god of the wind and air. If you want to find the mask, complete my task and you will get there.
Jerome: Shu? So what's the task? (sees fans all around him.) what the? Fans?
Shu's voice: the task is simple. Before you is a table with my 4 feathers. You must pick them up then put them on the right hanger on the walls.
(Jerome looks around and sees 4 hangs scattered out then looks at the 4 feathers on the table)
Jerome: easy enough.
Shu's voice: while my fans are going off at full speed. Good luck.
(Fans start to go off and Jerome is being pushed wall to wall)
Jerome: okay this is hard.
(Ms. Valentine's room)
Ms. Valentine: okay class let's talk about Moby Dick. Has everyone heard of the book?
Amber (whispering to Nina): so what if it was a delay and you are his true love?
Nina: I dough that's it.
Fabian: (enters) sorry I'm late Ms. Valentine.
Ms. Valentine: oh no worries.
Nina: or maybe your right.
Fabian: hi Nina.
Nina: hey.
(chamber of Shu)
Jerome: (struggling to walk) this is so hard! (grabs a wing) yes! Got one. (tries to pick up the others but can't) must be one at a time. But which hook should I put it on? (wind blows it out of Jerome's hand and it flies through a crack in the wall) oh no!