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Opinion by Batmanknight25 posted over a year ago
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Zoey redbird: Shay Mitchell she's a great actress on the show pretty little liars and does a great job on that show and I think she's got the perfect personality and the most experience with roles like this one and I think she would nail it. Stevie rae: Aly Michalka she was on Phil of the future and did a great job on that show and as a lead on the tv series hellcats and I think that she would nail the Oklahoma accent and give the character something really special. Erin: Hayden panettiere I think she would do a great job and would do great as Erin a middle class girl from Oklahoma. Shaunee: Monique Coleman yeah I know she was in high school musical and she compliment Hayden panettiere as her metaphorical twin. Erik knight: Jeremy sumpter he's not a very well known actor but but I think he would do a great job playing the hunky great onstage acting vampire and would be a great match for Shay mitchell's zoey. Heath: Eric Johnson yeah I know he's a little older than the other actors in this fan cast but he's had experience playing a character like heath when he played Whitney foreman on smallville and he would also do a great job playing zoey's human love interest who's obsessed...
Fan fiction by BlackRoseLove posted over a year ago
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Sibyl, a newly marked fledgling, bit her lip. She slowly opened her mother's bedroom door, but it creaked.
"Sibyl! What's wrong?"her mother asked from her bed. Sibyl stepped in and, as soon as she saw her, her mother jumped from her bed to examine the new Mark on her forehead. "Sibyl! OhmyGAHD why?!"she demanded in an obnoxious voice. She hugged Sibyl close to her chest.
"Mom... Can't... BREATHE!!!"she wheezed. Her mother released her.
Sibyl's mom was tall and skinny. Her black hair was poofy with little curls on the sides. She had almond-shaped hazel eyes, and so did Sibyl herself.
Sibyl was tall for a 16-year-old, and had an average weight. She had auburn hair that was down to her chin, and it kinda glowed in the direct sunshine. And recently, she had a blue outline of a crescent moon on her pale forehead.
The front door slammed, and the air was filled with an alcohol-smell.
Corey Seinhouse was a friend of Sibyl's brother Andrew. Apparently he was drunk. Sibyl didn't like it. Not one bit.
List by leeceylou posted over a year ago
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Victoria Justice as Zoey
Zoey RedBird: Victoria Justice
Shaunee Cole: Keke Palmer
Erin Bates: Blake Lively
Damien Maslin: Nolan Gerard Funk
Stevie Rae Johnson: Dakota Fanning
Erick Night: Logan Lerman(total HOTTIE!)
Jack Twist: Max Thieriot
Heath Luck: Cory Monteith(another hottie!)
Aphrodite: Sasha Pieterse
Neferet: Amy Adams
Dragon: Peter Facinelli
Loren Blake: Tom Welling
Kayla Robinson: Leighton Meester
Lenobia: Sara Paxton
Nyx: Liv Tyler
That's pretty much it, hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and please comment!!