Talia walked beside Seth on the way to Onyx’s house. It was the day after they had gone over for pizza.
“Seth what happened last night?” she asked for what seemed like the hundredth time.
“Nothing...something...I don’t know” he told her then walked faster but Talia easily caught up.
“You took long enough to come down stairs and you were up there over an hour. Onyx said Misty’s sorrow came back so what happened?” Seth stopped which caused Talia to bump into him, she could she that he was trying to find the right words to say.
“I kissed her and I unlocked her sadness no I unlocked all the unpleasant emotions that she felt and feels. She was so sad she wanted to... She wanted me to block it from her again but I couldn’t Talia I wanted to but I had to make her see that I could help that we could all help. I love her” Talia nodded.
“I know” was all she said and then kept walking happy that she had gotten Seth to tell her what happened. A few minutes later they arrived at Onyx’s.
He greeted them at the door and led them into the dining room where he had bacon and eggs on toast set up for the four of them.
“Where’s Misty?” Talia asked taking a seat at the table.
“She’s still getting ready Seth I felt her sadness again I’m guessing you took away the magical band-aid”
Before Seth could reply to Onyx he felt a sharp pain in his head.
He saw Misty walk up to the bathroom mirror he felt her guilt and sorrow. She slowly pulled open the door to the cabinet behind it and pulled out the sleeping pills she cried softly as she swallowed all the pills then she slowly walked back to the bed she looked over to the wall where she had sat against the night before she re-lived Seth’s kisses. Misty felt tired now her hair changed to purple.
“I’m sorry Seth” she whispered then closed her eyes.
Seth opened his eyes and realised he was on the floor with Talia and Onyx leaning over him but he ignored them and stood up and ran up the stairs, throwing open Misty’s room to see her lying on the bed.
“Misty! Oh god Misty, please no” Seth begged as he ran over to her to try and find a pulse. There wasn’t one. Seth cried and leant over Misty begging for forgiveness. Suddenly someone pushed him out of the way and the girl’s voice yelled.
“Seth stand back” Seth stood back still crying he had only just found her, he couldn’t lose her so soon. The strange girl laid her hands on Misty’s face. Seth watched the girl concentrate and then after what seemed like an eternity when it was only a few minutes Misty started breathing and she sat up. Talia screamed and Onyx gasped. Seth walked straight over to Misty and grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her whilst yelling.
“Why would you do that?” before she could reply he kissed her. The world dissolved as their lips met it was only him and her. Nothing and no one else was there.
“I’m so sorry... so very sorry” she cried and buried her face in the crook between his neck and shoulder.
“Um guys I would like to know how you’re alive Misty, your heart stopped and who are you?” Seth heard Onyx ask the girl.
“I brought her back to life, I’m Avira”
Onyx watched in shock as Seth kissed Misty, Misty was supposed to be dead right now so he asked the girl who had rushed in after Onyx and Talia and pushed away Seth and then she had... what had she done? Who she was? What had happened?
“I’m sorry you brought her back?” Onyx asked the girl who was called Avira.
She was as tall as Misty and Talia and slim, with hair so blonde it almost looked white. Her eyes were a deep blue and her white skin was flawless with no sunburns or freckles.
Avira rolled her eyes and pushed herself off the wall she was leaning against.
“I’m spirit; I can bring back the dead. Onyx I’m surprised you don’t know me Onyx I have been at your high school since the day you started only I’m two years older, ever since my powers first came into effect I’ve been listening in on your thoughts and I heard about your powers and Misty’s secrets “she finished letting it sink in. Onyx was speechless as were the others.
“no offence but I’m starving bring things back from the dead tires me out and makes me hungry, mind if we eat and talk downstairs?” Avira asked.
“Sure” Onyx said and all who were standing turned to go Onyx watched Talia look over her shoulder at Seth who hadn’t taken him eyes off Misty who was still resting against him and crying.
“Seth? Misty? Are you coming?” Talia asked. Seth replied without looking at her.
“We’ll be right down” they all nodded and went down stairs.
“Misty? Why?” Seth asked Misty who hadn’t taken her eyes away from him either.
“The nightmares became too much and then last night... I don’t deserve you “She cried and turned away from him. She felt Seth caress her cheek then he brought her face back to face his.
“I won’t leave your side Mist I didn’t want to last night but Talia and Onyx were calling. I failed you when I promised I’d be there, I don’t deserve you. I’m so sorry please, forgive me” Misty slowly raised her hand to place it on his cheek. She could see the cuts in the swirling patterns, the marks that he had given her, the ones that he had been looking at the day before.
“We’d better go down to heat what Avira has to say” she finally said. She couldn’t stand the love in his eyes the love she didn’t understand. Seth laughed and twisted her now pink hair in his fingers.
“Its love” he whispered then looked at Misty straight into her eyes...her soul.
“They can wait a few minutes” he whispered then he hugged her Misty instantly melted into him arms. She could smell him she couldn’t place the scent but it made her feel safe.
“I saw it” she heard him say. The she listened to him explain his premonition.
“A premonition. Did it hurt?” was all she asked there was nothing else to ask.
“yes but it hurt more seeing you lying on this bed with your hair purple not breathing...no heart beat... if Avira hadn’t been here” Seth choked up and this time he turned away. Misty kissed his cheek the she made him face her so she could kiss his lips.
“I’ll deal with the pain Seth I promise” she promised and leaned over him so he lay back and she lay over him. Their kisses went deeper, more passionate, and more meaningful.
“Are you guys coming down or what?” Talia yelled from downstairs making Misty sit up away from Seth. Her heart beat was erratic and was beating so hard she could have sworn Seth heard it. Heat spread through her body causing her to blush. Seth’s face was also red.
“Coming” they both called.