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yalondae posted on Mar 14, 2009 at 06:26PM
After finishing Hunted, I really hope that Stark and Zoey can be together. I really think it is possible. Now that she Imprinted with Heath again, I'm starting to think Erik won't be able to deal with that. Stark, on the other hand will be able to deal. He doesn't seem as insecure as Erik. I wonder if she could break the Imprint with Heath, again, and Imprint with Stark (or Erik- ugh!). But of course, that would hurt Heath again and I like Heath, but not more than Stark. What are your thoughts? I also feel a little sorry for Kalona (I know, I know, he is evil).

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over a year ago RaineChild said…
The rule is Fledgelings can drink other fledglings blood without an imprint, sooo if stark is Still a Fledgeling but a different type. I think the same rule applies either way.

over a year ago mariaxlorrainex said…
I hope that zoey will be with stark because heath is my least favorite, he actually gets on my nerves sometimes and erik isnt a very good choice for zoey.
over a year ago CullenSparkles said…
Z o e y + E r i k ftw <3
Im Sorry But It's True, i bet It'll Happen
over a year ago twilight0girl said…
i really hope zoey dates stark too.i mean,really,stark rocks and eriks very insecure.heath is o.k. but i really want zoey with stark.

over a year ago zoeyfan12 said…
i think zoey + stark = <3
but first u have to - erik and heath they just get on my nerves !
over a year ago music_is_love said…
OKAY I AM SIMPLY STEAMING!!! I. HATE. ERIC!!!! HE IS AN INSICURE LITTLE JERK WHO CAN GO DIE!!! sorry, but he is suck a jerk for bossing Zoey around and pressuring her for sex, what a man whore!
over a year ago zoeyfan12 said…
i agree with music_is_love
ERIC NEEDS TO GO !!!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago zoey_rb said…
big smile
Yeah me too. i think zoey should be with stark because he cares about her. i know- heath and erik care about her too- but heath gets zoey in trouble and eriks care is tainted by his pressuring zoey to have sex. So Erik needs to go more than heath does. And heath needs to go because he gets zoey in trouble
over a year ago new_blue said…
ok so this is the guys for zoey UPDATE!!!

1. zoey dumped erik (thank goddess he was so fucking posessive and i think if they ended up getting married (wich they wont) he would beat her (if she was still imprinted 2 heath)

2. stark is like the man of every girls dreams right now (WOOT WOOT!!! HELL I DNT BLAME often do u find a guy who is nice and can be sarcastic, who reads (a lot) who can care and not be possesive (like some other boy we all know) and will die for u!!!) and he loves zoey (and we love him, and wish we were zoey)AND WHO IS SO FUCKING HOOTTTTTTT!!!

3. this is the worst news out of it all so hold ur breath untill u read this...


4. we all have difrent but yet still simular thought bout kalona...(we all want him to die since he killed heath... thats the simular part)
(but we all want to kill him in different ways(mean, Torchering, SLOW PAINFUL ways.)thats the difreces)

so there u have it...on a plater waiting for u 2 scream

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over a year ago _Blackhearts_xx said…
lmao i read tempted <3
im so sad heath died :(
over a year ago hannah141 said…
wait we don't know if Heath is DEAD dead.
Zoeys with him and maybe somehow she might bring him back.?

i didn't like Heath at the beginning but he's grown on me.

But Stark is by far my favourite, i totally agree with what new_blue said about Stark [: <3 <3
over a year ago booklover13 said…
i love stark and heath, but ater reading tempted, i totally lost erik. hes so possesive adn a major jerk! kudos to zoey for dumping him