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Tempted  yalondae 295 29228 over a year ago
Last One Standing (Game)  xochristina 283 16535 over a year ago
BURNED  cr6zym0nkeyiz 156 20152 over a year ago
HOT or NOT? (Game)  xochristina 80 2981 over a year ago
House of Night MOVIE!  music_is_love 77 65739 over a year ago
Kiss, Hug, Slapp gamee:]  oecd 59 3890 over a year ago
The "Time" Game  xochristina 59 2696 over a year ago
TRUE OR FALSE GAME  divergirl5396 50 2517 over a year ago
OMG!!!!! 15 HON BOOKS!!!!!!  airlle1993 45 8773 over a year ago
A fun game please play!  music_is_love 45 2976 over a year ago
The name game =]  Jessie_Cullen 36 1449 over a year ago
DESTINED  cr6zym0nkeyiz 34 22284 over a year ago
like and hate game<333  oecd 34 2066 over a year ago
HOT or NOT  love_VA 34 1233 over a year ago
Stevie Rea  dei-girl 26 1884 over a year ago
Zoey and.............  divergirl5396 24 736 over a year ago
A-Z Game  CQuinn 23 977 over a year ago
AWAKENED  cr6zym0nkeyiz 22 5045 over a year ago
awakened-first chapter  kimione 21 10735 over a year ago
HoN Survey  xochristina 20 2185 over a year ago
House of NIght Survey!  svgirl 20 2086 over a year ago
Burned  Twilimpian 20 756 over a year ago
OMG! YOU GUYS HAVE TO READ THIS! (warning spoilers)  airlle1993 19 7615 over a year ago
The hottest  dei-girl 19 840 over a year ago
The House Of Night Guys  Jaige22 17 648 over a year ago
zoey + stark= love  jblovesme4ever 17 2881 over a year ago
*Guess the Quote*  Injury 14 785 over a year ago
Untamed  musicandmango 13 800 over a year ago
Stark- May contain spoilers  yalondae 12 3777 over a year ago
Who do you think will make it through the Change?  CQuinn 11 1010 over a year ago
2011 READ THIS A.S.A.P.  blaise_jez 11 691 over a year ago
Who........  PSNOUS 10 525 over a year ago
Just choose already  darksusan 10 657 over a year ago
Erik !  VanneNight 8 646 over a year ago
BURNED COVER  booklover13 8 734 over a year ago
Hunted  JustMe7 7 557 over a year ago
what is brown pop? coke? other thing completely diferent?  j_spot 6 12841 over a year ago
Вас ожидает учесть КОНГРИГЕЙТА!  rifa1451 6 3526 over a year ago
House Of Night RP  DanixxDumb 5 966 over a year ago
Not all That Great  joannlov 5 298 over a year ago
House of Night Movies!!!  NessaPHL09-deleted 5 709 over a year ago
Has anyone else noticed...  green6244 4 298 over a year ago
House of Night Boards  zoeybear09 4 415 over a year ago
Would I make a good Zoey?  MissKayleeBee 4 571 over a year ago
Why Erik? WARNING!!: tempted spoiler!!!  booklover13 4 1225 over a year ago
favorite books  kimione 4 193 over a year ago
do you think this song relates to stark? *spoilers*  twilight0girl 4 1459 over a year ago
Kalona and Stark  yalondae 4 2093 over a year ago
SPOILER!!!! What do you think?  green6244 3 755 over a year ago
forget about zoey for a sec, which guy would U pick?  hontwilightfan 3 351 over a year ago
What I liked and hated about the Series so far.  Spunkyfrog22 3 651 over a year ago
Stevie Rae's Secrets  mariaxlorrainex 3 907 over a year ago
For Everyone and Anyone Who Loves Stark or Even Remotley Like Him or Something He Said or Did!!!!!  booklover13 3 857 over a year ago hunted  latinlover 3 813 over a year ago
Tempted???? and rest of series  dei-girl 3 641 over a year ago
Guess - Hunted  musicandmango 3 544 over a year ago
Heath!  house1of1night1 2 1096 over a year ago
COUNTDOWN TO 4000 FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  buffyl0v3r44 2 491 over a year ago
Heaths Death  HON_Rules 2 292 over a year ago
stark lovers please play!  misstaylautner 2 401 over a year ago
Burned - Chapter 1!!!!  mstwlight 2 415 over a year ago
Who should play the charictors if a movie was made?  RandiOrr 2 396 over a year ago
Only for those Who have finished--Destined  piperlovegood 1 1050 over a year ago
Awakened wing.  python36 1 858 over a year ago
My dream cast  honftw 1 304 over a year ago
Plot question for Hunted book 5!  cassierowan 1 518 over a year ago
Murmers- Chapter One:Don't Go  twilight_1_1 1 435 over a year ago
New Book Club Forum... Marked giveaway and more!  Ivyqueen 1 591 over a year ago
Rereading the Books  piperlovegood 0 713 over a year ago
Sleepwalker us!  VOIDcollective 0 494 over a year ago
Strange things you have bought because they look like or have to do with the House of Night  piperlovegood 0 1042 over a year ago
In what order?  Simplistic 0 1057 over a year ago
I think I found Jack's model  honHOM 0 1216 over a year ago
Movie For House Of Night  honftw 0 749 over a year ago
House Of Night Cast  Andressa_Weld 0 358 over a year ago
Best Words to Describe Contest  xochristina 0 502 over a year ago
zoey + stark= love  jblovesme4ever 0 319 over a year ago
zoey + stark= love  jblovesme4ever 0 247 over a year ago
zoey + stark= love  jblovesme4ever 0 204 over a year ago
zoey + stark= love  jblovesme4ever 0 278 over a year ago
zoey + stark= love  jblovesme4ever 0 153 over a year ago
HoN and Twilight fans  DragonDandel 0 375 over a year ago
If you search Tim Urban from American Idol this year because I think he looks like stark doesn't he?  Asalvatore 0 318 over a year ago
house of the night series  2038 0 382 over a year ago
Who should play the charictors if a movie was made?  RandiOrr 0 647 over a year ago
House of Night Movie  booklover13 0 288 over a year ago
House of Night series  goth-kitty 0 650 over a year ago
Release date for BURNED!!  courtneykutie 0 1342 over a year ago
MY SPOT  divergirl5396 0 490 over a year ago
new info about the house of night movies  cr6zym0nkeyiz 0 766 over a year ago
Release Day event for "Tempted" with PC & Kristen Cast!!  BordersLI 0 573 over a year ago
House of Night- Marked  chasity09 0 505 over a year ago
Tempted  nana3bx 0 566 over a year ago
Hunted EARLY!!!!!  treehugger4ever 0 624 over a year ago