Firstly, I will warn you that in this article I will positively referring to other ships such as Huddy and Chameron. Therefore, if you do not wish to read an article that supports these two ships, please stop reading now. Furthermore, any bashing of other ships will lead to the removal of this article.

Season 4 and season 5 of 'House MD' have obviously been full of ups and downs and shipping madness. So I thought I would share with you why I have, in a way, "re-discovered" my inner Hameron.

What A 'Big Baby'

I will admit that I was the first one to turn my nose up at Cameron being acting Dean Of Medicine. I thought it was the stupidiest idea in the history of the show.
And then I watched 'Big Baby'.
For me, this was the begining of my re-love for Hameron, and Cameron. Firstly, the House/Cameron dynamic really stepped it up a notch in that episode. Cameron demonstrated her deep understanding of Housian psychology. She stood up to him and she kicked his ass! And, most importantly, House appreciated that. While he was annoyed by having to submit to her, I think he was impressed by her staunchness in the face of his lunacy. He was impressed that, when he thought she would be a push over, she actually stood her ground and demanded his respect (or at least, House's weird form of repect!).

Now I'm 'Locked In'

Ok, so the only House/Cameron scene in this episode was brilliant. Cameron seeks out House to change the bandage on his motorcycle accident wound. Now, not much is really said between them. They talk about the case and they have a "we miss working together moment", but the really interesting part of the whole scene is the way that House lets her help him. If we compare a Huddy scene earlier in the episode, Cuddy assesses House's wounds and he shrugs her off. From my Huddy perspective, this is because he is afraid about his feelings for her and does not want her to see any weakness in him.
Yet, this Hameron scene presents an interesting dynamic. House is accepting of Cameron's loving involvement. He doesn't seem to mind being vulnerable with her.

We All Need 'Saviors'

For me, 'Saviors' is one of the greatest Hameron episodes so far. In this episode, we see some wonderful House/Cameron interactions. Firstly, House's interest in Cameron's emotional life was adorable. To me, he quite clearly cared about what she was thinking, not just because of his insane need to know everything, but also because he was concerned about what was going on for her. I think House really wants her to be happy, which is why he talked to her about Chase wanting to propose to her. He is concerned that she is in a good place with Chase and helped her to evalulate the situation by talking to her, listening to her and being honest with her.

"That Is A Ridiculous Question. She Is In Love With You."

There has been many an argument about whether or not Hameron is over. Personally, I think the chances of a romantic Hameron relationship in the future are slim to none. Cameron is happy with Chase. House and Cuddy are more... sexually compatible, I guess, but in saying that, I don't think (or want!) House and Cuddy will end up in a romantic relationship. So, that is why I like the way that I ship the House/Cameron relationship. I love their interactions, the way they talk to each other, the way the look at each other. And by appreciating those moments, I know that Hameron, as a ship, will never be over. They will always have a strong, caring, loving connection with each other. And I think that season 5 has really demonstrated that. House has continually sought out Cameron. He regularly visits the ER to talk to her. And Cameron has regularly sought out House, by getting involved in cases and nursing his wounds. Clearly, they still enjoy feeding of each other's energies. And so, I would even argue that Hameron is stronger than ever!

So those are my thoughts on the Hameron relationship in season 5. I hope someone found them at least slightly interesting.