Hi guys!!EnjoyHuddy is speaking!! I don't know what I'm doing on the Hameron spot because , as you can understand just reading my nick, I'm a Huddy shipper.
Anyway I 'm not here to fight with you because I think you're very sweet.
I'm writing this little article because I want to clear myself to you...I'll explain why I was a Hameron fan (yes, I was a Hameron fan )and why I changed my ship.

Let's start:

In season 1 of House we saw House as a bastard (I think we see him this way even now) and we saw Cameron as a sweet girl but now she's stronger then before, but she's still sweet.

We saw all the interaction between the two of them
and the 1st time I saw them toghether I thought " Nah,she's too young for him, it will never work...but well, who knows??"
after this I started to enjoy both of them especially their date!!

I loved when they went out to see the monster trucks and since that , we call them "Cotton Candy"
"After all they seems good toghether"I thought.

But when season two started,I thought about their date so much that my brain could exploded at any moment...

Especially, I thought about what House said to her
"Cosa devo fare per farti capire che non mi piaci??" in english was something like "What do I have to do to make you understand that I don't like you??" (I know this isn't really what House said, but I watch House in my language, italian and not english, so I did a simple translate of what I wrote in italian)

After that I started to doubt about them,but I still liked the scenes between the two of them.

I was starting to ship them again but when I watched "Humpty Dumpty" , the scenes between House and Cuddy really took me...well I liked them since season 1 because I loved when they were fighting, but now I liked them in a different light.

Since that, I started to ship Huddy, and everyday I became a really Huddy addict...but I still like Hameron but as friends and nothing else!!

Well I know that with this article I'm making a lot of Hameron fans against me.

Now that's my point:
There are a lot of Hameron and Huddy fans in the world that fight everyday because of their ship,sometimes we do the same, even here.
But we have to admit that some of us (Huddy shippers) were Hameron and some of you (Hameron shippers) were Huddy.Everything has changed in 4 seasons and can still change.
But we don't need to fight because of it, I know some Hameron fans that are awesome people like amberRocks, rose2 , tubby2002 and I think the same about all of you !!So please, stop fighting with us!!And we'll do the same!!

EnjoyHuddy,a Huddy shipper who love the Hameron fans too...:) <3

P.S. sorry if I made any mistake , anyway I hope you understood even with my horrible english!