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-...Hugh [Laurie] says viewers shouldn't count out Dr. Cameron... "The embers are still smoking, so who knows?" he says. "If someone blows on them, they may ignite."
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[about House and Cameron having sex]
"...I think that's somewhere in the distance. ...Although I think, you know, we'll probably both carry a bit of a torch for each other, but it'll be a hidden torch... Hey, look, I'm, you know, wanting it to happen! It's very different from thinking it will happen. No, want is fine, put me down on the want list. That would be terrific, that would be just fine with me."
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Do you want Cameron with Chase or with House? (Sounds like the makings of a great poll!) I know which way Jennifer Morrison (Cameron) would vote. Although she was a no-show at Fox's press-tour bash last week, an adorably tongue-tied Hugh Laurie delivered — or, rather, attempted to deliver — a message on her behalf. Here's our exchange:
Laurie: I'm going to tread here very carefully because Jennifer is actually still working. She asked me to say… can I say this? Because it's going to get her into such trouble. I'm going to have to let her say it. She will get her opportunity to say it.
Ausiello: C'mon, give me a hint.
Laurie: She is keen to see a… a…. a… development of the relationship we hinted at before. She put it more graphically.
Ausiello: She wants to see House and Cameron have sexual intercourse?
Laurie: Wow! I thought there were whole steps [leading] up to that, but you went right there.
Ask Ausiello, August 02, 2006

Jennifer Morrison

"Cameron may be the only one who can get to House,"
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"I think Allison was so drawn to his talent, really respecting him for what he does and the integrity behind it. That was the beginning of it. He's also struggling, and he's a little bit damaged and, of course, women love to get into that. I don't think it was ever an age issue for her."
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"Cameron was adamant about going on a date with Dr. House because she knows him well enough, and she works intimately with him enough every day, that she knew that it would take forcing him to get him to do it... In terms of Cameron's decided perspective, she's seeing a person behind that that's really needing love and in desire of all these things that he's just not capable of allowing himself. The more walls he tries to put up, the more defenses he tries to put up, the more she sees that there is something that he's hiding, and there is a vulnerability under all that that he's trying to protect."
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Dr. Cameron was attracted to Dr. House's brilliance last season and has a crush on him. "What I get more than anything [from fans] is you've got to stick it out," said Morrison. "He needs you." Dr. Cameron has more pressing things on her mind. After being splattered by blood from an AIDS patient, she is awaiting her own test results. "I think the next episode that airs is the resolution," said Morrison, who has something in common with the show's fans. She didn't like "the kiss," either. "I got really jealous," said Morrison with a laugh. "Being in touch with Cameron's feelings, it was kind of hard to watch." [link]


Equally happy with her tense on-screen relationship in House is Morrison. Finally, she said, she has a role where she's not playing someone's girlfriend, but a woman with complex issues and a story-line with many possible endings. "What is great is just to be able to work with Hugh and have that underlying tension with him," Morrison said. "As an actor that's great because there are so many scenes where we feel like we're just spewing out medical terms and yet there's always that extra little thing going on about the way we relate to each other. "It's always 'Is there really something going on? I can't help but like you, you can't help but like me,' all those little things you deal with in real life if you have a crush on someone - and that's just great. "Cameron hates herself for loving House, but she can't help but find him desirable. The resulting mess makes for so much fun"
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As for the ladies, their characters may continue to hide their feelings for House, but the actresses are fessing up. "Cameron can't help but have feelings for House," Jennifer Morrison told me. "I think they always find themselves in unexpected moments, and we find that even as actors. We will have scenes that were not written to have their sexual chemistry come up, and yet it sort of accidentally does. It's interesting to see how Cameron and House's relationship is so natural for us." Boom chicka bowwow!
E! Online, Watch with Kristin [link]

I talked to Jennifer Morrison on the Emmy carpet yesterday, and she told me she and Hugh are totally fighting for a little somethin-somethin' to happen between them on the show, so we'll see.
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But while we're discussing Hameron, remember how Hugh Laurie awkwardly attempted to relay a message on Jennifer Morrison's behalf at press tour last month (Ask Ausiello 8/2)? Well, at the Emmys Sunday, she delivered said message herself: She wants them together, and STAT! "Of course," she beamed. "It's good to mix it up a little, have some extra TV drama." She added that fans "seem to have their couple that they root for. There are some people who want Cameron and House, there are some people who want House and Cuddy, and there are some people who want House and Wilson. There are all these different camps."
Ask Ausiello, August 30, 2006
David Shore

"As for Dr. Cameron, it would be disingenuous to ignore that [attraction]. She has feelings for him, she can't just turn that off. And he has feelings for her too, in a much more subtle way. It'll probably always be there."
Chicago Tribune [link]

"Cameron likes House. And House likes Cameron, but it's not quite the same. And I'm not even sure House knows how he feels, and Cameron's quite aware of how she feels... and um, I think Cameron's a lot ballsier than she sometimes seems, and she's gonna push that agenda." video central

"We made such a big deal of Stacy's return, I think it would be false to have House immediately rebound back to [Cameron]," says exec producer David Shore. "We want to really explore these characters, but we don't want the show to be completely defined by that, with House just going from one woman to another. It would just become a bit too soap opera-ish. But it's clearly there. There are certain little shots that she's going to get from the other doctors about her feelings towards House."
Ask Ausiello, January 2006

DVD Commentary: No Reason (David Shore & Katie Jacobs)

The hallway scene
Shore: Larry Kaplow co-wrote the story with me and a lot of the medical stuff comes from him. The whole trash theme that happens throughout this was his idea and works very nicely.
(Cameron: Everything that lives eats...)
Jacobs: There's always going to be some sexual tension, chemistry between the two of them.
Shore: And that just works nicely, doesn't it?
Jacobs: Yep.
Shore: Every time he touches her or she touches him, there seems to be somethin' going on which is really cool. And I love the fact that she makes this discussion of trash kind of hot.
Jacobs: There is an attraction between the two of them.


The robot foreplay scene.
Shore: Our prop people did a great job.
Jacobs: So... he's going to... seduce her with the robot.
Shore: (speaking over Katie: I really wanted this nice...) Yeah. Exactly. What this is is closest House is going to come to making love to Cameron... this season.
Shore: When we shot this scene, actually... You obviously need to get a shot of Hugh doing this stuff and a shot of Jennifer reacting to it. And the shots on her face were extremely sexy... her reactions to all this. And then in order to get corresponding reactions from Hugh, we had Jennifer read the actions to it... and, I swear, he was blushing by the end, several members of our camera crew were blushing by the end of it.


And Shore assured me that a House/Cameron romance is not out of the question, despite the crabby doc's continued flirtation with recurring guest-star Sela Ward. Their romance has merely been postponed.
TV Guide Online "Ask Ausiello"

It is Dr. Allison Cameron's painful, yet kind of pleasurable, duty to play Jane Eyre to House's Edward Rochester.
"In an episode last season, Cameron haltingly told house: "People dismiss me, because I'm a woman, because I'm pretty, because I'm not aggressive. My opinions shouldn't be rejected just because people don't like me." It was a disarming moment. And House fell for it, clumsily reassuring her that "people" do like her. Camerone pounced. "Do you? I have to know," she asked. Cameron was in love with her boss! Why didn't you see it coming? In the pause that followed, House, the authority figure, leaned on his cane, blue eyes blazing. Cameron faced him with bright hopefulness. The sexual tension was exquisite. "No," he finally replied."
Joyce Millman, The New York Times


Question: "Can I persuade you to be a House/Cameron shipper?"
Kristin Veitch: "No persuasion necessary after the season premiere -- there is a very telling moment in the House/Cam relationship! At least one of them definitely still has interest..."
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Cameron: Can we please focus on the man that's dying??
House: That would be me, 'cause I'm dying to nail you.
Cameron: You're a pig! But I'm not going to say anything, because you're a brilliant doctor, and I'm also slightly attracted to you.
MadTV 'House' Parody