okay, all Hamerons are pissed and going crazy in the last few weeks, because of the Huddy kiss, and the Chameron relation ship moving into an other level.but i have some thought that was gauiling i my brain, to make me feel beter.

i think that Chameron have a psycological reason in Cameron to happen, who is, in my point of view is sort of a Hameron reason. i think that in humain error (the last ep of season 3), when Cameron and Chase huked up, in the bar, where Chase was eating, after that House fired him, Cameron was talking to him and he toled her at the end "dont give me that pitty look", which means that Cameron sawed in Chase what she think she sawed in her self tow years a go, after that House broked her heart in season 1, she thought that she loved House, and he didn't love her back, and Chase loved her, and she didn't love him back. Cameron didn't want to do to Chase, what House did to her, broke her heart.

the Huddy kiss.
if every body remembers, Cuddy told House in the biggining of the itch, "i was emotionnal and vornebal", when House kissed Cuddy, she was in a position that was week, emotionnal, and vornoble (i dont know if that is how it's speled:P) which mean, that he sawed in her Cameron. House always describs Cameron as emoitionnal, week, naive, which means that House needs week womens, that's the kind of women that House love.

maybe that's not true, maybe i'm just loosing it! who knows what the charectores have, but that' the way i think, or maybe what i want to think, but any way, rad this article and leave some comments.
love, miss_orange.