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Opinion by DR76 posted 5 months ago
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The CBS television series, "HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER" (2005-2014), ended its nine season run on March 31, 2014. Television audiences usually greet television finales either with great satisfaction or with equal contempt. Instead of one or the other, the television series created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas proved to be not only divisive, but also controversial. And romance for the series' main character, Ted Mosby, ended up being the center of that controversy.

As fans of "HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER" know, the series is more or less one major flashback in which one Ted Mosby decides to tell his two children about how he had met their mother, one Tracy McConnell. Or was it? For nine seasons, fans expected the series to end with Ted meeting the future mother of his children. The final episode, (9.23-9.24) "Last Forever", featured Ted's first meeting with Tracy. However, Bays and Thomas allowed television viewers to meet Tracy before Ted, when she made her first appearance in the Season Eight finale, (8.24) "Something New". That particular episode featured Tracy purchasing a...
Article by Annatheuke posted 6 months ago
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It all started in the year of 2005
When the world was blind, without being able to see
Although it began a delayed time for me
I knew in my heart it was so much more
Then anything I had witnessed before
The moments went by me, I was so naïve and in doubt
I just assumed our memories we share would continue to endlessly grow.
But now I look back and sit around and pout,
That the time went by like a blanket you would sew
Starting slow and seeming endless at first
But all of a sudden, before time to stop and take it in, the end came near.
For everything I came to know and love ended without even a blink.
As I sit here typing, shedding more than one tear,
Looking back I can see now that the end had to come.
Together we laughed, we cried, we dreamed, and we grew
And never before have there been such people I ever knew
For the love I have grown with the five of them is true
Although I know I am crazy to love them all so much
News by dave posted over a year ago
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Will we have to wait until season 9 to find out the identity of Mrs. Mosby?
We were ready to say goodbye to HIMYM and the gang this season. We were all ready to finally find out who the mother of Ted Mosby's children is. We were waiting for something LEGENDARY. But it looks like we may get another season of How I Met Your Mother to find out! CBS has confirmed that they have renewed the show for one more season this fall. The show was going to come to a close this year as it was doubtful whether or not they could get the entire cast to return. But after negotiating all the contracts, it looks like the whole gang is coming back for one last hurrah!

“Through eight years, How I Met Your Mother has mastered the art of leading-edge comedy, emotional water-cooler moments and pop culture catch-phrases,” said Nina Tassler, President, CBS Entertainment. “We are excited for Carter, Craig, Pam Fryman and this amazing cast to tell the final chapter and reveal television’s most mysterious mother to some of TV’s most passionate fans.”

“We‘re thrilled to have the entire and incredibly talented How I Met Your Mother cast back for one final season to bring the series to a proper close,” said Dana Walden and Gary Newman,...