One Drink

* Anyone says "Awesome!"
* Robin says "literally"
* Barney says "legendary"
* Barney uses a pickup line
* Barney says “Suit up”
* Lily talks about or is around her kindergarteners

Two Drinks

* Anyone says "Have you met..." (Ted, Barney, Me, etc.)
* Barney does magic
* Barney makes someone do a high five
* Barney says “Ha, please.”
* Barney says "daddy's home"
* Marshall says "Lawyered!"
* Ted does a voiceover
* There is a flashback
* Any mention of the Fierro

Three Drinks

* Barney says "Legen---wait for it---dary"
* Barney says “What up?”
* Barney mentions his blog
* Marshall sings about what he’s doing
* Ted corrects somebody
* Robin mentions something Canadian
* Barney calls himself Ted's best friend
* Any time a cab/limo driver is called by name

Finish Your Drink

* Ted says "How I Met Your Mother"
* Barney rips on Canada
* Any mention of a slap bet
* Telepathic Conversation
* Ted makes a Star Wars reference