A variation of the popular "Suit Up"
The HIMYMD (How I Met Your Mother Dictionary) was first published in 2009. The HIMYMD is a compilation of words the etymology of which can be found in the roots of How I Met Your Mother history. All of the following was written by the fabulous writers of How I Met Your Mother, we are just putting it into one big list.If you wish to make a contribution to the HIMYMD, by all means add your word to the list in the form of a comment.

The Official How I Met Your Mother Dictionary

Awesome (adj):Inspiring awe. Ex:How's not playing Laser tag because playing laser tag is awesome!

Battleship (Noun): 1. A guessing game involving ships. 2. A game used as a metaphor for sex.

Baskiceball (Sport): A game with a combination of Basketball, Tennis and Hockey.

BTW (Abbr): A shortened version of By The Way.(Pronounced Bee Tee Dubs)

Cheerleader Effect (Noun): When a group of girls/women look gorgeous simply by being in close proximity to one another, but are actually average or even hideous when examined separately. Also known as Bridesmaid Paradox and Spice Girls Conspiracy.

Dibs (Noun): A claim expressing priority over an object.

Eating a sandwich (Verb): When one is smoking pot.

Grinch (Noun): A word used when talking to Children too young to hear the C-word.

Have you met Ted? (Phrase): A popular phrase used to break the ice and start conversing.

Legendary (Adj): 1. Something that is very good, or very high Quality. 2. An expression yelled or shouted when one experiences a pleasant surprise.

Lemon law (Verb): To leave a date withing the first five minutes if one is not entirely satisfied with their date.

Paratrooping (Verb): v. You go out of town, but instead of getting a hotel room, you go straight to a bar with the sole intention of hooking up with a girl just so you have a place to stay. Also known as "banging for roof."

Reading a magazine (Verb): When one goes to the bathroom for a large period of time.

Revertigo (Noun): When one reverts back to how they were when they were younger.

Shotgun (Verb): The first person to call shotgun has dibs (See above) on the front seat of a car.

Slap bet (Noun): A bet where no money or property is involved, and the prize for losing is getting to slap the loser across the face.

Suit up (Verb): To get changed from one's present attire into a suit. Variations include Snowsuit Up, Flight Suit Up and Birthday Suit Up.

Ted out (Verb): To overthink. Also see Ted up.

Ted up (Verb): To overthink with disastrous results.

Wait for it (Phrase): A sentence-enhancing phrase, used to illustrate the epicness of an object/situation/event.