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ted/robin; it can still happen

How I Met Your Mother - Thanks to the 20 Million Fans!

How I Met Your Mother - TANTRUM!!

God, it's me Barney. Wadup?!

How I Met Your Mother - The Broath (Sneak Peek)

HIMYM - Here's To Us

Barney&Robin | Not Enough (HIMYM)

How I met your mother || Dropped

How I Met Your Mother - The Broath (Promo) [HD]

Barney Stinson - Best of!

barney & robin | in another life...

barney + robin | give me these moments back

Robin & Barney // I thought I could fly

Barney/Robin || thousand years • H I M Y M

Barney & Robin / Ted & Robin || give me these moments back...

H I M Y M || midnight city

Barney and Robin - What makes you beautiful

Barney x Robin | We could have had it all

HIMYM Cast || Life is Beautiful

Through the years {Ted/Robin}

HIMYM || Here Comes A Lullaby

Barney and Robin | Out On The Town

How I Met Your Mother - Karma (Sneak Peek)

How I Met Your Mother - Karma (Promo)

All Barney's sexual partners :)

"I Can Finally Move On" | Ted & Robin & Barney | HIMYM 7x17

Barney & Robin | '' Better Than I Know Myself ''

Barney & Robin (Say It I Will Listen ♥)

Pop... wait for it...Medley! | HIMYM | Thank you +200 subs!

How I Met Your Mother || Dropped

Barney & Robin - You tell me with your voice

HIMYM - Barney/Robin || Exit Wounds

Barney+Robin - I only want the best for you.

Barney & Robin - Goodbye My Lover

7x16 - The Drunk Train - Promo

barney & robin | come back to me

barney&robin; 'why i smile..'

Barney & Robin || Feeling Your HeartBeat

7x15 - The Burning Beekeeper - Promo

Barney & Robin - Take Me Away

I miss you (barney/robin) - dedicated to Laura

himym | fix you

HIMYM Cast - Thanks for making me smile every time

'HIMYM' - Shadow of the day

Bloopers - Season 1 to 6 !

The Suit Song <3

Barney & Robin - Smile by; Uncle Kracker

Barney/Robin - I love you

HIMYM;,, Holding On and Letting Go [our booth was wherever the 5 of us were together...]

Barney & Robin - An Awesome Love Story