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Barney & Robin - Smile by; Uncle Kracker

Barney/Robin - I love you

HIMYM;,, Holding On and Letting Go [our booth was wherever the 5 of us were together...]

Barney & Robin - An Awesome Love Story

Seriously - Barney&Robin [How I Met Your Mother]

"There's gotta be somebody for me like that" | HIMYM

Barney & Robin - Dare To Believe

"Yellow Diamonds In The Light" | Barney & Robin

Barney & Robin | Dont Blame Yourself

Barney and Robin - I've had the time of my life

Marry You • Ted&Robin

HIMYM || Ted & Robin

Barney & Robin - I have a damn good time

Marshall&Lily - Mine (HIMYM)

'HIMYM' -All the right Moves

Barney&Robin - I Only Want To Be With You

barney&robin | this love

Barney & Robin | "I don't love you but I always will"

barney&robin; 'i had to find you, tell you i need you'

Neil&Cobie | Little Secrets

Barney&Robin || What Makes You Beautiful {[1D]} ♥

How I Met Your Mother - Russian Intro

How I Met Your Barney :D

FAMILY GUY - Brian's Emmy Vote - How I Met Your Mother

Barney & Robin - You make my H.E.A.R.T.B.E.A.T. faster

Barney/Robin - You always make me smile

How I Met Your Mother opening in Friends Style

BarneyRobin - Hey

HIMYM - Telepathic Conversations

Shame On Barney And Robin Song

BarneyRobin - Sparks Fly

7x14 - 46 Minutes - Sneak Peek

7x14 - 46 Minutes - Promo

Barney and Robin - You Are With Me

Barney & Robin - My Life Would Suck Without You!

Barney Robin - "It's What We Both Want"

Barney & Robin | Nothing Compares

The People's Choice for Favorite TV Comedy Actor is Neil Patrick Harris

Barney & Robin | '' You and I'll be save and sound ''

BarneyRobin - Just a Dream

HIMYM Cast | My ♥ is a stereo

HIMYM opening (FRIENDS style)

Barney and Robin | Never been happier

Barney and Robin <3

Fall for you - HIMYM Couples

What HIMYM means to Neil and Cobie

barney&robin; ships in the night

Barney Robin | What if I told you <3

BarneyRobin <3

The Gift Of a Friend - HIMYM

Barney/Robin It Hurts

Barney/Robin: Ships in the Night

Barney and Robin // It happens in a blink

ted&robin; enchanted

Barney and Robin dancing on Punchy's wedding !

How I met your mother 'Tonights the night, the world begins again.'

BarneyRobin <3

marshall & lily / barney & robin: for the first time

Barney and Robin - All I need

500 miles | How i met your mother

Barney drinking Canadian whisky !

7x13 - Tailgate - Promo

comes and goes; Ted & Lily

Lily and barney// under control

Robin and Barney ; I should go

Barney & Robin | Ships in the night (For Alyssa)

"I See the Sky's Still Blue" | HIMYM

The Night Night song

Bang bang song by Barney

Barney and Robin-Just a dream

Marshall Eriksen LOVES Frozen Waffles

Ted&Robin - Blue French Horn Lovers - Heartbeats

barney&robin ♥ you have stolen....

Speeding Cars (H I M Y M)

Oh Marshall..

Annoying alarm :D

Barney & Robin // You and I, Collide

Barney//Robin [HIMYM] | Alphabeat

Barney & Robin || Teenage Dream

Barney/Robin - it's what we both want

Barney & Robin || Halo

Barney & Robin | Only Human ♥

Lily/Marshall ♥ Look After You

bittersweet life | how i met your mother

"I'm Happy That You're Happy, But What If" | Ted & Victoria | HIMYM Season 7 spoilers!

Barney & Robin ... Heaven is a place on Earth with you ... DEDICATED TO BohmeianBlueIris

HIMYM | Welcome to the World

Let You Go [Barney&Robin]

Barney Stinson | A Man Of Six Feet Tall...

Marshall&Lily | I'll hold you up above everyone ; How I Met Your Mother

they should buy a bar :)

look after you | barney&robin

raise your glass | friends & himym (collab w/lovekillsslowly36)

Barney + Robin || Skinny Love; I guess I thought you felt the same way... ♥ [SPOILERS 7x10!!!]

Barney & Robin ♥ Ships in the Night;, can you believe we almost...? [SPOILERS 7x09!!!!]

Barney&Robin || Crazy Girl;, All the stuff he loves ♥

[B+R] Chemistry;,, I WANT SOME MORE

HIMYM cast - If I Had You [200 SUBS :D]

Evil Laugh 3:)

Xmas message from Barney :D