Chapter Three: Fire Pit
Hiccup and her fellow dragon lovers landed at the cove. They ran past the old shield Hiccup’s father left years ago, leaving their confused dragons behind.
“Lottie!” Hiccup cried. Luckily, the town was empty. Dusk was approaching, and the children’s parents had probably begun preparing dinner or something.
“What?” Lottie had just gotten out of Corin’s when she heard her friend calling for her.
“Come on!” Nell grabbed Lottie’s wrist and they all went to the fire pit.
“So…” Lottie summed up. Hiccup, Nell and Mot had just finished telling her about what they thought was another Green Death, “you saw a Green Death?”
“Probably.” Nell told her cowering friend, “I needed to see it closer to tell exactly…But it sure wasn’t a normal dragon.”
“Yeah,” Hiccup agreed, brushing her coming-apart braid from her face, “it probably is a Green Death. But, you’re right Nell. The only way we can be sure is if we get a closer look.”
“Are you kidding?” Lottie exclaimed, “That thing could kill us. We can’t do it on our own.”
“Better than starting another battle.” Nell said
“Hey…” Hiccup noticed Mot had been sort of out of it, “what’s wrong Mot?”
“By Thor!” Mot just remembered something, “Lottie! Nell! We forgot Hiccup’s birthday presents!”
“Oh yeah…” Nell agreed
“I thought I had forgotten something!” Lottie said in agreement. The trio raced down the steps to the Berk shops and houses.
Hiccup remained, wrapping her cloak around her. Okay, it wasn’t her cloak; Mot had lent it to her, saying he thought she was getting cold. He was right. The wintry Berk had been snowy for a couple of months, and the harsher storm season started.
Nell and Lottie finally climbed up the staircase. “Where’s Mot?” Hiccup asked them after noticing they were the only ones
“I dunno,” Nell said, sitting next to Hiccup, “probably searching for his present for ya.”
Hiccup shrugged at the comment.
“Who’s present do you want to open first?” Lottie asked
“Surprise me,” Hiccup told her friends, closing her eyes
A scroll flopped onto Hiccup’s lap. She opened her eyes and unwrapped it. It had a picture of her flying on Toothless II.
“Aww…” Hiccup hugged it to her chest and beamed, “you made this, Nell?”
“Mh-hm,” Nell nodded, “I saw your room last week and thought ya needed something with you in it on your walls.” Hiccup giggled. This was true; her walls were covered with everything from blueprints to sketches of her pillows she made when she had nothing else to do.
“Open mine!” Lottie squealed, handing Hiccup something wrapped in paper. Hiccup tore it open and discovered a book that read “Manual of Every Dragon Known to Man II: Edited Version”.
“How did you get this??” Hiccup asked Lottie
“Corin finished it last week,” Lottie explained, “and I asked if I could copy it. I did it all by myself.” Hiccup flipped through the pages and looked at the neatly drawn illustrations and the perfectly written runes.
“Wow!” Hiccup complimented “This is really good! I never knew you draw so well!”
“Thanks!” Lottie accepted Hiccup’s compliment with pride. The trio hugged; if you had heard them you’d think they were teens at a sleepover, not Vikings around a campfire.
“Where’s Mot?” Hiccup asked again
“Dunno,” Nell shrugged, “I guess he forgot.” Hiccup knew Mot wasn’t one to forget
“I’ll wait for him.” Hiccup said; her breath turned into visible air crystals.
“Suit yourself,” Nell said, “I’m probably late for dinner.”
“Me too,” Lottie agreed, “Tren and Dad should be back by now.”
“Okay,” Hiccup nodded. She pulled Mot’s cloak around herself tightly; the air was deathly cold.
A few minutes after Nell and Lottie left, Hiccup heard someone climbing up the stairs.
It was Mot.
“Hey,” Mot greeted in a whispery tone
“Hi,” Hiccup greeted back. She took off her cloak and handed it to him.
“No,” Mot set a small box down beside Hiccup and sat down, “keep it. I never really use it anyways.”
“If you say so…” Hiccup set the ruffled up cloak in her lap and began opening the box. Inside was a charm bracelet. Okay, it was more like a bracelet, since it only had one charm. It was a Night Fury, one matching her necklace’s charm.
“It’s beautiful…Thank you,” Hiccup began. When she looked up from her present, Mot had simply vanished, “Mot?”
Mot traveled down the long staircase to his Scaldron Flare, who had waited loyally at the foot of the steps.
“I’m such a moron,” Mot said as he groggily walked through the darkness. He had just totally embarrassed himself in front of Hiccup, his crush!
“Ugh…” Mot griped to Flare, “why do I even try? I might as well just give up. There’s no impressing her.”
“Ya know, we should really hang out more.” A girl entered from the shadows. That girl just happened to hear everything. And it wasn’t just any girl; it was Nell, Mot’s cousin who tended to tease and annoy him. “I never knew you had a crush.”
She heard everything.