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Fan fiction by migle posted over a year ago
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Chapter 7

After few minutes sitting there still with full glass in her hand, she heard known voice,
“-You’re sitting in my chair..”, she raised her eyes, it was House.
“-House...” she said with wide smile. House looked at her wide smile then in a glass in her hand
“-How many glass did you took already?”, he asked sitting in chair next to her. She raised three fingers still with smile on her face. She didn’t felt such drunk, but she couldn’t stop smiling.
“-I think is already enough for you, you should go to sleep”, he said in low voice, her smile change in to sad
“-Not until I’ll finished this one..” she raised her glass and he rolled his eyes
“-I guess I shouldn’t leave you alone...”, she smiled widely again, and he raised his eyebrows thinking that she’s total drunk. He turned his eyes of her and start playing with his cane.
“-Let’s dance..”, he quickly turned his eyes back on her with surprise
“-My leg hurts...and you probably couldn’t stand still” ,he said in serious voice
Fan fiction by migle posted over a year ago
fan of it?
Chapter 6

This one is little bit shorter chapter, but I'm publishing pretty fast

House walked back inside the building as fast as he could with hurt leg. It was freezing outside and he left his jacket to Cuddy, and his pills in the pocket.... Fuck. His leg was hurting and he didn’t had his pills. But to get his pills back he should found Cuddy again. And he wasn’t about to do it. He decided to manage his pain, to get drunk, but not to talk with her again.
He was walking to the bar side with his mask in his hand when suddenly he was stopped by someone known. It was the last thing he needed,
“-House...It’s nice to see you finally..”, Adams came and stood quite close, smiling widely
“-I’m hitting the dance floor and trying to drink all bar..”, she laughed
“-Then maybe I could have one of those dance..”, he wasn’t in mood to talk with her right now
“-Sorry, but my hurt leg took everything away...”, he made funny face and she nodded with smile, “-Don’t you need to dance with some kind sponsors or rich boy your parents picked for you?”
Fan fiction by migle posted over a year ago
fan of it?

Cuddy walked down the stairs in back yard, turned left and walked in path straight to the little park. She saw that there’s few laps to show the path inside the park, but quickly after she walked inside the park, path become dark, and she couldn’t see were to go, so she went straight to the lap light she saw not far away. But there was few bushes she didn’t noticed and she start hitting those, she still tried to reach the lamp light when she tricked on rock or something and fall into the bush in front of her.

“-Drunk people shouldn’t walk in the dark parks..”, she heard men’s voice from her right, silently laughing
“-Especially women, with high heels..”, Cuddy finally stood straight and walked few steps in her right she heard voice coming from.
“-I’m not drunk....Oh great that’s you...”, she saw House sitting on little bench under trees, not far away was little lamp, which helped to sees something around, at least to recognise that it’s him