Suddenly she broke their kiss and took a step back. Fireworks start blowing in the sky colouring nicely, but they stood staring at each other. Cuddy took step closer to him again and moved his mask off, taking her mask off too. They both stood staring at each other with surprise, but her eyes were bigger, probably she recognised him just kissing.
“-House...omg...”, she was in total shock
“-Happy New Year Cuddy..”, he smiled little in the end, thinking how crazy is that
“-You... you knew?! OMG you knew !”, she shouted on him couldn’t believe
“-I didn’t... I didn’t knew...” he tried to explain in sorry voice. She become little bit more relax thinking about possibility that he didn’t knew. Cuddy stared at him with serious voice asking for answer
“-Till two minutes ago..”- her eyes become wide again “-I heard how you talked with someone and recognised your voice..”, her face showed anger again, she covered her face with her hands
“-But I still wasn’t sure if it’s you 100%, just possibility...”, he talked in soft voice but she start shaking her head couldn’t believe,
“-And your cane? Trying to trick me...”, her voice showed pain and disappointment
“-I wanted to make a good impression to a stranger with hot body...”, her eyes got widen, maybe even blushed, “-I have my pills..”, he said in low voice knowing she won’t like it. Her face changed into sad and disappointed again. She shook her head and ran away, disappearing in the crowd
“-Cuddy !!.. wait!!..” he tried to shout after her, but it was very loud around, his leg start hurting again and he couldn’t chase her.

Cuddy ran in the women bathroom and tried to hold herself, she couldn’t believe that this men is House, her dance partner, she felt very good around him, he acted nice, even like gentlemen, who she kissed. But the other mind was, that House wasn’t sure that she is her, and he still kissed her, it means House would kiss strange woman, as she would kiss a strange men.

Thinking about this New Year and their kiss in midnight, she remembered their last New Year. They spend alone in her house. Rachel was at her sister, celebrating with her cousins. So Cuddy could have romantic New Year with her boyfriend. They didn’t done nothing special. They had nice dinner she made and drank wine, later they watched romantic, but very interesting movie, they both liked. Cuddling together, sharing worm blanket. After movie they little made out on couch till the midnight. Then they walked outside to watch fireworks, her neighbours were shooting. They watched colourful sky standing together, he stood behind her, and hugged, that she won’t freeze. After fireworks she turned around and they shared passion kiss. That New Year was just perfect, she spend with her boyfriend and was very happy. So as he.

But now she has a new boyfriend. He couldn’t come with her in this party, and they couldn’t spend romantic great night together as couple, couldn’t share midnight kiss. But it doesn’t mean, that she is allow to kiss other men. Her new relationship was boring, her new boyfriend was nothing like House, he is polite, friendly, caring, romantic. Unfortunately has terrible humour sense, he’s never acting like kid, always thinking about his every move or word. After dating such lunatic as House, her boyfriend seemed boring, so as less attractive. But she shouldn’t fall in first’s great guy arms she met.
Cuddy checked her make-up in the mirror and walked out. There was people everywhere, celebrating, dancing, drinking, talking. She remembered that this night she haven’t drink any alcohol, even champagne, just one sip, when House gave her a glass. She shook her head trying to forget House, if it’s possible, and moved to the tables to make herself a drink.
When Cuddy was about to reach the table she suddenly saw friendly face. Wilson. It was long time she saw him, Cuddy was about to came and say hello, when other woman stepped by him and they start conversation, Cuddy still wanted to came by, but she heard their conversation so she decided to find another table with drinks.

Wilson was going around the place looking for House, but he didn’t saw him anywhere, so James tried to spend his time interesting without House. Even with masks Wilson recognised few known faces. Few doctors he knew and he could have nice conversations with them. Later he found a dance partner for few dance and evening was going pretty well. Unfortunately he didn’t found anyone to congratulate in midnight or gave a midnight kiss, but with few drinks and bunch happy people around he still couldn’t call it bad. He watched fireworks, which was amazing and moved back inside to made himself another drink. It’s New year, so he could allow himself to have some fun.
Wilson was standing by table choosing what to eat and drink when known woman stood beside him,
“-Adams... nice to see you finally...”, he surprise when he recognised young fellow from the PPTH, they both wasn’t wearing their masks, so it was comfortable to talk and recognise each other in the start.
“-Oh.. Wilson, Happy New Year”, she smiled friendly and they shared friendly hug.
“ the party? Having fun?” ,- she was smiling, but it seemed quite fake
“-Yeah..kind a.... You’re not with House?”, she tried to spoke, like she doesn’t really care, but Wilson was good in finding hiding feelings.
“-No I didn’t,... actually I hoped that you could tell where is he,” Wilson’s tried to hide why he hoped to see them together but his face showed quite disappoint after her question.
“-Me? No... I haven’t seen him since Saturday morning, when he left the hospital...”, she bend her eyes
“-And I haven’t seen him since I left the room to the party...I even been there to check, but he wasn’t there. I thought maybe you two met and having fun somewhere”, he smiled but quickly stopped when she bend her eyes ,in first he hoped, maybe she blushed, but it seemed that she felt hurt,
“-No.. I hoped to meet him.... you two.”, she blushed meaning just his name in mind, “-Wanted to see any friendly face. And maybe to dance with my boss.”,- he eyes were going around Wilson’s face, not meet eyes
“-Well I can see, you admire him,” he tried to say as soft as possible
“-He’s genius doctor, probably he have lots of fans..”
“-Maybe just in woman, who doesn’t see him as jerk, he’s lucky to have such pretty fan as you”, she blushed, but her face changed quickly into sad one, he wanted to ask about it, but she spoke first
“-Yeah...he does. I think I just saw him with some kind woman dancing ..”, she didn’t said “kissing”, it would be too much obvious that she likes him,
“-House? Are you sure? It’s mask party and he can’t dance with his leg..”
“-Yeah.. probably you’re right”, his words made her relax, “-But when he is then, don’t you think that maybe something wrong happened to him?”, he voice sound really caring
“-probably he’s just drinking somewhere alone, he’s not big fan, of such parties with so many people”, he tried to relax her and she smiled in the end.
“-With such talent and still he’s not very good in social..”, she smiled widely, but quickly made her face serious. They both were holding their glasses, but still haven’t took any sip
“-Maybe I could ask you to dance... till he show-up?” his face was friendly and she nodded with little smile.

Cuddy was standing few feet away, but she still could say, that this woman is into House, her caring voice, sad smile and jealousy totally showed feeling for him. And it seemed like Wilson knows about it. She is at least 10 years younger than Cuddy, very pretty. Probably new fellow in House’s team.
Cuddy remembered how Cameron was in love with House, young doctors admires their boss and teacher. This time she didn’t felt such jealous she used to feel when Cameron was still working for House. Now Cuddy even smiled. Young pretty doctor is into him, but House haven’t spend tonight with her, he chose to be with her-Cuddy, well actually with strange woman, but it still made Cuddy to feel little bit better.
When Cuddy took a glass of champagne she found the bartender, Cuddy gave to care of her purse. Cuddy wanted to check if anyone called in that time, she found few SMS, congratulating with New year. There was no call from Julia, who took care of Rachel tonight. But one missed call from Robert- her new boyfriend. She should call him back and say congratulations for New Year. In the building was very loud so she decided to go in the park. She heard it’s very beautiful there, so she will look around and won’t be disturbed to call.