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Chapter 4

The sound of a hand knocking on the wooden door made him realize that someone was standing outside his door. He glanced at the clook: 8.05. House walked in the living room and opened the door slowly.

Cuddy stood there smiling shyly, holding Rachel’s hands. Cuddy was even more beautiful. She was wearing a red V-cut top and on her hips there was a black satin belt. Her jeans seemed to hug her legs perfectly while her black stilettos were at her feet.

Rachel was there. The little girls looked at the man in front of her without being scared. She smiled lightly and walked into the apartment. House looked at the kid who was wearing a pair of purple trousers and a write T-shirt with a writing on it.

“Mommy’s girl, are we?”

Rachel nodded causing both of them to laugh.

“Come in. So...welcome to my private little hell”

Cuddy kissed him on the cheek before closing the door. House smiled shyly and quietly made her way to the kitchen.

“Everything will be ready in 5 minutes. Do you think Rachel will eat Lasagna?”
“Oh, you don’t have to worry about Rachel. She has already eat.”
“Not a problem. Either sit on the couch, turn on the TV or...do wathever you want.”

Cuddy simply nodded and sat on the couch watching Rachel exploring the house silently.

“You like this place, Rache?”

The kid nodded and smiled at her mother. She stared at the piano for few seconds and decided to sit on the bench. She pressed a finger on the black and white keys and smiled proudly when a nice sound came from them. Cuddy looked at her daughter and smiled at her. Rachel kept pushing the keys and giggled happily. House came out from the kitchen and sat next to the kid.

“Wanna play?”

Rachel nodded, while staring at the man next to her. House took her on his lap and let out a soft groan of pain.

“House, your leg! You don’t need to do so...”
“She’s 3. She doesn’t weight like a whale or an elephant. I can take it.”

Cuddy shook her head and walked next to the piano. He took the kid’s hands in his and started to play. Rachel sat there watching their hands dancing on the keys. She giggled and looked at her mother. Cuddy saw the happines in his daughter’s eyes and when House’s eyes made contect with hers, his eyes seemed to be smiling too.

“I think we should eat. I’m starving. I didn’t catch Wilson today, so I didn’t have lunch”
“So, you didn’t have lunch because you wanted Wilson to pay for it?”
“He’s not the national bank of Jersey”
“He’s a very nice person, he loves to pay me lunch”

Cuddy smirked lightly and sat on the couch with Rachel that was staring at the motionless screen, waiting for her mother to turn it on. As Cuddy switched it on, the little girl smiled and started watching a cartoon. House took the woman’s hand and brought her into the kitchen.

“So, what about lasagna?”
“House, I’m...vegetarian”
“I know...That’s why I made vegetarian Lasagne”
“Shouldn’t you give me a kiss now? I made you Lasagne, woman!”

Cuddy wrapped her arms around his waist and stood there watching him. House let her head rest on his chest slowly, while she pulled him closer, and he put a hand on her back, starting to place gentle circles on her covered skin with his fingers. After a while she pulled herself away and placed her lips on his. House kissed her softly but, as soon as Cuddy bit his lower lip, their kiss became more passionate. They broke apart and smiled at each other.

“We’ve been missing ‘this’ for more that 20 years. How can it be possible?”
“We were idiots.”
“Yes, we were. Now, go into the living room and wait for me.”

Cuddy kissed him again and left the room. House served their Lasagne and handed her a glass of white wine. She looked at his glass and saw water in it.

“You still don’t drink...”
“I’m proud of you.”

She stood up and took her glass and the whole wine bottle and brought them into the kitchen. When she came back, in her hand there was another glass. She sat again and smiled at him sincerely.

“This doesn’t mean you can’t drink”
“I’m not a fan of alcohol”
“Yeah, you’re not”
“House, I’m not that kind of girl I was back in college anymore.”
“Party Pants will never die!”
“House, stop it! My daughter is here in the same room”

Rachel heard her mother saying her name and looked at them curious.

“What’s Party Pants?”

House laughed at Rachel’s question and waited for Cuddy to find the right words. She shooked her head nervously and stood there speechless, while her daughter kept staring at her.

“It’s a sort of game your mum used to play when we were younger.”
“Can I play too?”
“Maybe when you’re older, okay?”

The little girl turned her attention back to the cartoon, while Cuddy thanked House’s.

“Ehm, I need to use the toilet”
“Okay, You already know where it is”
“If you get lost, scream my name and I’ll come get ya”
“Of course, my savior”

Cuddy smiled at him and walked to his daughter.

“You need to pee, honey?”

The girl shook her head and tuned her attention to the tv again. When Cuddy left the room, Rachel turned of the tv and sat at the table with House. She kept looking at him, without saying anything.

“Do you know who I am?”
“I’m one of your mommy’s employees”

She simply nodded and kept staring at him.

“You know that staring is not a nice thing to do?”
“Mommy already told me.”
“So, why are you still looking at me?”

They stayed in complete silence for nearly a minute, untill Rachel spoke again.

“You kissed mommy”
“Ehm, yes”

House stared at her surprised and blushed lightly. This kid is intelligent, he thought.

“You my daddy?”
“Ehm no.”

House was now getting very nervous. The little girl kept staring at him.

“Who you?”
“I’m House”
“You’re a house?”
“No, I’m Dr House.”
“Mommy is a doctor too”
“Yes. I have ice cream. Want some?”

Rachel nodded and for the first time in minutes she looked away from House’s face. Cuddy entered the room again and saw her daughter at the table, while House was opening the fridge to find some ice cream.

“Don’t you mind if I give your daughter some ice cream?”

House handed Rachel her ice cream and she started eating it quietly.

“Me like it”

House smiled softly and took Cuddy’s empty plate. She touched his wrist and took the plates away from him.

“You cooked, I wash the dishes.”
“No, you won’t”
“Yes I will”
“House! I’m washing the dishes tonight”
“Leave them in the sink. Wilson will clean everything up tomorrow”
“Hey, I was joking. Wilson won’t come here, I’ll wash it later”
“No! Now go play the piano and I’ll clean the dishes, okay?”
“At your orders, my lady”

He looked at Rachel who just ended her strawberry ice cream.

“Wanna play monster?”
“I’m not a monster”
“No you’re not, monkey”

House sat on the bench and in few seconds the girl sat next to him. He massaged his leg a little capturing Rach’s attention.

“Does it hurt?”
“Just a little bit sometimes”
“Will my leg hurt too when I grow up?”
“No, it won’t”
“What if I get a very bad boo-boo”
“I’m the best doctor in the world. And your mother is pretty good too”

House started playing and Rachel kept looking at his hands, which were moving rapidly on the keys. Everytime House stopped playing, she clapped her hands and smiled at him. After a while Cuddy entered the living room and sat on the couch and watched the two of them playing.

“Play something for mommy! Mommy, come here too!”
“Okay kiddo”

Cuddy smiled at her daughter which was jumping lightly on the bench.

“Be quiet, sweetheart. Let House play”

House started playing again. That was the best melody Cuddy had ever heard. She stood there motionless, trying to capture every single note that escaped from that instrument. After a minute House stopped playing and looked at her shyly. Rachel was the one who spoke first.

“You like it?”
“Yay! And you mommy”

Cuddy kept looking at House. A single tear slid down her cheek while she smiled at her daughter.

“Yes honey, it’s the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard”
“Play it again! Play it again!”
“I thought you wanted to watch a film”
“A film? Yay!”
“What about ‘Lilo and Stitch’ ?”

Rachel jump off the beanch and run on the coach. Cuddy gave House a hand and helped him stood up.

“For what?”
“For the song. It’s fantastic”

House kissed her on the cheek and took the DVD from his desk and put it in the recorder.

“Ready to see Stitch?”

He sat on the sofa next to Cuddy who was helding Rachel with one of her arms. House pulled her a little closer to him and kissed the crown of her head. Cuddy smiled and squeezed his hand softly.

Half an hour later Rachel was sleeping peacefully on the couch. The tv was still on but nobody was watching it. House and Cuddy sat in the kitchen drinking coffee.

“It was a wonderful night”
“Yep. Your kid is intelligent”
“Yes, she is.”
“She asked me if I was her dad?”
“She saw us kissing”

Cuddy smiled.

“So, this was...ehm...our first date?!”
“Yes, it went well”
“You worried I could screw up everything?”
“No...well, maybe I’m...”
“You don’t have to be worried. I’ll do my best not to screw all up this time”

He held her hand and squeezed it. She looked at him and started to laugh.

“So, Party Pants and the Cranky Doctor are back together”
“Seems to be so”
“You know, I’m happy we are giving this a chance”
“I’m happy you’re giving me a second chance”

House stood up and kissed her forehead. She hugged him and kissed his cheek. Her hand went up on her neck, she pulled his face closer and kissed his lips softly. The kiss became more passionate and Cuddy heard herself moaning in his mouth.


Cuddy instantly broke the kiss and looked at House.

“You don’t have to be. It’s your daughter”

She gave him a peck on the lips and squeezed his ass.

“I’ll be right back”

House smiled at himself when Cuddy left the room. He waited few second and entered the livingroom.

“House, we’re leaving. Rach is tireed and need to sleep”
“Need help?”
“You’re offering to help?”
“Thanks, but I’m okay”

Cuddy smiled at him while holding Rachel on her lap. The woman stood up and let go the girl, who walked to House.

“Thankies Dr House”
“You’re welcome, monkey”
“I’m no monkey!”
“Yes you are”
“No, I’m not!”
“Really? What are you?”
“I’m a girl silly!”
“You’re a kid? Really?”
“Yes! And my mommy is a girl too, but she’s big now”
“I see”

Cuddy walked next to them and took Rachel’s hand in hers. They walked to the door and House followed them. She kissed his cheek and opened the door.

“Thanks again House”
“You’re welcome. Good night Kiddo”
“Bye Cuddy”
“Bye House”

House kept looking at the two girls walking out of his apartment. Rachel waved her little hand to the doctor and rested her head on Cuddy’s shoulder. As Cuddy opened the car, the kid sat on the back seat and closed the door. Cuddy waved him good bye and sat on the driver seat.

House smiled at himself. That was the very first time he was happy after Mayfield. He was happy with Cuddy.


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