It was a moonless night and around 12 at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. House lies in his chair in the corner of his office, light running through the open blinds half concealing his face. Thoughts of the case ran across his mind and the filled white board that stood before him. His lackeys had been in the lab for hours running test after test looking for some explanation. Down the hall the elevator door opens and the sound of high heels ripple down the hallway. She walks do the door and looks inside. She slowly opens the door and walks past House and takes a seat at his desk. After a fee minutes House's eyes start to flutter open at the sense of a presence in his office. His eyes open to revel Dr. Lisa Cuddy sitting at his desk. They stare at each other, taking in each others presence.
"You would be a better stocker if you didn't let me know you were watching me." House says with thick sarcasm.
Cuddy nods her head and shots the rubber band she had been playing with at him with a smile.
It softly lands on House's chest and picks it up, twirling it in his hand.
"You do know you aren't suppose to shoot cripples." House says
Cuddy just nods and smiles back at him.
"Your kind of scaring mr with the whole nodding thing." House says. " Without any light it looks like you are a evil dictator"
"Which you are" House adds with mockery
Cuddy stands and walks over to the foot rest in front of House's chair.
"Move your feet" she says
He takes them off the foot rest and she sits down in front of him.
"So it speaks" House says with even more sarcasm
"Yes "it" speaks" Cuddy says smiling but then her face becomes serious
"How is the case?" she says with concern
Cuddy knew the case had been bugging House for the last week and had become concerned with this knew obsessation. "The team is down in the lab running the renaming tests." he says, his voice sounding worn
Cuddy stands and slowly starts to leave. She opens the door and begins the walk to the elevator. House saddening stands and grabs his cane, rushing toward the door. He swings it open and steps in the hallway. Cuddy smiles to herself and turns around, walking back toward him. House suffles back and forth, using his cane for support.
"I waiting" Cuddy beams, waiting for him to ask the question she had come up here for.
House looks around and suddenly blurts
"Do you want to go out for dinner." House says
Cuddy beams
"Yes" she says, trying to hind her smile but for once in her life being unsuccessful.


Sorry if I spelled things wrong, I am trying to type this on my phone while sitting in a car at 1 in the morning.