Everybody knows that House and Cuddy slept together one night or at least House understood that in the episode ‘’Top Secret’’ (You gave me everything I asked for because one night I gave you everything you asked for...[House]) but we are not sure about when, maybe before House met Stacy or after, we don’t know, well, I was thinking about it and I remember some episodes that can say something about when they met and when they slept together.
In the episode ‘’Three Stories’’ Stacy was with House and Cuddy already knew him, when Cuddy hired House he was already limp (In ‘’Detox’’ Cuddy said [about House’s abuse of vicodin]: It's double what you were taking when I hired you.) and in ‘’Humpty Dumpty’’ Cuddy said to Cameron that she already knew House from the university, well, again to the episode ‘’Top Secret’’ in the same quote we understood that Cuddy hired House because he slept with her one night.
Well I have three theories:
1.    House and Cuddy had sex before he met Stacy: Maybe House met Cuddy in the university, they had sex and then he met Stacy but then the quote in Top Secret isn’t real so, this is one theory that I don’t like.
2.    House and Cuddy had sex before he met Stacy 2: House could sleep with Cuddy, she hired him and then he met Stacy, this one isn’t so real too because of the quote in ‘’Detox’’.
3.    House and Cuddy had sex after he met Stacy: House were without any job, he met Stacy, then he get limp and Cuddy had sex with House when Stacy leave him, this one is more likely.

Well these are my own theories about House and Cuddy and the first article that I made, I hope you like it, if you have any opinions let me know ^^