"CruciFICTION." S7-8 "small sacrifices."
“Small Sacrifices” continued...

Later that night, a few scenarios that came to mind. Rated G.

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Happy holidays everyone!

Message red light blinking: Beeep..
Cuddy’s voice: “House..wait up for me. I’ll...stop by.”
House’s gut reaction: “Oh yesss!”

History repeats: oh nooo..
House’s conscience felt exactly one & a half pangs of guilt for sending a jilted, tipsy Wilson home to cry his sad self to sleep. Quickly convincing himself his best bud is a big boy..he’ll be fine. Tomorrow he’d spring for cafeteria lunch with a side order of extra caring..no! Scratch that, of course Wilson buys lunch, but he’ll play the part of “Lamby” for his rejected, single again friend to spill forth his poor aching heart over Sam’s sudden need to flee her ex on bended knee, like a runaway-bride, not to be! House stiffled his urge to screech to the ceiling, “I TOLD YOU SO!”

Genius brain cells at work: hmmm..
Must f-o-c-us, Cuddy is on her way over. Plotting all along she couldn’t resist my subliminal text invite or turn me into a grumpy pumpkin. Earlier he had bumped into Taub & gathered with glee that he got served by dear Rachel who finally tossed her two-timing hubby into the..let’s say..boiling lobster pot to stew a spell tonight. Fortunately for House, Taubster had stopped steaming for a second to make himself useful & lend his cell. House worded his simple summons to Cuddy, “join me later at 221b for a night cap..make up..dance?” Fingers crossed. What’s a Prince Greg to do afterall, Cinderella-lisa left him flying solo again at the Ball..like 80’s-nite deja vu, or maybe this woman really hates my dancing. Such is romance, on to plan-B, keep things moving..and Cuddy guessing. A touch of mystery is always good for a relationship. With no tricks up his tuxedo shirt sleeve, dreamy blue eyes better hop to it, the clock was ticking.

Partypants is here: knock knock..
Cuddy knocked softly on the front door of 221B. It was rather late, approaching 11:30 in the pm, her delicate knuckles on right hand smarted a little from tap-tap-tapping in the cold night air for the second time. “H-O-U-SE!” she whispered loudly, detecting a whisp of wood smoke..a strange hint of stale evergreen wafting from his fireplace chimney. Suddenly, the lock seemed to release all by itself, shortly followed by House calling out from back of the apartment, “It’s OPEN!” Stepping inside, she pulled the door closed in one graceful sweep and immediately caught sight of a piece of paper lying flat on the floor with an arrow drawn, AS IF she didn’t know her way around House’s place. Curiously, the note also read, “follow pine needles.” Cuddy’s cold nose & rosy cheeks scrunched in a questioning “huh?” kind of way, dubious eyes rolling as if pleading “what for” to the heavens above.

Grinch or Scrooge? ho ho ho..
Not seeing..only hearing House’s charm-offensive-voice in perfect time..shout, “In case you’re wondering, I was fresh out of rose petals..to lead you to my bat cave. Umm..actually I swiped an old holiday wreath off the neighbors back porch, should be a crime..for leaving it up all year.” Cuddy, “So you’re the Grinch next door!” House, “Hmm..more like that other nice guy, Ebenezer something!” Cuddy draped her black jacket over the leather couch, she had slipped into more comfortable evening attire since the dance. Glancing over at the crackling, scented blaze, a feeling of peace & calm lifted her spirits as she fired back at House, “Lucky I’m not barefoot, these scattered pine needles look all brown & prickly..nice ambience you have going here, if I was a squirrel. Pleeease tell me you have not mixed another of your spa concoctions..no wait, let me guess..magical forest this time?!” Her stinging recollection, “that tub water you had stirred up could be used as a paint stripper if given enough time.” House instantly quips, “Aaah..you said “stripper,” just what I had in mind!” Cuddy, “Okay, you first.”

A toast: clink clank..
The most soulful searching sort of music seemed to turn on remotely, as Cuddy entered the bedroom to see her dashing Doctor still wearing the white shirt from wedding celebration though now unbuttoned & loose..dark blue flannel sleep pants on. Atop the night stand, a small lamp cast an orange-yellow glow around House who was waving two drink glasses in one hand, chirping to Cuddy, “I have some room temperature bubbly-icious champagne, has been chilling on a handful of ice chips pryed from my freezer for all of..five minutes. Truth be told, I found this bottle of Dom Perignon hiding under a party table..granted it was in a case, on my way out the hotel lobby.” Cuddy, “You shouldn’t have.” House, “Shall we try a sparkling toast, to..forgiveness, to your boyfriend not having deadly horrible small pox..truth to power?!”

Cuddy frowning a bit, “If you’re referring to me as your boss..” House interrupted gently, changing his tone & earnestly offering a final toast, “Honesty is p-r-o-b-a-bly the best policy?!” Cuddy replies, “Is that a question? (Sighing), Look, I’ve made my point and you’ve made yours, I just need some two-way communication going forward.” (House bites his tongue thinking of Chase & his three-way romp, greedy bastard). His inner jerk blurts out, “I AM for two-way communication, especially if you’re referring to Patty & Selma.” Cuddy sets down her drink, finding him predictably annoying per usual, though playful & impossible to resist. “You really enjoy tormenting me don’t you?!" House, “Everybody needs a hobby.” Cuddy, “Well, I suppose you are trying in your own twisted way, but try confiding in me, not hiding things from me. I’m not freaking out about our differences or waiting for you to say..uncle!” A deadpan House says, “uncle,” as he moves his right hand towards Cuddy’s face, lifting a stray strand of hair & tenderly tapping her doubting lips two times with an outstretched finger, emphasizing his next comment, “I’m very, very attracted to every word you are saying. In fact, I’ll take this difficult case, concerning “yours truly” into careful consideration & advisement. I’m hoping this also means a pay rise. Cuddy, “I pay you too much already!” House, “Ms. Scrooge! Let’s stop trying to unravel this complicated ball of string for awhile..and take it one itsy bitsy miracle at a time, including me saving those sick people who seem to hang out at your hospital.” Cuddy, “I’m willing to give it a rest.” House teeters on his feet a bit & holds his arm out suddenly as if to catch himself, acting light headed & dizzy. Cuddy, ”Are you alright House!?” House, “Funny, I feel like I dreamed this, maybe some vicodin hallucination flashback, but I was thinking we should move in..I mean move on, unless you want to, you know..move in together?” Cuddy (his saviour) smiled sadly, all too knowingly, picked up her glass & downed the last sip of her night cap, “Well, I would like to spend the night at least, although I don’t recall that was included in your invite, (kidding & pretending to yawn), you’ll take the couch of course. The sitter was kind enough to stay over, Rachel is fast asleep in dreamland.”
House, “The little sugar plum!”

“Give Me Your Love.” a song..a dance..
A sly smile crossed House’s face..the sound of the fire reminding him to mention, “I’ve a special treat for your breakfast, (hinting)..it goes Snap! Crackle! Pop!” His strong arms stretched open..not exactly in crucifix fashion like his recent patient, but definately gesturing Cuddy to come closer, obviously asking, “may I have this dance?” Cuddy easily relented & welcomed his warm embrace, their arms reaching & wrapping around..waist..shoulder, both quite naturally in tune with the other & the music, hands inter-locking as House leaned in, whispering sincerely..directly into Cuddy’s voluptuous ear, “Relax your worries..I just want to hold my stunning dance partner & sway awhile..back into your graces.” Cuddy softly, “I’m on your side House.” Tired from the long days events, they readily let current tensions cease, replaced by a soothing rocking back & forth, balancing their bodies sensually against each other..eyes closed tightly as if to peer into some darker realm, the unknowable depth of passion behind their starved, ravishing kisses, barely remembering to breathe..windows fogging, birds singing, etc. & so forth. Oblivious to those pesky laws of nature..time-space-gravity, thank goodness House’s bed & soft pillows would later cushion their falling back to earth for the sweetest sleep, content for now, lost in a slow..loving dance.

FYI: translations:
1. A “night cap” is a friendly drink before sleep.
2. Saying “uncle” means you quit..or stop fighting.
3. “Give Me Your Love”, oldie soul song by Mayfield..as in Curtis.
P.S. Thanks kindly, if you managed to read this!
"Give Me Your Love." cap credit: @wendus