this is just a few moments of huddy that i think are great there are loads more

House: That Top really absorbs moisture

House: Looks like cuddy same cleavage

House: You get that wrinkle in your forehead, I admit it’s sexy

House: I will not have sex with you not again

Cuddy: are you being intentionally dense
House: Huh?

House: cuddy you see the world as it is and you she world as it could Be .By the way why does everyone think you and I had sex do You think there could be something to it?

(Imitating Stacy)

Cuddy : oh I love Greg , but if you go against your patients wishes You’re calling her a liar , and if something goes wrong I end Up in court defending the big mean doctor I’ll be Dreamy eyes who wouldn’t believe the nice suburban mom And even thou his cane makes me melt do the dam surgery.

Cuddy : I think you got that
House : micros can be sneaky

House : you came all the way up here to thank me?
Cuddy: No

Cuddy : I want you to do your job
House : as the philosopher jaggier once said you can’t always get What you want

Cuddy : your write you can’t always get what you want but if you try Sometimes you get what you need.

House : The cutest little tennis outfit it almost gave me a heart attack Oh my god I didn’t see you there how embarrassing .

Cuddy : You think of something to make me miserable , I think of Something to make you miserable it’s a game and I’m going To win because I’ve got a head start you are already

House : Love that outfit it says I’m professional but still a woman , Actually it screams that second part
Cuddy: oh yeah and your big cane is shuttle too.

Cuddy : You want to trade? Were not swapping a couple of goats For your help putting up a
House : you want something I want something we compromise its The grownup way to resolve are
differences .
Cuddy: There already is a mechanism for that it’s called the Employee Employer relationship,I get what I want you and You don’t.

Cuddy : If you did your morning run and showered at home you’d Be later than usual.
House: Thought of you in the shower

Cuddy : what’s going on with the leg?
House: First tell me what’s going on with the boobs

Cuddy : I’m not pregnant
House : my leg doesn’t hurt
Cuddy : you’re in denial
House : no I’m not ….. Oh you got me

House : I want my old carpet back
Cuddy : (on the phone) were going to half to talk later a kid in the clinic had a accident

Cuddy : if you don’t want to work in your office work in the clinic if you don’t want to work in the clinic go home and don’t get paid

House : cuddy said I half to work here
Cuddy : no I said you can work in your office or work here
House : and since I can’t work me office
Cuddy: is this your master plan disturb hospital business until I replace your carpet?

House: carpet?
Cuddy : never

House : is this about the carpet you think I’ll back off if you block all my fun ?
Cuddy : you better not be having fun

Cuddy : she’s dangerous
House : she’s not dangerous
Cuddy : she’s pretty
House : she’s pretty
Cuddy : men are stupid
House : yeah im with you so far

" you can't stop our love "

House : after that look im feeling frisky looks like your up
Cuddy: im ovulating lets go
House : the frisky went away

House : if I leave her alone can I have my carpet back?
Cuddy: no
House: if I forget about my carpet can I have her?

House : you’ve been overly supportive this whole week either your hormonal or your guilt ridden and seen as it’s too early in the pregnancy to be hormonal
Cuddy : im not pregnant
House : then what did you do wrong?

Cuddy : we’re doctors we treat patients we don’t kill them
(Shouts and pints at her top)
House : how rite you are Dr Cuddy , we also don’t pad are bills , wipe pills from the pharmacy or fantasise about teenage daughters of our patients either .
Cuddy : True , better be true and you’re a pig.

Cuddy : I have some sad news for you , she doesn’t love you
House : you’re ugly when you’re jealous