"Drive safe. Goodnight!" Cuddy yelled as her family and friends left for their cars.
Feeling the soft chill of night air on her exposed arms, Cuddy quickly went back inside her home.
She saw all the empty glasses and plates left on the table and various presents scattered around her fire place.It was a lot to clean up, but she decided to wait until the morning. It would be saturday afterall, and she'd be up early with Rachel.
Cuddy smiled at the thought of her little girl. The baby naming ceremony had been fun. Her parents were surprisingly civil to one another, her sister was less judgmental than usual, and Wilson had been so helpful setting everything up. The only person missing was House. She thought for sure he'd change his mind and show up. It was only one evening of his life and he couldn't even put his own selfishness aside...
Knock. Knock.
Cuddy was pulled from her thoughts at the sudden banging at the door.
"Hold on." She yelled as she reached for a sweater to put on.
When she finally reached the peep hole she was less than pleased to find House's gloomy visage staring back at her.
"You're late." She said as she opened the door.
"Two hookers can take up alot of time." He said in his usual deadpan manner.
Cuddy however wasn't at all in the mood for his dry sense of humor.
"It's almost midnight. I'm tired. What do you want?"
"It's cold out here can we at least have this argument inside?" He asked as he rubbed his hands together for warmth.
Cuddy rolled her eyes at him and pulled the door wide open so that he could enter.
House closed the door behind him but remained standing in front of it.
Cuddy sat on the armrest of her sofa.
"There's no food or wine left if that's why you are here." She said as she crossed her arms in front of her chest.
"Damn. I was hoping for some latka's too."
Cuddy shook her head in annoyance and stood up.
"You should go." She said as she started to walk back toward her bedroom.
House limped behind her. He had forgotten his cane again.
"Don't follow me." She said as she reached her bedroom door.
House placed a hand on her back. She stilled at his touch.
"I screwed up."
Cuddy turned around to face him.
"Why do you do that? You always make the wrong choice. It's like you're afraid of what the right one will bring." She said as she leaned against her bedroom door.
House looked down at his shoes. Cuddy noticed his hand was free of his cane.
"Where's your cane?"
"I forgot it on the way here." He said looking up at her again.
"Tell me what happened tonight that was so important that you weren't here."
House stepped closer to her.
"I'm not able to give you an answer that you'll like or even accept."
Cuddy looked down at her feet now. A heavy sadness fell over her.
"You are one of the most important people in my life and you weren't here for one of the most important days of my life...of my daughter's life."
"How am I suppose to be here?" He asked angrily.
Cuddy looked up at him.
"You want me to come over to be what? A father figure? A dad to her? You want me to bond with her and..."
"Would that be so bad?" She asked.
"You know how damaged I am. Do you really want me to damage her too?"
Cuddy looked at him somewhat shocked.
"I'm not exactly without my own frayed edges and missing pages,House. But I love her and that is more important than anything else." She said as she stepped closer to him.
"And that's the same reason I...well, I don't hate you." She said with a smile.
House grinned at her comment.
"...I don't hate you either." He said as he placed a tentative hand on her arm. Cuddy looked at his hand and placed hers on top.
"I think we're suppose to kiss now." House said with a knowing smirk.
"I'm still mad at you." She said with her own smile as she pulled back and leaned against her bedroom door once more.
"I know. I deserve it. So, let me make it up to you." He said as he motioned closer to her until his face was right near hers.
Cuddy laughed nervously.
"I'm not gonna do you just because you showed some vulnerability."
"You don't have to do anything." He said as she pulled her lips into his.
Cuddy got lost in his expert tongue for a moment before suddenly breaking free of his grasp.
"Do you like me, House?" She said with her own knowing smile as she rested her hand on the door knob.
"I said I didn't hate you. Isn't that enough?"
Cuddy shook her head.
"You know how I feel." He said placing his hand on top of the door nob too.
"I'd like to hear it."
"Wouldn't you rather me show you?"
"After you say it." She said in a taunting voice.
House rolled his eyes.
"I like you. Okay. I like you alot...I really do."
Cuddy grinned wide at the confession.
"Good." She said as she turned the knob and opened the bedroom door.
House, who had been quite confident earlier, was now a little uncertain of the situation.
"You're sure? This could change everything." He said as he gazed beyond her and stared at the queen-size mattress.
Cuddy walked into the room and sat on the bed.
"It's time for a change." She replied as she pulled her hair out of her ponytail and let her tresses fall free.
House walked into the room without anymore hesitation closing the door behind him.
He took his time. He unbuttoned her top and slowly slid it over her head. Her bra was see through with pink lace that made her nipples look like flowers. He touched them through the fabric. She closed her eyes at the sensation.
He leaned into her neck kissing her from her hair line to her shoulder. As he continued to trail his tongue down her skin his hands were suddenly unclasping her bra.
Pulling away for a moment, he pulled the bra off of her arms. She smiled at his reaction to her half naked form.
"Nice." He said as he took his hands and softly rubbed her breasts.
"It's not like it's the first time you've seen them."
"Ten years is a long time to go without seeing them." He said wistfully.
House pulled her closer to him and kissed her left breast as his hands were busy unzipping her pants. Cuddy ran a hand through his hair.
"It's your turn to go shirtless."
House kissed her nipple hard making Cuddy yelp in surprise.
"I'm doing you. I run the show." He said as he stood up.
"Fine." she said as she folded her arms.
"Good. Now, lay back."
Cuddy laid against the pillows. House hovered above her and pulled her pants gradually from her body. Once she was free of the clothing House began to trace a hand along the elastic of her pink panties. Cuddy let out a breath in anticipation. He ever so slowly rubbed her through the thin fabric making her sigh quite happily. House smiled at her reaction and began to pull the barely there panties down her legs.

She was bare to him now. He couldn't help but to gasp at the sight of her. Suddenly, he felt that he wasn't worthy of this. This was meant for a much better man than him.
He got down on the bed and lay next to her naked form. She turned to look at him in confusion.
"Are you gonna..."
"I love you." He blurted out before she could finish her sentence.
Cuddy turned to lay on her back and stare at the ceiling.
House turned to look at her and pulled the cover around her body. He then joined her in staring at the ceiling.
"Sorry. I ruined the mood." He said with a sigh.
Cuddy started chuckling at his comment. House looked at her.
"Only you would think that ruined the mood."
"It didn't? Why did you get all quiet then?"
Cuddy turned on her side to look at him.
"I never thought you'd admit it." She said as she began to stroke his neck.
"It just makes tonight that much more special." She said as she traced his lips with her finger.
"I haven't slept with someone that I love since Stacy." He admitted.
She rested her head against his chest.
"Do you love me?" He asked in a whispered tone.
Cuddy sat up at the question.
"Of course I do. You idiot!" She said with her hands on her hips.The blanket slipped from her body exposing her breasts once more. House couldn't help but to grin from ear to ear at both her confession and the lovely scene before him.
He sat up and placed his hands around her waist. Her breasts brushed against his chest. Her anger dissipated at the sight of his soft smile. She smiled back.
"Good. I'm glad we got that cleared up." He said as he pulled her into another deep kiss.