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Fan fiction by huddycat69 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 24

Sitting on her bed, watching her sleeping, House begins to whisper.
-Cuddy, I made things I regret, that you may… never forgive, never forget, but… I hope you’ll give me another chance, you’ll give US another chance… because … I cannot live without you, Lisa Cuddy, you’re the only one who always gave me another chance, who always took my side and believed in me even when I doubted about myself … well maybe Wilson too, but not in the same way, I love Wilson of course but I love him like my best friend you know, I’m not gay, and House giggles slightly, he feels so ridiculous trying to make Cuddy smile whereas she sleeps and doesn’t hear him. See what you make me do? I speak alone, I must look really stupid.
-No, you’re not, House, Cuddy answers softly, opens her eyes and looks at him. I liked what you said, she adds with water in the eyes. A tear rolls on her cheek, House wipes it away tenderly.
-What did you hear exactly? He asks grinning.
Fan fiction by huddycat69 posted over a year ago
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sorry for the possible incoherence in my medical tests. Hope you'll enjoy this short chapter.

Chapter 23

-Aww! Cuddy moans.
-Cuddy! Where does it hurt? House says as calmly as he can, caressing tenderly her cheek.
-House, I … my chest hurts… I… aww … my belly hurts too… House…, Cuddy manages to answer. Her face is distorted with pain, her eyes seem to implore House to give her something to soothe the pain.
-I can’t give you morphin because we need to run other tests to find what’s wrong with you, Cuddy, I’m sorry. But as soon as we finish, I’ll give you some… House replies and holds Cuddy’s hand tight. Cuddy nods.
-Hm, can I make the scan of your abdomen? Chase asks and nears Cuddy. House looks over Chase’s shoulder, suddenly he stops his fellow.
-Here, come back to her liver…
-Yup! … hey, what’s this?
- It seems to be a hepatic congestion…, House replies the eyes locked on the monitor of the scan. Then he looks at Cuddy, she writhes in pain, beads of sweat pearl on her forehead, she’s very pale.
Opinion by tammyr50 posted over a year ago
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They stood there for a moment in total silence. Foreman gently pulled the sheet over her to cover her as a lone tear traced down his face.

Wilson, the nurse said that an older man came into Thirteen's room before she passed. They said it looked like he was praying with Thirteen and House.

"Did they say what he looked like."

One of the nurses said he looked a little like Sean Connery. "Do you have any idea who it might have been?"

"Yeah I do I think." Wilson turned to go as Foreman asked him if he wanted an autopsy?

No, "she died of complications due to Huntington's."

As Wilson sat at his desk he opened the letter from House.


You have had the great misfortune of getting branded as my one and only friend. You've been a better friend than I ever deserved. I have went between being numb to hurting so bad I could hardly breathe and I honestly just can't do this anymore.