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fran2 posted on Oct 10, 2011 at 01:30PM
A place for those who do not want to resign themselves to the evidence and are still in denial.
A place for those who are angry.
A place for those who are in acceptance (lucky people!).
A place for all of us, hopeless Huddies, because we do feel that House and Cuddy have been the most incredible couple we’ve ever known and they are always gonna be the most incredible couple we have ever known.

Trying to survive the season 8 and hoping for a season 9 ;-))).....keep talking and keep the flame burning!

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A place for those who do not want to resign themselves to the evidence and are still in denial. <br /

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over a year ago mysuspicionis said…
Sorry about autocorrect on my phone messing up so many words. Fran your idea of season 7 in reverse is inspired. LOL. I really missed everyone. To quote the vultures from the Disney Jungle book "we're your friends to the bitter end--the bitter ennnnd" and I hope after the end :).
over a year ago fran2 said…
@huddycat – it’s nice to read you, when I read what you write I feel at [H]ome :-))
@mysusp – I hope that your dad is going better. The gold fish thing and the history of your “supporting” family is so funny! XDDD

I know it's hard to watch this last season, a bit because it’s the last, a bit because there’s not our Cuddy anymore. Looking at the glass half full....Dominika has disappeared and that helps a lot to swallow the bitter medicine! hahahahahahahah
By speculation, I do not think Wilson will die and (as I continue to live in my enchanted world *denial*) I'm still hoping for a Cuddy’s return. Even if she doesn't come back physically ... well ... at least that there is a recall, a hook that makes us understand that the door could still be open.
Damn it! why House is not a fairy tale and Prince Greg refuses to be kissed by the princess? ;-)))))
@huddycat – it’s nice to read you, when I read what you write I feel at [H]ome :-))<br />
over a year ago huddycat69 said…
@fran it's always nice to read you XD And I'm like you, still in "denial".
"I'm still hoping for a Cuddy’s return. Even if she doesn't come back physically ... well ... at least that there is a recall, a hook that makes us understand that the door could still be open. "

It's funny because I had more or less the same thought : If Wilson dies ( I don't think so but who knows in [H]ouse world), then maybe Cuddy will be there for his funeral and will see how House deals with this horrible "thing", maybe (a girl can dream : )) she will remember all the good time they had together (this includes Wilson too) and fall in love with House again, or ... she'll be very sad because of Wilson and heartbroken because of House, of their common past, of his despair, and this time House will "rescue" her and then they can take a new start, at least as friend if not as a couple...

You see girls, I still can't get over Huddy, even after a season 8 without our sweet Cuddy. I guess my mind and I will never get over it. And somehow, it's good because in my fantasy world I always find a way to let them go back together (sorry for my english, I'm not sure it's clear, nevertheless I just hope you understand me)

Just to keep the dream alive...
@fran it's always nice to read you XD And I'm like you, still in "denial". <br />
over a year ago bluehue said…
Hi forum few! Hope all is well with everyone.

@hudcat, Nice pic & thought..Huddy "I love you's." A past (distant) story arc..played out, it seems. :(

@mysusp, Well..I enjoyed your "streaming" comments & impressed you do all via phone. So glad your dad is getting & feeling better :)). Overdue, but in ref. to your question about Castle, I've only watched some this season & have really enjoyed the charm/wit of Castle himself. It is pure "escapist" tv, nothing to "sink teeth into," or discuss ad nauseum..ha. FYI: The Castle/Beckett love interest is due to climax so to speak, on next weeks episode..if you want to catch that.

@fran, Ha..enjoyed your Titanic toon back there, (days ago!). You always tickle our funny bones. Well, you know I love "time travel," (Doctor Who 11)..tho to turn a "Whovian" phrase, "only ever so rarely & at great cost.. can time be rewritten..without the universe exploding."
I thought Wilson was a "goner," ("The C-Word"), but you seem to have guessed it correctly..that he may indeed survive. As well, I suppose Cuddy could possibly return..say in the form of a written letter, a phone call..or as you say "a door that remains open," even as the series closes. We shall see. (However, "hookers" do seem to take the cake on this show).

Here's a Wilson pic to go with @hudcat' case we can (somehow) summon the original "H-W-C Trinity" back one more time. Curtain call.
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Hi forum few!  Hope all is well with everyone.<br />
<br />
@hudcat, Nice pic & thought..Huddy &q
over a year ago fran2 said…
@huddycat – your pic is killing me…
@bh – hello dear, welcome back in this vale of tears :-)

I didn’t think I could love House more than I already love him. But, after the magnificence of The C-Word, I do. The episode was great, so heartbreaking in the best House’s tradition, with a strong RLS.
I was wondering what's been different between house / cuddy and house / Wilson because it was interesting to note that House was able to "govern" the anxiety of being there for Wilson and instead went into a panic with Cuddy. I don’t think it happened because he didn’t like Cuddy enough but rather because he loved her too much. But Cuddy didn’t understand :-((
I could write about House the friend, and the comparision with House the lover, for hours but there will be time to pull it together after the final episode of the season. For now I enjoy the delicate feeling that this episode left me

Sometimes everybody would need a “big six feet rabbit” friend.
over a year ago mysuspicionis said…
Goodness you girls are stronger than me. I just saw the still for the promo of c word with Wilson lying on Houses couch and it brought a lump to my throat. Partly because of Wilson and partly because of the memories of Cuddy caring for House in his version of happiness in Under My Skin. I'm happy to hear that perhaps Wilson may make it. I have to tell myself that the writers always meant for House to be alone because the possibility that they could have ended up together only to be torn away because of corporate cutbacks (and they seem to be in every sector of the show from the late signed actors to the loss of Edelstein, the sudden drop of season 9 etc). Plus last year was the nastiest shock a tv show could give. I honestly felt nauseated the entire holiday weekend. I'd avoided spoilers for weeks and fanpop so I had no idea about edelstein and then I got home from a wonderful day at work turned on my laptop to watch the finale and saw the image of shellshocked Cuddy. I watched to the end thinking there's only a minute left they can't end this differently now and as the image of House on beach went black with the Teardrop theme playing I stared unbelievingly at the screen. Then I logged on to fanpop to read that Lisa was leaving. Not a fun moment. I felt better when reading other people reactions that basically said " I am a normal adult with responsibilities job etc and I felt nausea, shock, disbelief at a fictional occurrence". By the way I want to post some YouTube videos onshore when I'm at a computer. They are by an artist who narrates as he draws and are basically illustrated essays about life. I've seen them before but as I was watching a new one about jealously it reminded me of House. The artist is honest about how he feels about his former coworkers and friends finding success while he works in a coffee shop. It is hilarious, sarcastic and moving just like the show House. Another one dealing with having an introverted personality and attempting conversations with non introverts has wonderful intelligent moving comments after the video. Someone remarked about how usually YouTube videos have such stupid comments but this video has intelligent comments that were enjoyable to read. Another person replied that this was the case because Art is what brings us together in understanding. That made me think of you all. I have always been of the opinion that art brings people together and it has been great throwing philosophy and ethics around with you all. If we were to talk about these ideas in modern and classic books movies (painting sculpture for bluehue our art expert ;). I think it would be fun after the show. Fran I saw a promo for Downtown Abbey DVD that may have hooked me with the romance angle of the arranged marriage idea to a man the woman finds boorish! I may have go acquire them and have a marathon with my niece this summer. I am attempting to educate her about how the Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice is the best version and she is open to watching it.
over a year ago mysuspicionis said…
YouTube videos onshore that is the best autocorrect yet!!! Online is what I meant of course but it seems Shore has wiggled his way into our forum again!!! By the way I have zucchini, squash, cucumbers ready to be picked in my garden. :). Soon peas, beans, tomatoes will be ready. I hoping to cook rosemary chicken and dill potatoes with fresh veggie sidedishes this summer. Which reminds me I Like Tankini bathing suits. While I was flipping through the rack I saw a cute bikini and thought about buying it because Ive been exercising with a coworker everyday and so I hope to have muscles. ;) In Houses voice in my head I heard "is this one of those if you build it they will come things?". (cuddy buying baby items prebaby. Me thinking of bikini pre bikini body". Lol. There should be a better way to classify bathing suits because every two piece is called bikini that is not the tank top style. When I sAy bikini I don't mean Sports Ilustrated style cause I am fairly modest and old navy halter style is what I prefer. I feel the stomach getting better because my exercise shorts from oldnavy have to be tied tighter and /or rolled over. Whoohoo I love the water and sun.
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over a year ago fran2 said…
@mysusp - “..I saw a promo for Downtown Abbey DVD that may have hooked me…”
It’s a wonderful series…
Pride and Prejudice?? I love it! Colin Firth is the best Mr. Darcy ever :-))
About House you perfectly summed up my feelings for the finale of last season and Lisa’s loss :-(((((

Did you watch Post Mortem?
I only say this: wonderful episode. It’s the puppeteer DS pulling the strings of his puppets, who seemed to have tangled wires but now, hopefully, the chickens are coming home to roost.
This episode has started to draw pictures of past seasons: the motorcycle, the funeral, the bus, the road trip .... * sigh *
I‘m waiting for the music comeback and I hope they find a way to mend my Huddy-Heart (I know ... I'm a deluded)
I’m overwhelmed by the approach of the end.
over a year ago mysuspicionis said…
Hello to all,
I have been musing on possible endings for the series. In one scenario I could see House deciding to change and then suddenly discovering how to save Wilson in his trademark epiphany moment leading to House deciding to be the same forever and remarking to Wilson "Hey my pathetic life saved yours" or something similar. Realisticaly not changing in regards to his drug issue could only end very badly in real life. I know some people personally who struggle with extreme chronic pain and the side effects and addiction that pain killers cause. It is very upsetting to watch and it does not stay at the same level as they potray on TV but continues downward down a path they know is dangerous. Perhaps we may see a House at peace with himself and the death of his friend realizing he can find happiness on his own---Please can I hear Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones once on House?????? And we had better hear the philosophy of Jagger one last time and see that House has what he needs. My thoughts forum-wise have been about how grateful I am to have talked with you all. Getting to know others from around the world and all walks of life has inspired me making me want to read more, investigate art and music more, and maybe even learn a foreign language once day since everyone was so educated :) Talking with others and discovering how they are the same helps dispel prejudice and instill empathy. I've also had an idea for a After House thread title. In the spirit of the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon in which people try to relate everything to the actor Keving Bacon we can have Six Degrees of House. Most forms of art explore the themes found in House, and I'd love to talk movies, art, music, tv, or even "today I hung out at the beach, ;)" Oh by the way I met the girl who works with my Dad today and loves House, she and her husband came out to my family's riverhouse. She had a little dog with her named Jack after Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock. I only spoke with them a few minutes though because I had to run errands. I'll post those videos I promised---one introspective and one fun one to lighten your spirits. :)

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over a year ago mysuspicionis said…
Tales of Mere Existence youtube
over a year ago mysuspicionis said…
just to lighten your spirits after the last one...­h%3­Fv%­3D_­pcz­6-4­WYt­8
over a year ago mysuspicionis said…
For some reason you have to verisfy your age even though its PG 13 at worst languagewise
over a year ago bluehue said…
HEY YOU TWO! Dear, dear @mysusp & @fran!! (Please forgive my negligence!)

Hello to ALL others..wherever you may be.

Just POPPED in now to say hi..and that I have not abandoned forum..totally. I look forward to reading your comments above..and catch up in the next day or two..promise! MISSing our convos.

Maybe I am lucky to be ALL consumed by work lately..and not dwelling on (H)-finale, though I did watch the last 2 episodes..good grief!!..or should I just say GRIEF!! It's been quite interesting really.
Well..I so want to share comments with you guys, (definately after finale).
YES, the (H)ouse promo put up the question, "How will it end?" Can you believe it..the end is nigh! (near). I keep telling myself..this is just TV! Ha.
See you soon. Luv, @bh.
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over a year ago mysuspicionis said…
I know what you mean about work. Fran have you ever worked with younger children with emotional and behavioral disorders? I am pretty sure one of my students has Bipolar Disorder. I've researched into it though I don't have a child psychology degree and he matches the cycling continuously throughout the day as opposed to adults who cycle for months. I was able to tell another teacher in the first day with a 30 second description that her student had Aspbergers. I felt very House/like. It doesn't seem real that the finale is Monday and that House and Cuddy officially will be in the words if tje philosopher Gotye "Just somebody that I use to know.". I was dissapointed that House reacted to Wilson the same way he reacted to Cuddy's crisis in Bombshells. It did not seem in character in Cuddys case and in Wilsons case the selfishness is hard to take as evidence that People Don't Change. Will we see any sacrifice in the finale. I think we could perhaps or we could also see House deriving the answer to Wilsons case because of his flawed nature. I really do not like the new hipster way of ending shows and movies which David Shore has said he liked of ending ambiguously. I am an absolutes person. I believe there are absolutes and not just opinions in ethics and I like to see closure. Fade to black is not my style...,
over a year ago mysuspicionis said…
SPOILERS do not read Fran.

I watched the promo and it seems House had an accident, struggles with the team while in a hospital bed, perhaps escapes, and we see a mans hand reaching out to him while he is in a hole of some sort. My guesses based on the other spoilers are he goes and investigates the drug addicts house himself, falls and hurts his leg, has a vision of Kutner (or the hole is symbolic and he needs to climb out of this hole of addiction and emotional pain) and will perhaps have his leg amputated or we see him struggling with that decision. I think Cameron and Martha will be doctors at the hospital House goes to. In a way I'm very sad because we always talked on here about if House could stand on his own without Cuudy or Wilson or if he made the decision to amputate he would be showing he could heal. Now even if he heals it seems he will be on his own forever. On the plus side he will live his life a bit happier perhaps and you can be a happy single person. Who knows maybe Wilson will make
it out alive? ETA. I rewatched and at one house appears to be laying on a rug with hallucinated?? Cameron beside him so perhaps he overdoses and sees Kutner? Also I think it may be the drug addict patient fighting in bed? Other people think there are some jail scenes mixed in so who knows which way the wind will take us.
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over a year ago mysuspicionis said…
Umm my satellite tv is not working. I think I will have to go online to find spoilers immediately after the episode if it doesn't get fixed. I don' t trust live streams p
over a year ago fran2 said…
@bh – I’ll wait for your comments after the finale :-)))
@mysusp thanks for the warning! I haven’t read your spoilers…
I worked for a long time to the treatment of troubled families and abused children so I know what you mean and partly because of this, I think for me it’s impossible to imagine a hopeless season finale. When you touch the pain and you have to help someone you are “forced” to become an incurable optimist always hoping for the chance of cure, healing, redemption, changes. Otherwise you go crazy.

I can’t believe that tonight is going to be the end :-(
I’m already crying...
over a year ago Tammy8 said…
Tonight is the finale and I am feeling extremely nostalgic. Through all the things the last years have brought this was my one safe place. We have laughed, held our own differentials, fangirled, and shared some beautiful moments. I can't even begin to grasp how i will feel tonight, I just wanted to express the immense gratitude I feel today for knowing you all.

I still have not given up on a new thread, just still shell-shocked a bit by the ending of House. It's been an honor ladies and maybe we can share some other things in years to come. Meet you back here after the finale.
over a year ago bluehue said…
Aaah...great to catch up on older AND NEWER comments! HUGS @tammy. Don't cry @fran!

I'll distract you..a little. @fran, Glad you found the latest Hilson episodes engaging, heartbreaking, with a measure of (m)agnificence. For the most too. It’s okay..we are not writing our forum hearts out..cause, as the saying goes.. the “ on the wall.”
@tammy, "feeling extremely nostalgic," I know, I know..yes. BUT, that's a good thing..because we
made memories along the way, quite a special "bonus," don't you think?! Damn, good to see you!

@fran, A bit more..speaking of “delusion,” in the Huddy "Sense & Nonsensibility," I saved a phrase in my head..from BBC Sherlock last week, when Holmes said something like, “when we rule out all that is possible, we are left with the impossible, which is highly improbable!”

Well, I LOVE that thought..makes me think even laugh..and more strangely..have a molecule of hope..even in our “eleventh hour.” Ha.Our Huddy delusions.

@mysusp, You are a brave turn rocks over..looking for ending scenarios!
Again, like Sherlock..and I remember you also mentioned several times..(H)ouse is actually labeled a “mystery, suspense,” in the tv I’ve always thought the ending will be just that. A mystery! ???????????

Thanks @mysusp..for your suggestions too!. YES, after we discuss or leave words on the finale, I will start a new art appreciation forum..making you all read Modern Art History.. there will be a quizzes..each week! Ha ha. Well, and @fran will teach us pyschology through cartoons! Yea. @mysusp..will hopefully give us more jewels of wit & wisdom..a teacher of children..even those who face great odds..the greatest pursuit of all. AND..@tammy is give us peace and only she can do!

I'll see you after finale. “Everybody Dies,” okay, well can’t argue with that! OR..can we?! LOL.
over a year ago mysuspicionis said…
Aw nice to see you all :) My satellite is being weird so I may need to come online and find answers hopefully on the episode. I know that is cheating but I do what I can :). See you soon.
over a year ago mysuspicionis said…
I came into the episode 30 minutes late. Not lying when I saw Amber I hyperventilated thinking there might be another female surprise guest star. I so wish I had mentioned yesterday but I think I've mentioned before on here the Sherlock Holmes faked death scenario. Props to you Shore for going old literay school :). It actually crossed my mind. I didn't even blink when the beam fell on House because I knew on this show when you say I can change you are a goner. I like seeing Houses funeral without the death :). I just got through with a 15 minute text conversation with my Wilson loving niece who named her fish Dr House. I feel a lot of closure actually. I will always feel sad about House and Cuddy and I'm not sure if I can watch old episodes but I do feel this ending does go along with the idea of catharsis wherein whether an ending is tragic or happy it feels that it fits. Had to go way back to 11th grade drama for that :). Good night to all
over a year ago bluehue said…
Yea...for me, it has been TWO fake death nights in a row!! Having JUST seen Sherlock's on Sunday night..and then House on Monday. Hmmmm...this is giving me an idea..maybe I can get out of all my work deadlines. Ha.

@mysusp, Well, thank goodness you caught most of the finale, and Amber ghost gave you a good gasp..and final pang of hope. Like you perhaps, I'm just happy that I'm not that, to me..the finale felt right, "it fit."

I am grateful to Hugh Laurie's "Swan Song" too, which helped put the show in perspective and myself in a proper good frame of mind to fall into the finale. I was kind of dreading this ending buisiness..but instead, I had fun...and still humming song words, "enjoy yourself."

After last weeks felony prank, I was thinking, this show has really gone down the toilet..then during's off to prison lock up. No wait...a heroine overdose. Noooo..House is goin' down in FLAMES!! YESSSSS...after a winding tour down memory lane..then a quick EXIT.. a manly pee off
the bridge..and on down their final road trip. Because these two friends got busy living not dying (just yet)..I was smiling..not crying.
over a year ago mysuspicionis said…
Glad you were happy with the ending bluehue. When I read the recap with the felony prank it really made me feel I had not missed much. When House died I was thinking hmmm kind of early fir him to die but I was taken in. That did not effect me emotionally because it we saw him die saying I can change and that others were affected by his life. Thinking that he gave up everything for his friend brings a lump to my throat though. I saw a comment on one of the finale recaps that said in a way House did find God because there is no greater love than to lay down your life for your friend. Quote from Jesus
over a year ago fran2 said…
Excuse me for the absence but I'm trying to come to terms with the end of H. It’ not easy. I am still processing and that worries me, I admit.
Stage of denial: House is not finished. Sooner or later I will be reasonable.
life goes on, albeit with a touch of bitterness and melancholy.
It's been a hell of a ride. Everybody dies, everybody lies… so mr shore showed us that nobody changes, and he showed us the essence of House who was always there, latent but not invisible to us who loved him immensely.
I always thought that HL would never agree to let a hopeless House.
The final, Sons of Anarchy style. This ending is ... right. I can’t find other words although I would have expected to pay a lot of tears and it would be liberating, at least for me.
A series dies, a character dies, make-believe but dies. And died, perhaps, his way of seeing things, his profession.
So now what? I want him to come back, they could write a new series *givemetheHuddyspin-off*.
Excuse me for the absence but I'm trying to come to terms with the end of H. It’ not easy. I am sti
over a year ago mysuspicionis said…
Hello Fran, I have missed you all this past busy week. I think of our forum when browsing pInterest, seeing a cartoon and thinking "0h and need to save that and share with everyone later". I'll have to bring my laptop out if hiding so I can post more. By the way I've thought of a new thread title for our on and off topic discussions. I think bluehue will like it because she likes puns. ----Art House--- in reference to our collective love of literature, movies, art, philosophy and of course House. There was a quote by Hugh Laurie I read after the finale that expressed how he felt about the viewers of House. It was so respectful and gave credit to the intelligence of the viewers. I really feel it describes all the people who have met here. Give me a moment and I'll post it. I know what you mean about House withdrawal....I may have to call my niece over and have a guilty watching of Hugh Laurie the cradle robber in The Oranges movie. Infidelity with a girl less than half your age is okay if it's Hugh Laurie, Right?!
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