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fran2 posted on Oct 10, 2011 at 01:30PM
A place for those who do not want to resign themselves to the evidence and are still in denial.
A place for those who are angry.
A place for those who are in acceptance (lucky people!).
A place for all of us, hopeless Huddies, because we do feel that House and Cuddy have been the most incredible couple we’ve ever known and they are always gonna be the most incredible couple we have ever known.

Trying to survive the season 8 and hoping for a season 9 ;-))).....keep talking and keep the flame burning!

Title credit @bh
Pic credit @huddycat69
A place for those who do not want to resign themselves to the evidence and are still in denial. <br /

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over a year ago fran2 said…
@bh – I agree with your 1 to 6 points and especially with “que sera sera”.....
over a year ago fran2 said…
when starts House? January 16?
It’s time to write my list of non-wishes for the remaining part of the season ;-)
NO Foreman sex
NO Chase-Adams couple
NO more Taub storyline
NO more Hilson stupid jokes
NO happy House until Cuddy returns ;-))))))

OT: I’m watching Once Upon A Time and I am enjoying it because it’s simple and relaxing. I also like Cameron…oooopppsssss *Freudian slip*…Jennifer Morrison XDDD

@mysusp “Did anyone watch the deleted scenes of the season 6 episode with the childhood Greg…”
What? When? Where? you have a link? Thanks :-)))

@tammy “watching "Bombshells" 100 times”
O_O you’re a braveheart! I’m still in denial…
“House writers have proven one things; if they are slamming House most of the time it finds the light. if things are going well for him the bottom will surely drop out.”
Very good point…

I am curious to see how they’ll develop the rest of the season, whereas.....Los Tiempos Van Cambiando
over a year ago mysuspicionis said…
I didn't realize House would be gone till Jan. Hmm dropping by with "Christmas presents" as bluehue said and maybe having some off topic posts about different tv shows, movies and books would be fun. @ Fran I will look for those and post if I can find. They were right after the episode aired and I think the writers shared the link. I've been told I must watch New Girl on Fox from the beginning so I will start that when I get time. I want to see the movie The Descendants and guilty pleasure movie New Year even though I made fun of it. :). Don't know what book to read next. I still need to watch the 2011 Jane Eyre over holidays!! Ultimate wish/--to see Cuddy AND Rachel, meet Houses bio dad, gave him resolve his issues somewhat so he is ready to be emotionally healthy. And an ending that makes us think that Yes of course he will try again with Cuddy. The second to last episode ending was wonderful. "you can't keep going like this something has to change". "I know". "house I hope your leg gets better and I hope we can be friends again soon..."
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over a year ago mysuspicionis said…
So I'm checking in to say hi. I know Christmas time is busy and we have no house till jan. I am reminded of different episodes all the time. The other night I was watching an old Seinfield episode which would have aired years before anyone ever thought of House. George was frantically trying to guess why a psychic warned him. He yelled "is it lupus!!?". I heard a song called Poision and Wine by The Civil Wars which is a song about the dichotomy of love and apropos to the themes in House/Cuddy. "...your mouth Is poison your mouth is wine....I don't love you but I always will. I don't love you but I always will". "I wish you'd hold me when I turn my back..." Strange that I listen to very little country music but I end up quoting it a lot on here...
Must be all those themes of loss and heartache. Hee hee. Anyone else always think of House when Maroon 5. Moves like Jagger plays?
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over a year ago bluehue said…
Hi forum friends!!

Checking in today too @mysusp! Glad to read your lone comments!!

YES..I remember that Seinfield epi, that was a funny one..if I remember right, George had that oxygen tube stuck up one nostril, snorting & talking very pathetic. I can imagine House out-snarking George "Can't-Stand-Yaz" Costanza..stoking his fears..telling him, " have "lupus doofus" or "bald spot on brain syndrome" or something, George all curled up in fetal position like a ButterBall turkey..hee hee.

@fran, I like your "NO" list...check, check, check check, check!!
Any which way you look at it, House show could use a SPECIAL GUEST a special female someone! I'll ask Santa..and see what he can do.

Guys, I'm terribly behind on my Christmas have to get going big time today. HELP!

Oh yea..@mysusp, you mentioned the movie "Descendents." I just saw first promo for that..looks really good. I enjoy Mr. Clooney. We usually go OUT to a movie over Christmas. I'm wondering about "Hugo" also, Martin Scorcesee's new children's film..looks to be good too.

NOTE: I'll give a Christmas PROP to first forum-matie..who guesses the artist/painter this cartoon is based on !

(H)appy (H)olidays..and (H)ouse (H)iatus!!!
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Hi forum friends!!<br />
<br />
Checking in today too @mysusp!  Glad to read your lone comments!!<br
over a year ago mysuspicionis said…
So happy to see you bluehue :). With all the thinking I did about House I ended up dreaming. Cuddy was dating someone post finale---quite a time in the future. The dream was nonsensical of course but their hands kept touching and they kissed so bad news to Lucas the second. :). I bought a book today called Jane which asks the question what if Jane eyre dated a rock star? :). It is a modern retelling possibly a young adult because I bought it from a department store where it wash ed in with coffee table books etc. I don't know the painter or name but that us the picture of the people on the diner. They used it on TCM commercials long ago. I actually rewatched a classic movie last might Bringing Up Baby. I realize I've rambled off topic. Speaking of guest appearances on wiki it lists a Feb episode (which is when sweeps are) being titled Nobody's Fault. !!!! That actually excites me. There is also an ep where Chase meets a nun who gets inside his head. Sounds really interesting with chases background and his guilt issues. Maybe we will see some spiritual issues come up and maybe chase can find some peace and forgiveness?
over a year ago mysuspicionis said…
My goodness auto correct makes me look like I've dropped 20 IQ points
over a year ago fran2 said…
@bh – what’s that pic? PPTH’s hall? Heelp!!! XDD

My dear last Huddies … I feel torn by two opposing states of mind…...the usual bipolar disorder you know ;-))) ...
1 - possible title for the season 8 finale: “Semper Solus”
Semper solus et inquietus
Nihil me adducit ad te obliviscendum.
Insanus sum propter nostalgiam
Et semper insanior fio.

Always lonely and restless,
Nothing makes me forget you,
I'm crazy about nostalgia
And more and more crazy.

2 - hope dies last ... then an old evergreen video *doublesigh*

Peace and Love
over a year ago bluehue said…
Aahh..always nice to find your replies, even though our show is in a slow down.

Now you are forced into art history class by @bluehue.
FYI: Offers answer to previous QUIZ question:
American realist painter Edward Hopper, his famous 1942 "Nighthawks" painting of a "cinematic sidewalk view of an all night diner..minimal interaction of people..the harsh electric light..sets it apart from the dark night outside..creating a subtle mood of loneliness." (I missed that on TCM..@mysusp).

@mysusp, Ha..I like your meanderings..your creative Cuddy dream scenario..even a bit sorry for ol'Lucas, that's sweet. Hmmm, "Nobody's Fault," sounds good..Chase & nun..can't wait! Remembering House & the nun..who got sick on some tea.

@fran, "Torn by opposing states of mind.." You are not alone in your nostalgia..hopes or dreams! (see @mysusp).
"Semper Solus," could very well be..title of that Hopper painting..or HOUSE S8-finale...triple sigh!
Alone is okay. Loneliness..a higher level of separation. Our man House may be hard to love..but..I guess he has held onto companion Wilson..therefore clinging to past & future. On that cheery note, we'll see you again..until then..a very MERRY companions!!
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Aahh..always nice to find your replies, even though our show is in a slow down.<br />
<br />
Now you
over a year ago mysuspicionis said…
Merry Christmas to all :). Christmas Eve is my birthday. :). Fortunately I am no longer freaked out about getting older as bluehue said que sera sera. And I'm thankful God has given me another year on this Earth with good health and happiness. That makes me sound ancient! I am a year younger than BH if I remember correct and s few years older than Tammy and Bea. Fran, I know what you mean as I told my friend when we were discussing shows over lunch this summer "I guess I'm watching House till the bitter end". But my friend immediately said "they'll bring her back for the last episode". She told me she got hooked on Korean dramas on Netflix. I may have to check some out. They are two seasons long, tearjerkers with happy endings usually. I have watched very few subtitled things but a beautiful heartbreaking movie in mandarin
Is called In the Mood for Love. Beautiful music, cinematography, and even costumes. See you all later, a little older but let's not hope wiser :)
over a year ago fran2 said…
@bh - I love your art history class :-))

@mysusp – happy birthday dear! It’s nice to grow old together, right? and then it’s important to stay young inside ;-)
I watched In the Mood for Love and I agree, it’s amazing.

I see that we are trying to keep up our morale with new series preferably with happy endings. we can happily start to suffer again in January XDDD

Merry Christmas to you all and your loved ones :-)
over a year ago Tammy8 said…
I want to wish everyone a "Merry Christmas." You are some of the best ladies in the world. I look forward to dissecting 2012 House with you and maybe we will even get a season 9. I am doing a season 4, 5, and 6 marathon to pass the holidays by.

Love you ladies a bunch.
over a year ago mysuspicionis said…
Tammy I read your message quickly so my mind read it as "directing" 2012 with you...hmmm I think I would prefer our direction and creative vision ;). Move over GY! Hee hee
over a year ago Tammy8 said…
The "Huddy Void" directing.......hmmmmm....... definitely is a new perspective. We do that a little anyway but I hope we will back here directing or dissecting 2012 episodes, "and maybe a 2013?"

Cue @Fran to give us our 2012 in a picture story form.
over a year ago mysuspicionis said…
Yes we've definitely done some directing as you say. Hope everyone has had a nice Christmas.
over a year ago Tammy8 said…­dic­tio­ns/­#28­3..­.is­a

Ok Ladies here is the 411 on "HOUSE" THEY ARE TALKING SEASON 9 AND CUDDY COMING BACK!!!!!!!! for season 8 finale and then so on and so on. Do I hear seasons 1-6 coming back??????

Come on ladies we are going to get our dreams back.
over a year ago huddycat69 said…
Hey! I've been very busy, but I promise to read all your posts : )

@Tam thank you for the link, maybe 2012 will be a good year ; )
Hey! I've been very busy, but I promise to read all your posts : )<br />
<br />
@Tam thank you for th
over a year ago Tammy8 said…
Nice pic @huddycat and glad to see you back.

@BH - I was totally stumped with the painting. You can't google everything.

@mysuspicionis and @Fran - I can't wait for you both to see the link. HAPPY NEW YEARS ladies. MUAH!!!!
over a year ago HuddyBea said…
Been away I lnow, shame on me, but happy new year ladies, love ya and miss ya !!!
over a year ago fran2 said…
I am a little dizzy because of New Year's dinner so not sure if I understand correctly the latest news in @tammy’s link O_O…Cuddy back???? ……Possible season 9???? ……david shore hit by a bus and temporarily incapable of discernment?????? *kidding* ……GY has lost the use of the word???????? *kidding…not so much*
what better way to start the new year ladies… Now we just cross our fingers and hope that they do not bring back Cuddy just to kill her (I am optimistic ;-)))) )

anyway, Happy New Year!!!! fine to read you all :-)))))) @tammy when I have a little time I give you a new picture story, I know you miss it XDDD
P.S.: for safety ... I start immediately with an old medical practice that might bear fruit. It’s called "hunting writers/zebras”… Want to join? ;-))
I am a little dizzy because of New Year's dinner so not sure if I understand correctly the latest new
over a year ago HuddyBea said…
@Fran when I read Ausiello page I was out, at a friend of mine, waiting for her to be ready to go out to dinner. hou can immagine my attempts to control my reaction in public when I read the words Cuddy, House, season 9, finale, back....I guess my eyes twiched as I tried very hard to keep some composure and prevent myself from screaming or flailing XD

But, back to earth, was that just a crazy wish from a die hard Lisa E fan or a real " prediction" meaning Ausy knows more than he can actually share yet? If he doesn't than there's just reckless madness left cause honestly calling Lisa's name in vain is like Uncovering Pandora....IDk what to think, really....
over a year ago huddycat69 said…
big smile
@tam thanks

@Huddybea nice to hear from you!
I really hope that the possible season 9 and come back of Lisa E are not a bad joke, it would be too bad for Huddy's fans. But I still have faith in hope, and with the new year and all we heard about and around House, I want to believe Lisa will come back for the finale and for next season : )

@Fran "Now we just cross our fingers and hope that they do not bring back Cuddy just to kill her (I am optimistic ;-)))) )" It would be so cruel and suicidal if I can say so. And I don't think Lisa will agree to come back just to be killed.
And I wait for a picture story, you're so talented with cartoons :)

@tam thanks<br />
<br />
@Huddybea nice to hear from you! <br />
I really hope that the possible seas
over a year ago Tammy8 said…
@Huddycat - You have to post that pic on Twitter and Stat!!!!!!!! Amazing. I am beside myself looking at it.

@Fran - Muah!!!!!

@Huddybea - Giirrll gt your self back here right now.

@BH and @mysuspicionis - What do you think?

@BH - Hope you are doing well. Have been thinking of you and hope you have a great 2012!!!!!!

I wish a Happy New Year to you all!!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago mysuspicionis said…
Hmm I don't know since this is a wish list but of course I want to
see Lisa in the finale or before. I honestly think a season 8 ending would be more likely to give us some sort of positive ending because I think after a year the writers would stop referencing Cuddy if Lisa didn't guest star soon. Do you think we will see House's bio father this year? Oh and I also wish for Cougar Town to have better ratings Ausiello! Sad my nonstressful show is in limbo now
over a year ago bluehue said…
Finally saw new House promo. 2 more weeks..until House electriCUTES us with the
heart paddles, “CLEAR!”

I’m “in the mood” to read & responding to each of you since last here:

@mysusp, A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!
Now I remember, U R a Christmas present baby! Did you come gift wrapped?! Ha. YES, thank the stars for good health & happiness & love.

@mysusp, Haha..your friend, I know..I too have enjoyed viewing some Korean soaps. They are quite (tear jerkingly) sweet, innocent..always about family & food! My husband & I watched some for fun, as he was learning to speak the language a bit, having to travel to Seoul once a year. The titles, translations are cute, “Happiness in the Wind.”

@fran, Belated (art history) thanks..and yes to “happy endings!” (Pretty please..with Hugh Laurie on top).

@tammy, Along with @fran’s morale boosting offer new hope for a Cuddy return.
We shall see. (Some fans guess..that Rachel could possibly fall ill, due to fateful beginnings of a druggie Mom. Predicting that Cuddy would throw her “Caution to the Wind” to have Dr. House diagnose her sick..beloved child, perhaps..healing Huddy in the process.

@hudcat, WARM greetings! Good to see you! Nice sepia pink Huddy icon you are sporting. Hope school is going great. Straight “A’s” I suspect.

@Bea, Ciao bella..ALWAYS good to see your posts! Love ya & miss ya too!

@fran, My eyes, my eyes! Your zig zag cartoon! Is that a reference to Barbara B’s, “Chasing Zebras?” BTW, I just read her latest article, she says she's not “bothered” in effect by LE’s departure, tho mentions..Cuddy's return would be nice for "closure." I think BB wants House..all to herself!

@tammy, Thanks for thinking of me. I’m fine! Just overworked, like most of you. Hope you are doing super fine too my DEAR!
I think of my “Huddy Void-ers” even when I don’t show up for awhile.
BTW, I really do think we will see LE visit, if not return to PPTH and possibly House’s 2012. Ever so hopeful.

@mysusp, I've not seen the Cougar Town..but know what ya mean.
Similarly, I miss my Doctor Who 11 too! The BBC has a different schedule for tv they do 6-8 episodes, then NOTHING..for a year!
Sometimes, I just need my less stressful imaginary Doctor.

Okay guys...I’ve written a bunch, (eeks)’re it !
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HAPPY NEW YEAR !!  <br />
Finally saw new House promo. 2 more weeks..until House electriCUTES us with