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huddygirl2 posted on Jan 31, 2010 at 01:04AM
most of you guys hate Lydia or Cameron and of want Huddy? Guys a ship and a character are to driffent things don't get me wrong I LOVE huddy and hate hameron but I love Cameron I was to rerfed to see that house/Lydia won't happing but can you please look past house/Lydia hameron and just look at Lydia and cameron and see if you still hate them now yes I ammate why I no longer like Lucas was of huddy but I also don't find that guy funny anymore(only 2 funny scenes.)

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over a year ago laurik2007 said…
i like Lydia and have no problem watching Broken:))....i kinda dont like Cameron,but its not Huddy related....i just dont like how she deals with things most of the times
over a year ago Jessicatt said…
I liked Lydia and Stacy, even though they threw a wrench in the way of Huddy. I liked their personalities. I don't like Cameron, and it does not even have really much to do with Huddy. I don't like Cameron because she is judgmental and too emotional, and hypocritical. I've never liked Lucas, even before he got with Cuddy. He was dorky and creepy to me, not really funny at all. Now, I like him even less. However, I am able to separate a character from a ship.
over a year ago huddyislove said…
I like Cameron and I don't mind Hameron, although I see no point in it.
I didn't like Stacy at all, I have no idea why :P

Lydia is ok, but I don't like her.
She hurt House and that's one reason more for me to dislike her.