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7x15 'Bombshells' ~ House Sings 'Get Happy'

7x15 'Bombshells' ~ Cuddy And House Break Up

Huddy Dissected | House M.D.

7x01 'Now What?' Scene ~ House and Cuddy

4x15 'House's Head' Scene ~ Cuddy's Striptease

1x01 'Pilot' Scene ~ House And Cuddy's First Fight

House & Cuddy (Huddy) | Still Falling For You

House & Cuddy | Agape

|M♛G| "Do I end up happy?" - House x Cuddy - "Happily Ever After"

House & Cuddy [House M.D]

Huddy - 7x14

Huddy - 7x08

Huddy - 7x10

Huddy - 7x1

All I Want - Huddy

Huddy - 7x15

Huddy Kisses

The Huddy Compilation

Top Ten Huddy Moments

House & Cuddy - "'don't you mind?"'

House and Cuddy Like I'm Gonna Lose you

house & cuddy | need you.

House and Cuddy || Dare You To Move

House MD | House and Cuddy - Goodbye My Lover

Huddy+Outlaw Queen || House/Cuddy|Regina/Robin | Say Something

House and Cuddy || I Can Feel A Hot One

House and Cuddy || Dare You To Move

"I'll always choose you..." - Huddy

House & Cuddy - Chasing cars

House M.D. - Bleeding Out (House & Cuddy)

[H]ouse M.D. - House and Cuddy 7 years in 10 minutes - Huddy compilation

House ღ Cuddy - This [H]ouse no longer feels like home

House M.D [Huddy] - *Let It Go

House & Cuddy ► Broken

House (/Cuddy) ♪ Idiot Boyfriend

House/Cuddy // Perfect

House & Cuddy ► I'll Never Love Again

House & Cuddy // Lost Control

House/Cuddy - Smile

House & Cuddy (Lif Me Up)

how long till we call this love..[House/Cuddy/Stacy]

House/Cuddy - A Chance At Life

House & Cuddy - Parachute

House & Cuddy - Whoring streets

House and Cuddy (Goodbye My Lover)

House & Cuddy - War

House & Cuddy- Hey, darling...

House & Cuddy - Love the way you lie...

House & Cuddy || Whatya want from me ♥

♥√V^√[H]uddy - Whataya Want From Me (7 season)V^√V♥

▪▪•●///House & Cuddy ...7x15... Back into the past\\\●•▪▪

multifandom | you're the perfect lullaby

House M.D. | House & Cuddy "Everybody knows this is going somewhere.."

[everything is dark] | House//Cuddy

House M.D. | House & Cuddy - Hot

house + cuddy | van nuys

House & Cuddy || Don't cry M e r c y

House M.D. | House & Cuddy "Have you seen my balls?" (Funny moments)

Without You

Could've Been

House&Cuddy || Kiss me

House & Cuddy - Ho Hey

Huddy - Savior

House MD - Wake me up (House/Cuddy)

(нoυѕe and cυddy) тσσ ¢ℓσѕє

ღ [H]uddy ღ This House no longer feels like Home ღ [So Cold] ღ

I've been thinking 'bout my life | house + cuddy

house + cuddy | true love

House&Cuddy || Victims of Love

House & Cuddy || Hallelujah

(H/Cu) The beginnings

you make me stutter.. [Huddy]

I need her in my life [Huddy]

Huddy ♪Apologize♪

House/Cuddy - The aftermath

House/Cuddy - So that's it?

[H]ouse || You wanna know how i feel?

House & Cuddy ( Huddy) // Haunted

House ღ Cuddy - ..I'll love you for a thousand more

House ღ Cuddy - Chasing cars

House ღ Cuddy - In my veins

House&Cuddy - So Contagious.avi

House MD - Video Games [Tribute] - Huddy

We wish you were here, Lisa

Lux Aeterna

Cuddy's Serenade

House M.D. - Going through changes


you were only waiting for this moment to arrive

I want you

Gregory House & Lisa Cuddy || Because Of You

Gregory House & Lisa Cuddy || Jar Of Hearts

Lisa Edelstein quits House: Huddy reaction

You ruin US

House & Cuddy || I let you down but you pushed me out

My Heaven

House M.D Huddy Love story

I'll always choose you

Spoiler Alert *Huddy Dissect* Season 7 extras

[H/Cu] Love the Way You Lie