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House MD | House and Cuddy - Goodbye My Lover

credit; Bridget Aniston

Huddy+Outlaw Queen || House/Cuddy|Regina/Robin | Say Something

credit; The Vics

House and Cuddy || I Can Feel A Hot One

credit; Gwendolyn Rose

House and Cuddy || Dare You To Move

credit; Gwendolyn Rose

"I'll always choose you..." - Huddy

credit; VideosForbidden

House & Cuddy - Chasing cars

credit; TheQueenCristina

House M.D. - Bleeding Out (House & Cuddy)

credit; cartoonspassion

[H]ouse M.D. - House and Cuddy 7 years in 10 minutes - Huddy compilation

credit; cartoonspassion

House ღ Cuddy - This [H]ouse no longer feels like home

credit; IIttuJM

House M.D [Huddy] - *Let It Go

credit; Queen of Hearts