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The fans pick: She's lucky but it's Lisa's turn now!
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The fans pick: Huli!!
Laudels- tein!
The fans pick: In TCA Intervieuw ...
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Jamie86 said …
Addition to my previous post: a nice video to Shakira's Objection (Tango) with off course the Tango pictures in it would also be awesome. Posted over a year ago
Jamie86 said …
A request to one of you with mad editing skills and some free time on his/her hands: could you please make a Huli fanvid to the song She's So High by Tal Bachman? With the idea behind it that we see Lisa through Hugh's eyes? I have tried it myself but nothing comes out... I really would enjoy a new fanvid like that. So, please, if anyone thinks it's worth a shot: go for it and I will be your biggest fan forever! Posted over a year ago
kayaonelove1 said …
Hi! Please sign this petition to bring Hugh and his band in Italy: link Posted over a year ago