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This is to Bo, playingcold and Bea…


I’m Right Here

Charade, charade, charade, the thought inside his head as he continued to “socialize” with his fellow actors. Another year, his fifth nomination. Until then Hugh Laurie couldn’t understand why something, he knew that was not sure to be his, upsets him. He knew he had a one in five chance of winning, he knew he shouldn’t be affected, since he was the king of pessimists. He was not sore loser but for the fifth time he couldn’t understand the tang in his heart after the announcement of best actor at the Emmys. Right after the awards he wanted to go home, but he knew he couldn’t, even though it was against his will. He had to play his part as an entertainer. He also knew that if he doesn’t attend at least one of those after parties everybody will think that he was affected by the results.
He sighed, looking at the crowd. For sure, he wasn’t having fun. His entire fellow cast of House, was not there. Nobody in there was who he may call a friend. They we’re all faceless people to him. He talks to them when they talked to him. Charade, chanted in his brain again. He chuckled on his own thought. He praised himself, for one, no one noticed what he felt inside. Indeed, he said to himself, he was a great actor. Finally, knowing he stayed long enough, he bid good night and went to exit and called for his car. He would have preferred to drive alone but he couldn’t. He went, as everyone else, with a driver. He groaned.
In gods grace his car finally arrived. The valet opened the door for him.
“Have a good night mister Laurie,” said the valet.
“You too,” said Hugh as he entered his car. He sat lazily on the back seat and closed his eyes. Thankful that his driver felt that his employer was not in the mood to talk and not asked him anything, the man stayed silent. Everyone right now, even his driver, became faceless.
He looked out the window, it was late, and the streets were almost empty. He didn’t give an instruction to his driver to where he wanted to go, but he knew the path they were taking was the way to his house. He looked down his watch; it was already fifteen minutes past eleven.
He closed his eyes, he felt sleepy, and he was about to fall asleep, it wasn’t until the vibrating feeling from his pocket got his attention. With his eyes still closed, took out his mobile phone.
1 new message received
Lisa Edelstein

Was written on it’s screen, an exhausted smile then crept to his face. He pressed the read button on his touch screen phone then read.
Hello Mr. Hugh Laurie,
As soon as you are done playing with the monkeys, can you please call me?
Ms. Lisa Edelstein

He chuckled, that woman never stopped to amaze him. He took his phone now with two hands and started to type his reply.
Hello to you too Ms. Lisa Edelstein,
I was just finished feeding the monkeys and I’m on my way to my own cage. My wagon will reach my cage in about ten minutes. Can I ring you then?
The loser,

The stopped typing, the loser, he read his own message. He meant his reply to be witty. He sighed again. He erased the last two words of his message then just type:
Mr. Hugh Laurie

He placed his phone on his thigh, waiting for a reply, after just about three minutes he got it.
Okay then. Talk to you soon. I miss you.
He kept on reading the last three words of the message, as if it was the only thing keeping him sane. It wasn’t until his driver told him he was home that he stopped reading it. He got off the car, thanked his driver, who left immediately. He slowly made his way to his house entered and found it, as usual, empty. He went straight to his room and changed his clothes. He just wore his regular faded pants, a wrinkled black printed vintage shirt, a dark blue polo above it, and change his shoes to his favorite brown boots. Again his mobile phone got his attention.
It’s past ten minutes, are you still on the road?
It was from Lisa, he forgotten to call. He went to his living room and sat on the couch contemplating. He didn’t want Lisa to see him like this because it would be the first time she would see him like this, unlike his wife… his ex-wife to be exact, who was with him after the part awards gatherings.
He glanced at the coffee table, there an open brown manila sat. It was the finalization of his divorce. The finalization he got on his last visit to London last June. He remembered what happened on last year’s Emmys. He and Jo were already in a dead spiral and his ex-wife just accompanied him for award show. He was thankful then, for that time was completely not ready to show anyone that his marriage was ending, or more like ended. He leaned back the couch. He was a very private man that he would admit. He doesn’t like when people pry into his life. He and Jo knew that their marriage was ending. He knew it wasn’t because of him being away, which he also know made a huge dent in their marriage, but also, he wasn’t really completely happy with their lives. Yes, indeed, he did and still do find happiness in his children, but the support and companionship he seek, his ex-wife couldn’t give to him. He laughed at his thoughts.
What a great time to contemplate on my marriage, right after losing an award, he thought, well I am a grouch. He frown, a lonely alone grouch.
Again, his mobile phone demanded his attention.
Hugh, is something wrong? Are you home? Please reply.
“Alone,” he whispered. Then a smile crept in his lips, he knew he wasn’t alone. The woman who just text messaged him wouldn’t allow him to be alone.
Sorry Lis. Yeah, I just got home. I had to change clothes. Where are you? Doing anything?
He thought she would have just called but right then, he didn’t know if his voice or more like his emotions can take a conversation. Expecting Lisa to call him, now that she knew that he was home, he didn’t expect that she would reply.
Just home, laying down on my bed with my dogs. Hugh, are you okay?
Are you okay? He almost heard her voice as he read his message. Am I okay? he asked himself. He knew himself well, he preferred loneliness than happiness. He was a full pledge pessimist. Knowing at everything can just be smite down by god anytime. He took a deep breath. He knew that Lisa already knew was something wrong. He knew that she wouldn’t ask the question, “are you okay?” without thinking about it a million times. She knew him well, and she knew asking that question and him answering it was not something he’s comfortable with.
He stood up briskly and got on of his car keys. He went to the garage, and rode his blue Porsche car. His phone sat on the car sit, the message from Lisa still on screen. Are you okay…
I’m not, he admitted to himself. He drove aimlessly. Not knowing where to go. He hated what he was feeling, he hated every ounce of it. He hated that a damn award can make him feel that way. He hated that it was making him act like a stupid teenager. He parked his car near a street lamp then took his phone. He didn’t want to make Lisa worry, he doesn’t want to also hate himself because of that.
I’m fine Lisa, he lied in his message, just driving around. As he was about to put down his phone he found that Lisa sent him another message. He wasn’t able to see it because he left her old message was on his screen while he was driving. As he read the message, a real smile reached his lips.
I’m right here, you know that. I’m here for you.
Then another message arrived. He immediately opened it this time.
I see. Can I call now? Since the coast is now clear. :-P
“Humor me,” Hugh whispered to no one, but his smile still there. The woman that sent happiness to him, his Lisa. He briskly typed his reply.
Knock yourself out.
“Fuck,” he cursed. He forgot to bring the ear piece for his phone. He started to drive, he wanted to drive faster but knowing at Lisa will call him anytime, he kept his speed in the limit, not wanting to attract any attention. He phone rang, immediately he answered.
"Hey blue eyes," whispered Lisa.
Unable to stop himself he smiled, the sweet voice of his Lisa. He knew that the moment that the coast was "clear" she would call him.
"Hey pretty," Hugh answered back, holding his mobile phone tightly.
"So..." she started.
"So?" he questioned.
She chuckled, "where are you right now?" she asked though she already knew.
"In my car?" he was now smirking.
"Going where?" Lisa teased.
"You tell me..."
"How about come by?" Lisa offered.
He sighed, he knew she will be worried. "It's already late..."
"No," Lisa said immediately, interrupting him, "Please..."
"Don't worry Lisa," Hugh muttered tenderly, "I'm okay."
"I know you are," Lisa said in a soft voice, "I just want to see you."
Hugh slowly parked his car at the road, they remained silent. He turned off the engine then said, "can I ask you something?"
"Did I ever deserve to win?" his voice sounded sad.
Lisa knew about Hugh's insecurities. Though he hides it so well, she knew that this another "lost" will affect him.
"You deserve to win, since your first nomination," she assured.
"You're biased," Hugh accused sadly.
"You know I'm not..." she sighed.
"Lisa..." Hugh place the phone closer to his ear.
"Can I come over?"
Lisa chuckled, "I did say you can come by," she joked.
Hugh laughed tiredly. He leaned back his seat then closed his eyes. "Lis..."
"Hmmm?" she answered while snuggling her pillow.
An evil smile slowly crept on Hugh's lips, "what are you wearing?"
Lisa chocked, she expected her Hugh to keep on asking about the, what she calls, the stupid Emmys, she laughed, after regaining her composure. Hugh laughed with her.
"But seriously..." Hugh whispered sexily, "what are you wearing?"
She felt a shiver on her spine as Hugh whispered. Two can play this game, she thought, "Will you come by if I say I'm naked?"
She then heard a roaring engine, making her chuckle. "Are you really naked?"
"Wait and listen," she said saucily. She placed her phone on the bed. In his car he can hear something like moving cloths.
"Hugh..." Lisa whispered softly.
He gulped, "yeah?"
"Well I am naked now..." she said slowly, putting emphasis on the last two words.
"You evil... evil woman," Hugh muttered breathlessly.
Lisa moaned softly, now Hugh chocked. He leaned down and pressed his forehead on the stirring wheel, "Lisa, what the hell are you doing?"
"What do you think I'm doing?" Lisa teased saucily.
"You don't want to know what I'm thinking."
"Well," Lisa moaned, "I'm thinking about you Hugh..."
"Fuck," Hugh cursed. He can already feel his "confinements" getting tighter.
"If "fuck" is what you're thinking," she smiled, "I think we're thinking of the same thing." She moaned again.
"Stop it woman," he whispered breathlessly, "Do you think I can drive with you moaning in my ear?" He said in a teasing angry way.
She laughed sexily, then again whispered, "Right now, I hope its your hand I'm using not mine and..."
"That's it," Hugh said immediately cutting her off, "I'm dropping this call and go there and fuck your senses out of you."
"Dirty talk... charming," she teased.
“So am I going to expect you soon, Mr. Laurie?” Lisa whispered sexily.
“Definitely,” he answered in his gruff low sexy voice.
She chuckled once, “I’ll see you soon.”
“Bye,” she said unwillingly.
“Bye,” he nodded then pressed the end call button in his phone’s screen.
After placing his phone on the car seat, he revved up his speed, wanting to see Lisa sooner. He wanted to feel her around him. He wanted to feel not what he was feeling , and he knew she can be the only person who could do that.
Finally, he arrived at her house. He hopped of her car and looked up, he saw that the light in her room was open. Her invitation, a silent way for saying, she was waiting for him. He looked around hoping that no paparazzi followed him, he sighed, happy that his… their secret was still intact. He walked towards her front door and took out his keys. His key ring held several keys, the keys for his home and his other home, Lisa’s home. He inserted the key and entered the threshold.
The moment he crossed the door, she smelled her unique sent, he smiled, already feeling better. Her living room was dark and empty but unlike what he felt when he arrived a moment ago in his own home, empty, in that house he knew someone was waiting for him. He closed a door behind him and a dirty white poodle came running to him, it’s tongue hanging out.
“Hey Kapow,” Hugh greeted the dog quietly. He leaned down and pet its head.
“Did mommy threw you out the room?” he asked the dog.
As if the dog understood him, it barked then sat in front of him, he laughed. “Sorry, daddy’s gonna keep mommy tonight, so be a good boy.”
He laughed as he watched the dog made its way to the kitchen. He shook his read the started to walk towards the stairs. He looked around, he found that the living area was unusually messy, and there were popcorn everywhere and the throw pillows were scattered all over. He stared for a moment and realized what happened, he laughed quietly.
He reached the second floor and walked to the corridor that led to the bedroom, a yellow warm light eliminated from the door, for it was slighted jarred open, another invitation. He opened the door quietly and there he found his Lisa. She was lying down on her left side, facing the windows. She was above the covers. Her slightly tanned skin glowed from the low yellow light from her lampshade. He saw her phone on her bed. He smiled.
“I thought you’re supposed to be naked?” Hugh greeted, making his presence known.
Lisa immediately turned and sat up, looking at him like he was an early Christmas gift. Indeed she wasn’t naked, she was still wearing her lacy black bra that matches her panties. “Well,” she raised an eyebrow, “I can get naked right now.”
Their eyes locked. Hugh leaned down the doorframe and continued to look at her. Again, he started to hate himself, he should be happy, now that he was with Lisa but the bitter feeling of that just transpired that night lingered inside him. He smiled at her sadly.
“Hugh?” Lisa’s voice was full of worry. She looked at his face, there was a smile on his lips but it didn’t reach his eyes. His eyes were full of sorrow, of defeat.
She crawled at the edge of the bed then sat there she reached out a hand then said, “Come here…”
Hugh made his way to her bed, their eyes still on each other. He sat at the edge, a few inches shy away from her. He looked down, breaking their eye contact then sighed. Lisa felt his pain, his hatred. Silently, she stood up then sat on his lap, her legs dangling on the side of his thighs and her arms around his neck. Hugh sighed again. He placed his head the place where her neck meets her shoulder and took a deep breath. He wrapped his arms around her tightly.
“Stupid fucking Emmys,” Lisa muttered under her breath, almost inaudible.
Hugh laughed sadly once then kissed the side of her neck, “Don’t worry about it Lis… It’s nothing.”
Lisa pulled back and looked at him, he was looking down. She took his face with her hands, finally she looked up at her, she smiled sadly then whispered, “I’m sorry.”
He smiled back. “You don’t have to be, you didn’t do anything,” he shook his head slightly.
Again she wrapped her arms around his neck then brushed her left cheek against his rights. “I wish I was there when…”
“Don’t say that,” Hugh interrupted, “we both know why…”
She pulled back then kissed him, “Yah, yah… I know…” she said on his lips.
They kissed tenderly, brushing their lips against each other. Their kiss ended, Hugh placed his forehead against hers and his eyes closed. Lisa brushed her hand on his hair.
“Are you okay?” she whispered worriedly.
“I’m okay now,” he admitted.
She smiled, “Good…”
He kissed her again then said, “I have you now. You’re much better than a cold golden statue,” a chuckled then escaped from his lips.
Lisa pulled back, looking at him with shock. Hugh opened his eyes and found her shocked expression, he laughed out.
With her left eyebrow raised she muttered in aghast, “So you’re saying I’m your award?”
Hugh’s laughter died, but a rueful smile stay on his lips. “Is that okay?” he asked.
Lisa smiled back, “But you already won me,” she declared with all her heart.
“Good to know,” his smiled widened then embraced her again, placing her head on his shoulder.
A mischievous smile then crept on Lisa’s lips, “Award…” she said quietly, then pulled back.
“Huh?” Hugh asked, bewildered.
Lisa suddenly stood up then made her way to the door, she turned, “Wait here.”
Confused, Hugh asked, “Lisa what’s going on?”
She chuckled, “Just wait there,” pointing a finger at him, “and get comfy. Get your tight pants…” her eyes glittered jokingly, “oh I mean trousers off, sorry, I know you’re British I forgot you don’t know what pants mean.” She blew him a kiss then disappeared.
Hugh shook his head and did what Lisa told him. He was about to remove his black t-shirt when Lisa came back, with her was one of her living room’s circular throw pillows and her huge gray exercise ball.
“Sit,” Lisa ordered.
“Yes mistress,” Hugh answered in his best British servant voice then sat at the edge of the bed, only clad with his boxer briefs and black t-shirt.
Lisa pouted, “Don’t laugh.”
“I won’t laugh,” Hugh said with a nod.
“Promise?” she muttered, the pitch of her voice higher than her normal one.
Hugh chuckled, he smiled at her, “Yes, I promise.”
Hugh watched her every move. Lisa then placed the pillow on the floor then stood on top of it. She then held the gray exercise ball with both her hands and raised it up forward above her head. Being incredibly flexible, she raised her right leg backwards then looked up at the ceiling.
Hugh then realized what she was doing; a huge smile came to his lips. “Well now I’m an Emmy, and you’re my best actor,” she said then looked at him.
Unable to stop himself he chuckled, Lisa stood up straight again put down the exercise ball then climbed back his lap. They kissed.
“Thank you,” Hugh whisper breathlessly.
Lisa laughed, “Where’s the thank you speech?”
“Well then,” he cleared his throat. Lisa crossed her arms in front of her waiting for his speech, “I would like to thank…” he said then their eye locked, with so much tenderness in voice he whispered, “you…”
“Do you like your award?”
“Yes,” Hugh nodded once, “more than anything… I love my award.” He wrapped his arms around her waist then kissed her, “I love you,” he whispered on her lips.
“I love you too,” Lisa said with all her heart.
Their kisses became frantic…

-H-U-L-I- (okay, under 18s off the grass!!!)

Their kisses became frantic almost to the point of frenzy. Suddenly Hugh stood but, making Lisa choke a breath in, in shock. He then turned and placed her slow down the bed, hovering over her. With their lips still lock on each others, the crawled their way to the middle of the bed. Lisa opened her legs, and Hugh gladly lowered his waist there.
“Oh god,” she moaned as she felt his hardness.
Hugh captured hers again, their tongue fighting to dominate the other. Hugh’s fingers caressed her waist slowly up to her breast. He hissed as he felt her nipples hard against her bra. Lisa franticly tugged his t-shirt of. Again, they kissed. She run her hands on his naked muscular back, feeling it warmth. Hugh slowly released her from their kiss and his lips made its way to her neck, licking and nibbling her sweet areas. Their breathing became rugged. Hugh right hand then went to her back to unhook her bra, cooperating, it did in on flick. He pulled back, she raised her hands, as he removed her bra immediately. He looked at her in amazement. Running his eyes from her face to her neck, to the swell of her breast.
“You can touch you know,” Lisa teased.
Hugh laughed, “I know…” Suddenly he leaned down and captured one of her nipples with his mouth.
“Holy mother… ahh…” she moaned.
As Hugh sucked her right nipple, his right hand caressed her other breast. Lisa can never seem to get over how the hell he can make her feel almost to the point of insanity with just his fingers. He wasn’t like any of her former lovers. Usually they bounce, squeeze her breast like it was play things. But with Hugh, he just caresses it adoringly. Every time she made love with him, she felt like she was the most beautiful woman in the world.
The moved to her other breast and her hands then found his hair pushing him to her. She felt his hand moving downwards. Tickling her tummy going lower… lower. Finally it reach its destination. Hugh rubbed her above her panties. She moaned at Hugh run his pianist finger on her entrance. He kept on brushing is finger intentionally avoiding her clit. Officially, Lisa Edelstein went nuts. She didn’t know if she should scream in frustration because of his pleasurable torture or just use her hand itself to finish it herself.
Hugh then rubbed his ruff chin between her breast, then kissed it. Painfully slow he lick down to her belly button, kissed her there for a moment then continued to lick until his lips was onto of her panties.
“Please Hugh… please,” Lisa begged.
Hugh removed his hand from her opening then reach up to the waist band of her panties, slowly pulling it down, with his lips brushing on her legs. He made his way back between her legs, he blow into her opened.
“Oh shit!” Lisa hissed.
He watched her opening as her wetness dripped down from it. He felt harder as he watched. He stick out his tongue then licked her clit, over and over. Lisa moaned loudly, her left hand clutching her pillow her other and on Hugh’s head. He then placed his mouth on her opening sucking her and licking her at the same time.
“Oh god… oh god… oh god…” Lisa chanted as Hugh continued to eat her with all his might.
Her eyes then snapped open, her vision was blurred, be felt the pit of her stomach twisting. Hugh’s hands run at her sides. Suddenly her back arched, her mouth opened, a silent scream. Hugh placed his hand at the small of her back, guiding her. He do not want her to hurt herself. She spasm softly on bellow of him as she came. He continued to lick her, finally when he felt her relax, he crawled back up to see her face, kissing her as he do so.
Finally he was on top of her, her eyes were shut and her breathing rugged, he felt his heart racing on his chest. She wrapped her arms around his waist. Hugh caressed her hair then kissed her forehead, then her lips. She can taste herself on his tongue. Hugh pulled back, Lisa opened her eyes.
They smiled at each other. Lisa then leaned forward and captured his lips, kissing him, slowly at first then passionately. Her left hand then went to his boxer’s waist band and tugged it down. It finally reach his feet, and Hugh kicked it off, not caring where it would land.
He again placed his hips between her legs. Lisa chuckled, “Look who came out to play…” she whispered sexily.
“More like who came hard to play,” Hugh teased with his low sexy tone.
He started to rub himself against her. “Hugh…” she moaned.
“Lisa,” he whispered on her lips, “look at me…”
She opened her eyes and found him looking at her. They eyes lock, with no words, they said their love to each other. Hugh then reached down and guided his hardness to her opening. With he pushed an inch, he hissed as he felt her warmth. Lisa took his face with her hand then kissed him, he pulled back, they eyes locked again, as he slowly entered her, they stared on each others eyes.
Finally, he was completely inside her. He leaned his forehead on hers, slowly he moved in and out. Lisa wrapped her arms around his neck asking him silently to kiss her, which he did willingly. His movement speed up, their kiss broke…
“Ahh,” Hugh groaned.
Lisa then took a fistful of his hair then moaned. Hugh moved on top of her fast and hard. He placed his head on her neck as he felt her muscles clenching him. He slowed down, stopped then kissed her.
He moved his hand to her left thigh, flicking his fingers as they go bellow her knee, guiding her legs to be wrapped around his waist. Hugh kissed her again, but Lisa pulled back and smiled saucily, he leaned forward capturing her lips again. Her hand brushed his hair, her other leg hiked to his waist.
Again he moved slowly, then faster and harder. She met him half way in every thrust. Their mouths gapped open against each other, as they moaned each others name.
He felt her inside muscles clenching him, squeezing him… Again, Lisa came…
“Hugh!!!” she moaned, almost a scream.
He placed his forehead on hers, with on last thrust he grunted, “Lisa…”
He spilled inside her, he thrust shallowly as he finished. With their hearts thundering inside their chest, Hugh leaned down and placed his head on her neck. Lisa run her and on his back. Their breathing slowly stabilized. Hugh pulled out of her then slowly flipped then over until she was on top of her.
He reached own and wrapped the blanket on them, just at the small of her back. Lisa rested the head on his chest. She could still hear his racing heart.

-H-U-L-I- (Kiddies! You can open your eyes now… XD)

Finally, their heart rates slowed. Hugh run random patterns on her back as Lisa caressed his chest. “If we’re going to do this every time I lose, I would love to lose all the time,” Hugh said softly.
Lisa laughed lighting on top of him. He laughed with her. “Hugh…” Lisa whispered on his chest.
“Are you okay?” Lisa asked, she then placed her arms on his chest, then placed her chin on top of her hands looking at him.
Hugh continued to rub her back but his other hand went under his head, he smiled happily to her, “I’m okay now…”
She reached forward and kissed him, she pulled back and placed her chin on her arms again. Slowly a mischievous smiled crept on Hugh’s lips.
“I saw popcorn in the living room...” he said, “more like I saw popcorn all over the living room.”
Lisa giggled, “Well, after the stupid announcement I start throwing popcorn to the TV.”
Hugh laughed out loud, Lisa smiled wider. “I think my neighbors heard me cursing too,” Lisa added
“Poor neighbors,” Hugh teased.
Lisa pinched his nipple, “Aww!” Hugh muttered. Lisa pouted. He leaned down and kissed her pouted lips. He lay back then said, “So what did my little kitty said while she threw her popcorn to the innocent TV?”
Lisa grinned, “Something like, ‘fucking fucking fuckers! Are you fucking stupid? How can you give that stupid award to the stupid Bryan?! Seriously? Oh I know why, because Hugh is British and you can’t accept that a British guy can act a better American than a real American! Holy mother fucking stupid idiots!’”
Hugh laughed again then teased, “Good thing you didn’t attend, we wouldn’t want you calling the Emmy judges ‘fucking fucking fuckers’.”
Lisa pinched him again, “Shut up…” she said cutely.
They laughed together. “Hey,” Lisa getting his attention again.
“Did you know we have a fans club?” Lisa smiled.
Hugh raised an eyebrow, “By ‘we’ you mean you and me not House and Cuddy?”
“Yeah, I was surfing the net…” she explained.
“After buttering the telly with your popcorn,” Hugh interjected.
“Aww!” Lisa pinched him again, making Hugh laugh.
She pouted at him, “Shut up and listen,” Lisa ordered adoringly.
“Well continue then my lady,” Hugh said in his best British aristocratic tone.
Lisa rolled her eyes but smiled, “As I was saying, I was surfing the net, I saw this website, I think Fanpop or something…”
“And?” He urged.
“They love us! I mean obsessive crazy love us!” Lisa said happily.
Hugh grinned, “You’re kidding right?”
“I’m not!” Lisa said immediately, “They are like waiting for us to reveal that we’re together… Did you know that someone, I think not just one, anyway… are like observing the paparazzi photos we had a Malibu?”
Hugh’s eyes widened, “Really now?”
“And, get this,” her eyebrows moved up and down, “David actually said in an interview that we were not shooting.”
“Seriously?” he said aghast.
“Yeah! He said something like we were doing the things in the photos between takes,” she added.
“Which is true by the way,” Hugh muttered.
Suddenly Lisa frowned, “True or not, you said we’re still not going to…” Hugh placed a finger on her lips.
“Shh…” he smiled.
“Hugh?” she questioned.
He smiled tenderly at her, “It’s my fault you have to lie to people, because I’m married… well was married.”
Lisa shook her head slightly, “You don’t have to…”
“Let me finish,” he said immediately cutting her off, “I’m ready Lisa…” he looked into her eyes and nodded once, a very happy smile then crept to his lips.
Lisa mouth gapped but no sound came out, she went teary eyed as she looked at him, she leaned forward and kissed him sweetly. He kissed back.
“I know I have to announce about my divorce first but once that’s done, maybe after a few months we can start you know…”
“Kissing in public?” Lisa added cutely.
Hugh grinned, “Something like that…”
“I would love that.”
“I love you,” Hugh said with all his heart.
“I love you too,” Lisa muttered also with all her heart.
“So,” Hugh said with an intense teasing stare, “what else did you find in our fans club?”
Lisa laughed, “The fans club is called HuLi by the way, with a capital ‘H’ and a capital ‘L’.”
Hugh chuckled, “As in Hugh and Lisa?”
Lisa nodded then grinned, “ I know… Anyway…”
As dawn approach the horizon, Hugh and Lisa continued to talk about their crazy fans and hoped that one day they can finally tell them that they were right, that indeed that two people they want to together were really were together. They knew that day was coming near. With smiles in their faces they looked forward to that certain day.


The End
(well not really… at least not for Hugh and Lisa… XD)


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