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Fan fiction by HuddyBea posted over a year ago
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Hi guys, sorry to keep you waiting. Been busy with my studies. Well, here you go. I've the next one almost ready. Wait for it in a few days, maybe even hours. You know what, I love them, but I just wonder at times whether this is like...fair on our behalf. Like writing about them. Hope they don't really read this stuff and feel like...IDK. I just feel a little stupid at times I guess or guilty. I'm probably making no sense at all, am I? Well, anyway, diclaimer: I know nothing about their lives. This is just a beatiful dream. Enjoy <3


Previously on December/December:

Thursday, 26 March 2010

[i]Hugh spread his arms open, clenching the doorjamb, his eyes severely fixed on her.
Do or die.
“I want to know what happened…” he said straightforwardly.
Lisa rubbed her face with both hands, with utter frustration “To what? What happened to what, Hugh?”
Article by HuddyRox posted over a year ago
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For those that missed it on tumblr/twitter/LJ - here are the gift details:

Lisa LOVES cookbooks. I’ll be compiling vegetarian/vegan recipes from her fans all around the world and having them published into a book.

It WILL get to the Huddy Queen :) I have "her people's" address.

So dig into your family cookbooks or browse around online and find your favorite recipe. Make sure to include your name and country. For US residents, I’d love to include states for all those comfortable with it.

Here is our current participant tally (please note that this is a tally of just the emails - if more than one person contributed to the same recipe or one person sent more than one, I didn't include that in these numbers - but will in the book itself)

Argentina - 1
Belarus - 1
Belgium - 3
Brazil - 4
Bulgaria - 2
Canada - 1
France - 6
Germany - 1
Hungary - 1
Philippines - 1
Poland - 2
Fan fiction by HuddyBea posted over a year ago
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Little recup in case you read this further on :)

“How long do you think she’ll keep waiting for you?” he prompted him, leaning on one hand to push himself up right.
“If she is…” Hugh said.
Some part of him couldn’t still believe she was. Or maybe as Stephen had said, he was just afraid to find out. It was much more comforting believing they kept sharing something special that they had had and lost - but that nevertheless would always be there somehow - rather than finding out that what they shared wasn’t so special at all. Not anymore.
Stephen grabbed his walking stick, tapping his leg, motioning him to get up “If she’s, yes…but this is not the real point here and you know it. You’re too smart for such self-induced delusions, are you?”
Hugh kept looking up at the sky, arms crossed behind his head, motionless “What’s the point then…?” he asked flatly.
Stephen’s head peeped out right above his, clouding the sun “The real question is, my friend….do you really want her enough to go all-out or you’re too scared you might fail to even try?”