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Fan fiction by HuddyBea posted over a year ago
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“So…?” she asked him, glancing up once again “What’s on your mind?”
Hugh stalled for a moment. Then shook his head, smiling feebly “Nothing….nothing, really…I was just…I…”
“You’ve been pretty pensive all night long you know….” she cut him off, gently “…and I have seen enough of that look on your face to recognize the signs….” she added smiling with her eyes.
Hugh dropped his jaw a little. Then something began to warm him up.
She crossed her arms over her chest, staring up at him sweetly “…will you please let me in?”
A real smile erupted on his face to that and he let himself drop against the wall, face to face with her.
“Do you?” he asked her.
Lisa frowned lightly “What?”
“Know me that well….”
Her lips fairly curled up into a little smile “You like it?”
He prompted her, smiling in turn “Do you?”
She arched her brows at him jokingly quite provokingly too, “Don’t I?”
He took his time, looking down at her. Then he realized he had crossed his arms over his chest too and that his fingers were winding and unwind with hers already...
Fan fiction by HuddyBea posted over a year ago
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Here we are. Two other chaps in a row. A short one and a longer one. You can't complain really :P
BTW not posting the previously cause we left David being a party pooper and walking out of setting. Just two lines to remember you all were we left out fav couple :)

She burst out laughing quietly, bringing one hand to her mouth. And once again he couldn’t help himself: he tuck a strand behind her ear, sighing, “You see?” he said cherishing the words with his tone “You’ve just shined some more brightly…"

As his fingers brushed across the side of her face, against her skin, Lisa had shivered very lightly and it had sort of looked like she had been almost about to lean her check inside his hand.
He had sensed it. He had seen it. With his very eyes.
Felt it. Under his skin.
And he had wondered whether that would be enough to keep her with him. Close to him. His.
But then, the look she had on her face, right now….
Fan fiction by HuddyBea posted over a year ago
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Here you go, next chap. Hope the others will catch up but those I think are nicer if I post them all "in a row" so to speak ;) And thanks for the reviews guys, I saw some new readers :D



[i]At some point the microphone was gone, everyone was far away from them, and they were alone.
Well sort of. Greg was still bustling about around them.
But they were alone. As much as they always had been allowed to in such circumstances.
Hugh on his behalf was still trying to make the thudding in his ears going to cease. His eyes moving restlessly across room fluttering over each details of it without memorizing any. He had barely nodded at Katie. Lisa had said something like she would wait for them to be back. She was ok. She wasn’t tired. She’d better not lie down or sit anywhere too comfortable otherwise she would probably drift off instantly she had joked.