Hugh & Lisa Huli for a PCA - Wishful Thinking Coverage Thread

HuddyBea posted on Nov 11, 2010 at 08:12AM
"It's elementary, my dear Watson."
"It is an old maxim of mine that when you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

by @Fran!!!

Let it be fun, let be free ;)

It's kind hard to pick a motto...I mean there are some many great lines and still none represents them completely. There's the sexual tension yeah, but also the love and the amazing soul connetion, so I'll go with my favourite, which is not a Huli quote but I think it's seriously the most poetic thing that has never been said about them =,)

"In many ways Hugh Laurie gets to be the sun around which the show revolves, but the sun can’t be fully appreciated unless it’s contrasted with the moon. Edelstein is the moon to Laurie’s sun...she reflects his light in a way that grows her character and his"

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over a year ago a_lee said…
Kristin is moderating the SAG Panel featuring Lisa, Jesse, Omar, and Peter. Noticeably missing is the man himself, Hugh Laurie, who has never failed to appear at one of these panels. Coincidence... or not.

Why can we not get to see both Hugh and Lisa together at a public event?! suspicious...
over a year ago huddyislove said…
Why can we not get to see both Hugh and Lisa together at a public event?! suspicious...

Maybe cause they're AVOIDING each other?
We can see that from miles away.
It's evident in the way they've been going one to one event, and the other to the other event.

They've obviously just decided not to appear anywhere together.
over a year ago HLforever said…
Okay @kayaonelove posted this on the "Huli Love" thread, but since it doesn't go with the "happiness" theme of that thread, I moved it here:

"Hi guys... I'm really sad... A terrible Hugh's french interview is coming... He talks about his love for Jo... And nothing about Lisa! I'm waiting to read it on twitter... Please, say me that is everything ok!!!! I wanna cry!!!"

I have to say, when I read this my body temperature actually dropped about 10 degrees, my hands turned clammy, and my heart started having small seizures. Actually, since I just read this post about 2 minutes ago, I am still in this state of desperate fear. Does anyone know anything about this? I know that false rumors are frequently spread around the Internet, but right now I think both @kayaonelove and I are just looking for some kind of confirmation that this isn't true...if it is I actually might die. But I'm going to try to be optimistic. I must not think about the possibility...ahhhhhh.............

Okay, it might seem a little strange that I'm freaking out so much just because of this, but hopefully you guys all understand what it's like when it feels like Huli is about to just collapse all around you, and you can't do anything about it. Oh jeez. Oh jeez oh jeez oh jeez. I'm going to stalk some people on Twitter.
over a year ago HLforever said…
Quick, a hysterical pic of me!
Quick, a hysterical pic of me!
over a year ago HLforever said…
over a year ago IlobeYou said…

Please, tell me that is fake news. pleeease!!!!!

over a year ago IlobeYou said…
we have two options:

1. they are trying to disguise as much as you can because we are getting closer to the truth.


2. this news is true

but Jo would use her name that way?

this magazine is new?

I do not know what to think
over a year ago Belle0308 said…
I obviously can't read french, I mean...I can barely read English.

With that said,I still say that I find anything that would be positive regarding Jo to be accurate. Mostly because once again, he claims that she is either her or he is there "all of the time" but no one seems to know WHEN this is happening. Also, if she is over here a lot then why does Lisa E, his co-star, know little to nothing about her?

I have a hard time believing that Hugh would give a french magazine a very indepth interview about Jo when he hasn't really mentioned her at all in the US interviews that have been done recently.

If it's true and they are so in love or whatever, then I believe it would be the sort of love that comes from a sense of comfort, not excitement and WHY oh WHY has she not been at any event with him for over a year in the public eye?

over a year ago IlobeYou said…
"I have a hard time believing that Hugh would give a french magazine a very indepth interview about Jo when he hasn't really mentioned her at all in the US interviews that have been done recently."

good point, Belle
over a year ago Belle0308 said…
Why thank you! I just have this feeling it's old material. I mean, the picture is an old one. If he had given a new interview about Jo, one would think there would be a new photo as well.
over a year ago LobeYou said…
I never really liked to get into these detailed things, but I had to throw in my two cents (Mainly because I feel bad about how freaked out poor HLF sounds) :

(The Pictures are over 2 years old to begin with)­cle­-52­454­3/U­n..­.tm­l

and from what little French I know, the title on top of his pic with the wife says "Out of sight, out of heart (mind)"

..and then same old, same old quotes on how he doesn't want to raise his children in LA. and how he chats with his kids on Skype and such.
over a year ago Belle0308 said…
@LobeYou Thank you for pointing out so very well what I was already thinking. After being a Huli this long, you get used to looking for the tell tale signs of recycled news. Even in French I thought that might be what we were dealing with.

You did a much better job of explaining it than I!! ; )
over a year ago HLforever said…
Haha @LobeYou thanks for putting up with my crazy hysterical-ness. But I'm much more calm now. I translated the interview here:­/ar­tic­les­/81­5..­.io­n. I'm pretty sure that the interview is new, because if you look at the other pictures they are from Season 7. The interviewer also asks about Season 7. Anyways, please comment on the article and tell me what you think :)
over a year ago turtlebay82 said…
Hmmm, interesting! I'm not sure what to think. As a wife I would be extemely disappointed if my husband and I were still together and in love and he no longer wore his wedding ring, flirted with his co-star during interviews (TV Guide - landmines?) and rarely if ever talked about me in interviews. IDK, it really doesn't make sense.

In regards to Hugh not being at the panel, here's my far fetch guess: I wonder if House is done shooting for the Thanksgiving holiday break next week and with Hugh's "Fry and Laruie Reunion Special" closely approaching, if he'll go back to London to do some press for it. Which could also give us more answers on the Hugh and Jo forefront too....if he's seen with her. That said, it wouldn't surprise me either if he is playing the avoiding Lisa in public places card. Which if that's the case, is really disappinting because their are so many other fans of the show they are alienating by doing this. And this is a completely random thought but when is the filming in New Orleans? Early, early, next year? God, I will be pissed if Hugh and Lisa win the PCAs and conveniently, they are both shooting in New Orleans and can't make it. This whole avoidance thing is really, really, fishy IMO.
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over a year ago HuddyBea said…
Morning ladies!

Wow, great way to get up XD Quickly read all your thoughts and I have nothing more to add, except...Yeti faith :P My beliefs remain unshattered :) As I said, I'll believe only to a taped interview in which he explicitely denied he is in love with Lisa and crazy about his wife AND I might consider reconsider my position if Silky Gorgeouness one day would show up with a BF 'cause if the woman isn't enjoying Royal Hotness, I can only conclude she's become a nun :P
Morning ladies!<br />
<br />
Wow, great way to get up XD Quickly read all your thoughts and I have no
over a year ago HouseMindFreak said…
"can only conclude she's become a nun :P"

I'm laughin' like crazy at that!!!

I'm still a wee bit in a 'huh??' mode over this French thing...but, his "Love is Complicated" sounds 'odd'. Why's it complicated Hugh? If you loved your wife all these years than why is it complicated? Unless you've met someone that got in the way...

Married men don't hold women like this that they ain't married to!!
"can only conclude she's become a nun :P"
<br />

<br />
I'm laughin' like crazy at that!!!
over a year ago HuddyBea said…
I have also found a little bit odd the fact that he never mentioned Jo by name and that the "love of my life" goes separated from "my family" without mixing the two you know? But I guess the fact that he doesn't name her is still significant.

You know what? All these paper interviews, all these talks about love and so on...I am under the impression their only purpose is making people talk. Talk about him, his marriage, their strange arrangement...Lisa, the sex's all linked for me. The more people talk, the less shocking it will sound when the news of his divorce will come out, like we all would get accostumed to reciving news about his private life, so to speak, by that time, does it make sense?

This one is a BTS of an ep shooted during last fall...I bet my ass they had broken up in this period and that Hugh was already having a hard time coping with all the mess he had put himself into. The difference bewteen her expression and remarkable.
I have also found a little bit odd the fact that he never mentioned Jo by name and that the "lov
over a year ago HouseMindFreak said…
When it comes to using names, if you are talking about someone you care about and want to make sure everyone knows it you use their name...makes it more personal. Like say he said: "the love of my wife, Jo."
And then using "love is complicated" I guess he meant that love can do strange things to you.

And also this interview reminded me of that Carlos Santana interview for Parade magazine.
They asked him how he kept his marriage going with his wife of 35 years and then a couple of months or so later they divorced. It kinda shocked me when I heard that after reading about their marriage.
Oh yeah, and they divorced over "irreconsilable differences"

Like you and Ithuddy said...its all linked together.
over a year ago HuddyBea said…
I truly believe so @HMF. We just need to be patient, but really if they are together and happy by now, I am happy too. I would just be part of that happiness for one night XD Like, you know...getting widly part of that happiness, screaming and squeeking like the dumbest teenager on earth for just one night XD XD XD That would be enough for me, then they can go on with their life and possibly lock themselves up in a fortess...possibly together and with a double-bed room XD XD XD

"Though handcuffs are an interesting idea...

Careful. I smell a land mine"

I truly believe so @HMF. We just need to be patient, but really if they are together and happy by now
over a year ago HouseMindFreak said…
I couldn't help myself. I know what landmine means or is but I wanted to see if there was any way to use it as a metaphor or in an informal way. I searched it on my dictionary and here is the informal usage:

buried explosive device: an explosive mine that is laid just under the surface of the ground and detonates if disturbed by pressure or the proximity of something such as metal

trap: a trap that is difficult to see (informal)

Huli usage of landmine at the end of TVGuide:

Finally, how had the romance between House and Cuddy changed things between you personally? Do you feel a little flirtier with each other or more free somehow?

Laurie: [Folding his arms, shaking his head] There's no danger in that question, Lisa. Absolutely, there's no danger whatsoever.

Edelstein: Oh, no, Hugh. That's not a land mine at all.

Did you guys get it or did I just go completely nutso?
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over a year ago turtlebay82 said…
@Bea - those are interesting obsverations about the picture. Plus it's quite obvious he had his black eye. It's visibly noticable in the picture.

Also, I just noticed that Robert isn't doing this panel either. I wonder why they are just sending Lisa, Omar, Jesse, and Peter?

@HMF - ha, ha, I would LOVE for that question to be asked at the panel. Can you imagine the cast's faces? So Lisa, you and Hugh talk a lot about landmines in your tv guide article. What sort of landmine might you be referring to? XD XD XD
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over a year ago HuddyBea said…
big smile
I am not following you @HMF XD But that might be because I am revising my new chapter and I am going crazy over verbs and tenses so...feel free to explain and dont' feel different sweetie :P We are all nust ;)
over a year ago HouseMindFreak said…
It takes a few minutes of thinkingXD

in the informal usage to describe something a landmine is something that is a trap that is difficult to see.

Lisa said their flirting as not a land mine and Hugh said there's no danger.

I guess my crazed mind at the moment, I think they both said the feeling of flirting and freeness is not a trap thats difficult to see or has no danger.
And if they think their flirting is harmless...than they are definitely being sarcastic.

I really think I've lost my mind>_<
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over a year ago turtlebay82 said…
Wow, I never took the meaning of land mine simply aa a trap. It's an interesting observation. I do think in the last question Lisa was simply being sarcastic meaning the opposite, right? That the question is a trap! Or did she mean what most people interpret the definition as...there's too much hidden danger in that question that if I told you it would cause catastrophic destruction for everyone! LOL

I guess it's left to reader's interpretation which maybe is why they removed the question from the online article.
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over a year ago HuddyBea said…
I think you both need to slow your minds down XD

Here chillax :P I have no idea what you're saying cause my mind is apparently too slow this morning to such talks, but sounds pretty crazy to me.
I think you both need to slow your minds down XD <br />
<br />
Here chillax :P I have no idea what yo