Look at that body....*drools*
Hi guys~ So here are my top 10 reasons to why I love Hugh Jackman!

10. He's TALL!! *okay this may be one of the lamest reasons that anyone can come up with, but I have a thing for tall guys~*

9. He can sing and dance!! It's just amazing to see a man with THAT kind of body and THAT good looking have enough guts to shake his booty in front of many people while singing~ I mean George Clooney would never do that. so what I'm saying is he's very bloody Talented!!

8. He actually got a brain unlike most actors out there who are just plain...dumb (no offense to anyone, this is just a generalisation) . He finished Uni and got a degree in Journalism.

7. A family loving man! I mean seriously in Hollywood today, I think most of the men have either divorced for God knows how many times, or they have broken up with God knows how many women before. Whereas Hugh only married once and have a happy family. I admire him for this.

6. Great man in general, very likable. I mean he doesn't go and have brawls with other actors. You rarely (I personally have NEVER) seen him being busted by paparazzis and reported on Entertainment channels for doing bad things in pubs or whatever.

5. Hilarious guy! His interviews are never boring to watch no matter how long it goes for~ He actually made me ROFL literally when watching one of his interviews!

4. Very VERY good looking~ When he smiles you can tell that he's natural and not faking it, which I find it very charming because actors who fake smiles makes me feel disgusted...

3. He's an Aussie!! The accent is just HAWT! Woooooo~ xD

2. Hugh is a BRILLIANT actor! I believe he can play just about ANY role in a movie and will KICK ASS! Like we've seen him as the cold-blooded evil guy in 'Deception' and 'Scoop', seen him as the muscular mutant Wolverine, seen him dancing and singing in 'The Boy from Oz', seen him as The Drover from the outback in 'Australia', seen him as the monster killing pro in 'Van Helsing' and as the perfect gentleman in 'Kate and Leopold'...what else CAN'T he do?

1. HE IS HAWT!!! It's like 'HELLO?! Have you seen his body!?!" *drools*

So there you go! 10 reasons to why I love him. Do you guys agree or disagree? Give your opinions in the comments :D