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Opinion by flyntorres posted over a year ago
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I haven't been able to fall asleep. I've tried distracting myself by playing games and watching tv but its still no use. So I'm just going to think about the break up issue rationally.

Maybe apart from seeing each other in New York, Nian have been separated from one another for weeks now. And Ian had still referred to Nina as his girlfriend in the BloodyCon thing just a few days ago. So given that they still haven't seen each other, the only way for them to "break up" is through the phone, which I do not believe for one second Ian and Nina will do because they have enough respect for one another as a couple of nearly 3 years, as very close friends and as co-workers. But anyway, assuming they broke up through the phone, the supposed source should be someone always close by to either one of them for the idiot to know such a thing. It couldn't be Ian or Nina's reps because according to US Weekly those people haven't commented yet in behalf of Ian and Nina (which, yeah, is kind of depressing too because if the issue is false then why prolong the rumor. But it is a possibility that even they don't know anything about this so its taking time). It could be a friend of...
News by SerenaSmolder posted over a year ago
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It started with an innocent question from a fan: What do the actor and his character Damon Salvatore have in common?
“Damon and I have a lot in common. I love to kill people, I love to seduce women, who are way to young for me.” Ian said. As he mentioned the last fact all the fans started to scream, because as we all know Nina is 10 years younger than him. Before Ian could’ve continued one of the fans said: “Both of you have sex with Elena”
Of course the audience exploded but Ian stayed real cool: “Damon hadn’t had sex with Elena..” He didn’t say a word about himself (he didn’t deny it either). But then he added: “…but Damon will have sex with Elena”.

In the end he still answered the question: “We actually have a lot in common. Damon has a lot of humanity. I know how it feels to be in love, I know how it feels to be in pain and I know how it feels to argue with your brother .
All in all Damon lives through the same experiences as I do. It’s a weird relationship between us. I don’t even know who Damon really is. It’s a lot of me in him. It’s weird, maybe I shouldn’t talk about this and...
News by minimew037 posted over a year ago
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Ian Somerhalder Is DYING To Propose To Nina Dobrev — Report

A new report claims Ian Somerhalder just can’t wait to propose to his ‘Vampire Diaries’ co-star, Nina Dobrev!

Ian Somerhalder, the smoldering star of hit television show The Vampire Diaries, is dying to put a ring on his girlfriend, Nina Dobrev! But sources close to the stars say that Nina is in no rush!

Ian and Nina are the cutest couple, and friends of Ian say that the hot young actor is “desperate to marry” his gorgeous girlfriend. But an insider revealed to Star Magazine that Nina is more focused on her career than starting a family!

“Ian is 10 years older than she is, and more than ready to make it official. But he said he understands her need to wait a little longer,” the source stated. According to this insider, Nina wants to put off an engagement for at least five more years, but Ian is really hoping he can change her mind!

“Ian will put a ring on it the moment Nina gives him the thumbs-up,” said the insider.