Ian walked through the crowd with two drinks in his hands. He was happy that even if there are a lot of fans it isn't as heavy as the thought. Especially Nina was very concerned because of the fans and groupies. Ok she loves them, Ian does as well but sometimes they just need some privacy and they want to enjoy their time. Both of them know that they can't show their love as normal couples because Kevin and Julia and most of the others from the cast don't know about them -yet!
Nina and Ian are both sure that they want to make their relationship public.
Last they talked about it two nights ago.
They finished a hard day with interviews, promotion etc and nearly every reporter asked both of them whether they're together or not. At first they did it like always. Ian said something like “ Isn't it the dream of every man having a women like Nina Dobrev and isn't it even better having a best friend like Nina Dobrev?” And Nina answered something like “ I'm not dating someone from my cast, I would never do that! And Ian and Paul are my best friends – they're like my second family!”
But later it got heavier. Especially Nina wasn't able to hold the lie up much longer. She was tired and needed rest and being protected. Of course she and Ian sharing a lot of eye contacts the whole time but then Nina gave him more and Ian wasn't able to resist giving it back. Paul pushed Ian and broke the connection between Nina an Ian.
“Dude what is your problem?”
“Dude? Seriously Ian? Dude? I'm just saving your ass! You're not careful enough!”
“What you're talking about?! Saving my ass? Saving of what?”
“Stop lying! Nina told me about you! I know that you two are on couple for 2 month or something!”
“She did what?!”
“Don't be angry with her! She just needed someone to talk! Someone to help her! Do you really think it was a coincidence that I was trying to get the others away from you like always?! She is my best friend so are you so I was doing everything I can to get you some time alone!”
“The whole time you know?!”
“Yeah I knew and I understand as well why nobody should know! But if you want to hold up your lie about not being together you might stop gazing at each other! This time I was probably the only one who recognized it but next time it could be Candy or Julie or a paparazzi! And then? What are you going to do then?”
“Yeah Paul you made your point. I get it! We have to be more careful and we will! Ok? Thanks bro!”
“You're welcome! I've got to run, Torrey is waiting backstage so I want to hurry up with the last interview! See you after your holiday!”
“Yeah see you and give my regards to Torrey! Enjoy your free time with your girlfriend! I will ;)!”
“No problem man :D!”
After Paul left Ian looked around to find Nina standing alone in one corner staring at him! He hurried getting there and put one arm around her shoulder. He could feel one of her hands going beneath his shirt – the one nobody could see. Her hand made her way from the shirt to his belt and he looked into her eyes with a smile on his lips.
“Honey you got to stop doing that! Don't get me wrong I like it but you do recognize all the paparazzi and reporters and the cast around us right?”
She started giggling and her cheeks flushed.
“Yeah baby I recognized them but I also recognized that I need to get home and get some rest because if I have to answer one more question about Elena's relationship to Damon or Katherine I swear to god I will kill someone!” She stood on her tip toes and added “and by the way, I missed you..”
“I missed you too you know that! What about quitting the last interview? Right now nobody is watching us so we could just run away, Paul would do the last one for us! And by the way, thanks for telling him about us without telling me about telling him!”
“Oh baby I'm sorry about that. But I needed to talk to someone and you know Paul was always here for me. And your idea sounds good! I'll just get my jacket, will drive home and will pick up some things and then I will meet you at your place? I think Candy will be home tonight so our place is not available except you want to skip the kissing and snuggling part!”
“Your kidding right? I had to watch you without touching you the whole day. One minute more and I'll die!”
“Without touching? You were anywhere else than me weren't you? Or was it Paul's hand underneath my jacket or on my hair or in my own hand? “ She smiled at him.
“Okay so let's get out of here!”
Both of them got their jackets and hurried outside to the parking lot. Ian took Nina's hand and everything she wanted right then was huddling against him but she remembered herself that there were still some paparazzi around even if they're nor seeing them right now. She sighed.
“What's wrong Nina?” “It's nothing, really nothing.” Ian gave her a really serious look “Ok I'll tell you as soon as we're alone! You know P-alert” P-alert is their keyword for paparazzi stalking them.
They approached Nina's car and Ian looked at her with a very intensive look. Nina was nearly not able to resist it. She had a very perky smile on her lips and she heard his breath going fast and strong. Of course she knew what was going on with him because she felt the same. How could she not know it? Being in his near feeling and smelling him but not being allowed to really touch him the way she wants to, the way she needs to, it's like the hardest thing she ever went through.
“See you” she said out loud “soon or in a minute” she whispered.
She got into her car and drove away. She wanted to text Candice about her leaving earlier so she tried to get her phone out of her bag with one hand. She found her phone but there was something else in it too. A scarf but it was a male scarf. It was Ian's scarf with a short note on it “Hurry getting at my place there you'll find more of this” She smelled on the scarf. It smelled so familiar and the smell of Ian made her calm down a bit. Soon she got home and she took just some new clothes when she nearly was out of the door. She turned around and went back into her apartment. “One more thing” she thought. She walked to the kitchen cabinet and took a bottle of champagne, some strawberries and chocolate. “Tonight is going to be a romantic hot night” she thought.