It was a quiet morning. Nina could hear the little birds sitting on the roof and singing their lovely song. The sun was shining through a little whole which the curtains offered. She could hear people walking on the streets and talking in french. She understood nearly everything but right now she just didn't want to face or hear other people. She could smell something like croissants and baguettes and flowers and something sweet which she didn't know. She was trying to figure out why she could smell all this things but then she recognized that the window was a bit opened.
She still didn't want to open her eyes. Yesterday was an exhausting day. They had to master a lot of interviews and there were so much paparazzi! It was really exhausting. And after that she was just thankful for a quiet. Private evening and night in the hotel. By now she hadn't seen anything of Paris but she was sure that would happen today.
And she was also happy that her mother was with her this time. She had also a room in this hotel but it was luckily not hers. She loves her mother – no doubt. But especially since the last half year they had sometimes a bit of issues. That was the most reason why Nina had brought her – to see that Nina is fine with everything and to see that her mother has not to worry about anything!
Nina took a deep breath and turned around under the blanket. Now she could smell the sweet thing more clearly. She could feel an arm tight around her waist which was now pulling her even closer. She opened her eyes and saw his chin. Of course she did because she was snuggled in his chest. Their legs were tangled as much as possible and she was lying next to him. His left arm was around her waist making it impossible to move away from him – as if she wanted to move!
His right arm stroking her body. It started at her face and went her arm up and down.
She sighed and slipped up to face him. His eyes were still closed so she stroked his nose with hers.
She could feel his laugh and his breath against her skin which gave her goosebumps all over her body. The little butterflies in her stomach were going crazy and she felt like had no air left to breath.
She closed her eyes again and open her mouth a bit just to press her lips on his. She could feel him sigh. Suddenly he moved her so that she was on top of him. His hands were not longer on their romantic shy way. One was on her backside and the other one was in her hair pulling it to one side so that the has free access to her neck. His lips opened and they exchanged a passionate kiss. He hold her as tight as possible and she could feel him – everywhere!
“Good morning” he smiled as she snuggled up on him so that her head was under his chin and she was lying on his chest.
“Best morning” she added and sighed as she could feel his hands playing with her hair and going up an down her back.
She was just wearing her underwear and one of his shirts. He on the other hand was wearing one of her favorite sweat pants.
She wanted to get off of his embrace to go to the bathroom but as soon as she tried to he pulled her even closer and whispered into her ear “Don't even try! We will stay in this bed for at least 5 more minutes”
“Just 5 minutes, Ian, 4 minutes! You do know about our moms already breakfasting in the restaurant, right? And you do know that you promised them to visit Paris today, right?” She smiled at him. This was something she was very looking forward to. Ian was in Paris before so he promised that he would guide them through Paris – the city of love.
“Yeah I know. I already have something like program in my head!” he told her “and tonight there will be a surprise” he whispered into her ear. She giggled a bit but already had the reason for today in her head.
“I think this is so stupid. My mother who has worries about you and our relationship. And I still not understand why you're so nice to her and wanted to show her the whole city. I thought we took another day in Paris because you wanted to spent another day in Paris because you wanted to spent some romance with your girlfriend – not with her mother!” She pouted a bit at him. When he first told her about staying in Paris she thought about little, romantic cafes and a lot of kissing. But kissing usually not includes her mother's presence.
“Calm down, Honey” he said while pressing a little kiss on her forehead. “I want to show your mother what kind of great guy I am and I brought my mom as well because then they can hang out a bit and we have more time for us! If you know what I mean”
“Yeah I think I got the idea! But promise me that I don't have to pretend like I don't care about you the whole day! Okay the make-out-part could be a compromise but he rest? Not taking your hand? Not snuggling up in you? Not whispering things into your ear? No way!”
“Okay I think I'm okay with our deal! We should keep the kisses to a minimum and the rest comes with time! Deal?” “Deal!” she smiled at him before giving him a little kiss in his cheek. Then she somehow managed to leave his embrace and climbed out of the bed. She gave him a very perky smile over her shoulder and he smiled back. She swung her backside from one side to the other just to tease him a bit and then she disappeared in the bathroom and locked the door behind her so that he was unable to follow her in the shower. Not that she doesn't like it when they shower together but right now they have to hurry because her mother was already not happy with their relationship so Nina didn't want to let her get more upset with this “issue”.