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Here you can talk about anything you want =)<br />
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over a year ago _Chryso_ said…

again Ian Somerhalder and girlfriend Nina Dobrev xD =)
over a year ago tina-kiss said…
i love JustJared xd
over a year ago Aubreykarew said…
Ok i wanna be added :) i guess now every one knows tat nian r together now,.,.
over a year ago _Chryso_ said…
Vampire Diaries' stars get ready for a bloody third season

Although I watch them bring the drama, heart and impossibly chiseled cheekbones to Mystic Falls every week, I have never watched Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley interact with one another in real life before -- therefore I never knew that the "Vampire Diaries" stars really bring the playful sides out in one another.

It was a sensational sight to see Paul crash Nina's MTV chat, Nina try to make Ian crack up during an on-camera interview and Ian refuse to untie the invisible string that kept the smallscreen siblings attached at the hip ... although that might have had something to do with the innate humor of their unintentionally matching outfits.

So read on to find out what I learned at this morning's CW Upfronts as Nina talked Elena's dueling loves and the dynamic dude duo demanded a two drink minimum for their green carpet comedy act!

PopWrap: With Stefan's turn towards the dark side, it seems like you'll pretty much be playing one another's characters next year, huh?
Paul Wesley: Literally! I’m going to be playing Damon, and he’ll be playing Stefan and we’re hoping no one notices.
Ian Somerhalder: It’s going to be a musical season.

PW: Like "Freaky Friday?"
Paul: Yes!
Ian: I actually tested for that movie – I didn’t get it, obviously.

PW: I think it all worked out ok for you in the end though, right?
Ian: Oh, yea [laughs]

PW: What excites you about this switch?
Ian: It excites Paul because he gets to be a bad ass again!
Paul: Yep! I’m so excited to have fun and be bad.
Ian: I’m less excited, I hope I don’t have to be sappy like Stefan.
Paul: Oh, you will. And I get to have a little bit of fun and not brood all the time. Monogamy is nice, but come on Stefan – let loose.
Ian: I: For a little while. I just hope Stefan, Damon and Klaus get to go on one major bender
Paul: We will, I promise.
Ian: Just something where we go to the next town and wreak havoc.
Paul: We’ll go to Vegas and have a boys night out – we’ll ever bring Elijah!
Ian: Brothers weekend!
Paul: Alaric can be the designated driver [laughs]

PW: But with Stefan and Damon split up, that also means Paul and Ian will be split up for the first time since the pilot.
Ian: Hopefully, we’ll still have scenes in the library, where Damon can tell Stefan what a good kisser his girlfriend is [laughs]
PopWrap: Your dress is beautiful and sort of matches the green carpet!
Nina Dobrev: Thank you, it's Jay Godfrey. I called ahead to find out what color the carpet was so I could match [giggles].

PW: Congrats on an amazing finale.
Nina: I still haven’t seen it by the way.

PW: Oh, well you were certainly right about Jeremy having a world life changing moment -- I mean, ghosts?
Nina: Wasn't it?!? I can’t tell you what they are yet though …

PW: Having your best friend Kayla Ewell back on set must have been so great.
Nina: It is exciting – we didn’t have any scenes together, but when we got there, we all just lit up – the family was back again. Although it was bittersweet since one family member had to leave for another to come in since Sarah [Canning, who played Aunt Jenna] had to go. But it’s going to be really awesome.

PW: The finale set up some very interesting stuff for Elena in season three. What do you think about Katherine's comment "it's ok to love them both" -- you think that's true?
Nina: God, I don’t know. The thing is, you can’t help who you love and who you’re attracted to. It’s not something you can just shut off, so Katherine – for once – did have some words of wisdom! She told the truth, which is rare because she never speaks the truth. Or saves the day, which she also did!

PW: And she also walked in on quite a tender moment for Elena & Damon.
Nina: Of course she did [laughs].

PW: What did you think of the kiss?
Nina: I think it was a sad, beautiful, bittersweet moment for Damon & Elena that was interrupted and short-lived.

PW: To be continued?
Nina: We'll see...

PW: What excites you about the possibilities this raises for season three?
Nina: The entire third season is like a blank slate – I think it’s going to feel like a completely new show now that Stefan has gone to the dark side. He will be with Klaus and I think that’ll set up a dark shift because when we started Damon was the mysterious one with all the fog following him [laughs]. Now I think we’ll see that come back with Stefan and Elena is turned around because she doesn’t know what to do.

PW: Yea, Elena does have a lot of choices ahead of her.
Nina: Totally. Will she be by herself? Will she be with Damon? Will she try to find Stefan? Everything is kind of shifting, so it’ll be refreshing and different, which is nice – you never want to fall into a familiar pattern on a show. And I think Kevin [Williamson] and Julie [Plec] found a way to keep it fresh.

over a year ago tvdlover said…
hey can you plz add my name? Fatemeh!!!<3
over a year ago laurenrules334 said…
Ian and Nina are like the cutest ever!!!!!
Whenever i see a picture of them, i scream<3
And I love Justjared calling them Boyfriend and Girlfriend!! They are adorablee<3
over a year ago laurenrules334 said…
Can you also add me:) Lauren
over a year ago minimew037 said…
Hey Everyone !
Glad there is a forum chat ;)
Add me please, Minimew037
over a year ago _Chryso_ said…
hey =)

Everyone is added =) Aubreykarew can you tell m your real name pls?
over a year ago minimew037 said…
big smile
Thanks Chryso (:
over a year ago maryam1311 said…
Hey Chryso(: can you plz add my name to the list too?

over a year ago _Chryso_ said…
you're welcome =)

btw I found this, I don't know if it's true or not but I wanted to share it =)

Don’t ask us how we managed to stay conscious while standing not five feet from Mr. Smolderhotter himself, but we managed to keep our composure at the CW Upfront long enough to ask Ian Somerhalder if Damon and Elena will kiss again. Needless to say, his smirky response was pretty snarky Salvatore-esque: “If the writers write it, I’ll kiss her again!” Yeah, with all those romance rumors, we thought you might.

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over a year ago BOJININA said…
You can count me in but I prefer to remain anonymous. Just say that I'm a very mature female fan,thank you.
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over a year ago minimew037 said…
awww ;) I hope it's true !
over a year ago Katgo said…
big smile
Please add me. I just love Nian and talking about them! Thanks!
over a year ago VampireGirl1996 said…
I adore Nina and Ian are made ​​for each other
over a year ago _Chryso_ said…
SOURCE SAID : I rarely have time to come here but I wanted to tell you about my experience from today. First, I am all against this craziness outside their hotel. They need privacy, like anybody else. So, although I wanted to see Ian and Nina so bad, I refused to go to their hotel. But this afternoon, I was on the set of a French comedy which was filming just next to their hotel. Around 4pm, Ian, Nina and their moms went out through the main entrance where there were few people (dozens of crazy "fans" were waiting at the back door) and they were really nice because people did not jump on them. Ian simply said that they did not want to take many pictures because they were on vacation and wanted to enjoy it (which is totally understandable!). They smiled, said bye and left. But the craziness happened just after because they stopped by the post office which was near the back door. Crazy "fans" (I put commas because I don't consider them as real fans) jumped on them and from what I heard it got really crazy. So crazy that Ian and Nina went back to the hotel by the back door and then left by cab, so that people left them alone.
over a year ago minimew037 said…
It's just so crazy how some fans can be.
Poor Ian & Nina wanted a little simple romantic vacation from work and they get mobbed by fans.
Also, they seem so nice about it. They take pictures, act nice and don’t complain. What amazing people
♥ Nian
over a year ago BOJININA said…
You know, I feel for them as a couple and their moms to witness that is just too much. These so-called fans are out of their raging hormone minds, throwing underwear?! I think Ian never expected such craziness. These fans are more interested in his superficial image ie his Damon persona and think that he's like that in real life. Unfortunately, he is not hormone driven and his head is not ruled by his groin. I love that him and Nina are in a stable relationship and brought their moms along. This looks serious indeed. That incident was most unfortunate and it probably is making Ian rethink his image. He is one gracious person but the fans were just nuts and rude esp. to Nina.
over a year ago BOJININA said…
ps. I never got to see all that craziness. By the time I came online, it was withdrawn. However, I did get to see that one fan stalking them with her video cam.
over a year ago castlewalls said…
can you add my pls Chryso? my name is Veronica :)
over a year ago castlewalls said…
those fans were crazy :S
poor Nina, I feel so sorry for her :(
over a year ago minimew037 said…
I know, I hope they can still enjoy their time in Paris <3
over a year ago minimew037 said…
big smile
Hey, Does anyone know how long they have been together ?
over a year ago BOJININA said…
And who is this Troll,Barbara who comes and delete videos and not to mention my many comments on the Ian and Nina images? I should say just about all my comments were deleted or flagged or whatever,very exasperating as I took the time and trouble to make the comments interesting instead of the usual cute, adorable, nice, lovely couple.I'm trying to add in some humour and creativity here. So whoever is reading this please take note. What is the point really of putting up a comment block when all you do is censor.It is not like obscene or language unbecoming is being used. I'm done.