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Happy Birthday Ian Smolderhotter! ♥

Happy B-Day Ian Somerhalder!

Happy B-day Ian Somerhalder! - Your love is my drug (Multicollab) + IS birthday wish

Ian Somerhalder...||...Your man [Happy Birthday, Ian]

Ian Somerhalder [HAPPY B-Day]

Happy Birthday Ian Somerhalder

Happy Birthday Ian! ♥

Ian Somerhalder ¡Happy Birthday! (08-12-2010)

Happy Birthday Ian Somerhalder; Addicted

Ian Somerhalder ;; everybody wants you [Birthday Vidlet]

Ian Somerhalder:// is Hott

Ian Somerhalder on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 2

Ian Somerhalder on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1

Ian Somerhalder on Kimmel 12-7-2010

Ian Somerhalder Birthday video- Obsession

Ian Somerhalder || Heartbeat [Dedicated]

Ian Somerhalder ~ Remember The Name

Ian & Nina | Head over Heels

Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley en el hot topic junto a Warner Channel

Ian Somerhalder --So Happy I Could Die--

Ian Somerhalder on Jay Leno 12-2-10

Nina&Ian || Dont It Mean I Love You

Ian Somerhalder - Young Hollywood Secrets

Ian Birthday Bash 2010 - It's A Celebration!

Lost - Boone's death - Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder; Boy Like You ♥

Jensen Danneel || Ian Nina || Your Love's A Drug

Ian Somerhalder... SEXY boy toy!

You're what I reach for when I fall.

Ian Somerhalder // wedontspeakamericano

In your shadow I can shine ♥

Cast of Lost - Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder//they gonna eat me alive

Ian Somerhalder =Shine a Light=

Ian Somerhalder ☆ MONSTER ☆

Ian Somerhalder thinks Vampire Diaries vamps could kick Twilight vamps butts

♦Beat drop\\ IanS. [fast ; )]♦

The Host ( Ian and Wanda )

Ian Somerhalder; Like A G6; One Pic Vid

Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder dancing

ian somerhalder so sexy

Ian Somerhalder - El hombre más sexy - sub español

You're My Best Friend ♥

Ian somerhalder ; Put your hands all over me.

Ian Somerhalder is Frisky ;)

Ian Somerhalder en Smallville 3/3

Ian Somerhalder en Smallville 2/3

Ian Somerhalder en Smallville 1/3

Ian Somerhalder || A little bit || For Silvia.

Nina & Ian • Our sex is the KILLER! x3

Ian Somerhalder || [Crazy Beautiful Life]

Ian/Nina-Marchin' On

Ian Somerhalder // MYDRUUUG!


Ian Somerhalder // FEVER (vidlet)

Ian Somerhalder-Oh Oh Baby

Ian & Nina: Smile


Ian/Nina/Paul - Built To Last

Ian/Nina/Paul-Here I come

ian and nina // use a wish right now

Rude Boy_ Ian Somerhalder

►Toy soldier

IanSomerhalder // starry EYED

(sweetdreams) • ian && paul

We R Who We R Collab Part | TVD Trio

Field Trip Friday Ep. 10

Ian Somerhalder - In My Arms

Ian Somerhalder - Like a G6.

Ian Somerhalder | Vanity Multifandom Collab | xxsunshiinex3

ian somerhalder / sour cherry.

paul & ian ; t o u c h i n g o n m y

Nina and Ian-Everything

(Ian/Nina) This Feeling That You Can't Fight

Ian & Nina: Your love's a drug

nina+ian | & `cause everything i s e e is you

i don't need a parachute; ian/nina

ian/nina; we stuck together to the very end ♥

"I realize that this is Love"♡ || Nina/Ian

.:stolen my heart // ian&nina

Ian and Nina-your love's a drug

Ian/Nina - We'll shine together

Would You Be Mine?

Ian & Nina | D I S T U R B I A |

Ian/Nina - Teenage dream

Nina&Ian; All this Time

● stolen;; ian♡nina {vidlet}

Ian & Nina - STARRY EYED

Everybody loves me-Paul/Nina/Ian

Ian/Nina; Airplanes

ian/nina; you`re right there beside me

Paul/Nina/Ian {TVD} all the right moves.

I Don't Wanna Miss a Single Thing // Paul, Nina & Ian

Nina&&Ian; Cause you're all I want...

Ian & Nina | "..I could really use a wish.."

Nina / Ian / Paul - Innocence

Ian and Nina-To know your name

nina&ian // get in line

{Ian/Nina} baby girl, you know you're my sexy love.