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What are your favorites???  regbabe 0 2933 over a year ago
how to watch iCarly online?  rojarfeder 5 10353 over a year ago
iDisguise  thomasedsfan 0 4864 over a year ago
Miranda cosgrove tour bus accident  Gabi_Gabs 1 4825 over a year ago
Pear Phone and Wahoo Punch  Carlysiworld 1 12009 over a year ago
love show  cheer2003 1 2674 over a year ago
iCarly's guess the quote!! :)  tutorgirl95 1 2824 over a year ago
iCarly Photo Competition Round 1  MirandaC_Rocks 5 3269 over a year ago
creddy or seddie  Gabi_Gabs 16 2698 over a year ago
iCarly *Pics* Contest *Round 1 CLOSED*  MirandaLovesMe 5 3497 over a year ago
♥ iCarly season 5 promos ♥  Karly413 8 5466 over a year ago
What happens now Icarly?  LalaDisney 4 2574 over a year ago
About Seddie (well, and Creddie)  Emil5634 0 980 over a year ago
i've met the lady who plays Ms. Briggs  dustfinger 10 3345 over a year ago
What's your favourite season three episode?  iCarlySuperFan 0 1551 over a year ago
Best Quote From An Episode!  bvale211 5 1379 over a year ago
Creddie Picture Game.  iCarlySuperFan 0 973 over a year ago
seddie picture Game  karlyluvsam 3 1142 over a year ago
song from icarly  straberryjuice 1 1019 over a year ago
Jeanette McCurdy (Sam) fired from iCarly???  Informer 25 12452 over a year ago
OMG I found the "Meant for Me" song on iSpeed date!  Amy131 1 1059 over a year ago
:O omg shane was freakin hot!!!!!!!!  kool123 4 1608 over a year ago
Hey Carly & Freddie Fans... Join My Spot!  Bubbly131 2 12566 over a year ago
HEY!  Shannonkelly 1 1032 over a year ago
youtube  mario64 1 1150 over a year ago
can icarly be for boys two  jaymanjames 4 1238 over a year ago
icarly  vonna8 4 1531 over a year ago
H2O JUST ADD WATER IS 10X BETTER THE ICARLY  blitzholly 9 1332 over a year ago
just samen  vonna8 0 1131 over a year ago
Miranda Cosgrove prefers singing over acting?!  jtswift 0 951 over a year ago
a to z playing for fun  mikethecat 8 1370 over a year ago
What do you think about Stuart "Spanky" Stimbler?  JackieJay 2 2095 over a year ago
sam is hott  fredsmelser 2 1371 over a year ago
who is little girl in ispace ?  mikethecat 0 992 over a year ago
Do Carly and Freddie?  bookluvr 1 970 over a year ago
New Creddie Episode saw commercial 2/27/10  emlick96 0 727 over a year ago
did enyone else hear it?!  zaray 4 2897 over a year ago
fix the server freddie  hinoah 0 1762 over a year ago
miranda cosgrove at tca  carlyfan4eva 0 743 over a year ago
miranda cosgrove at tca  carlyfan4eva 0 1041 over a year ago
Do Carly and Freddie?  bookluvr 0 1197 over a year ago
open  buggyboo987 0 1024 over a year ago
NEW EPISODES, WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM?  iCarlyIsBangin 1 1028 over a year ago
make up your own episodes  dustfinger 11 1309 over a year ago
happy birthday jennette!  marymemitchel 0 1266 over a year ago
jennette's answering fan questions  marymemitchel 0 1282 over a year ago
What Did You Think About Icarly  rob-44 0 586 over a year ago
iCarly gang=trouble  campluv98 0 1816 over a year ago
I saw Miranda Cosgrove make her video About You Now  corncakes 0 1665 over a year ago
Sams lying  whysoserious24 0 1112 over a year ago
Miranda Cosgrove on Jimmy Kimmel Live!!  JKLYT 0 1341 over a year ago
New review of iCarly Season 1, Volume 1  DVDTALK 0 1371 over a year ago
YES!! NEW EPISODES!  iCarlyIsBangin 0 2372 over a year ago
The Best Show Ever!!  iCarlyrocks 2 1178 over a year ago
iCarly set tour!  Jenni_Gigi 0 2783 over a year ago
iCarly VIP Set Tour  NephCure 0 4452 over a year ago