Scrat sniffing in the ground looking where to bury his he had to stomp on his acorn then the water started to rise where he buried it rise up scrat and his acorn they are on top of the spouting water scrat is screaming then the spouting water stop he is feeling if he is on the ground or not he is falling scrat caught his acorn and landed on a tree branch and it hit his nuts when he landed scrat went silent for a bit and scream in pain and drop his acorn and fell off the branch he is holding his painful nuts he cried a little with one tear he pick up his acorn

Peaches almost ran over scrat common Louis she said Louis is under ground digging trying to catch up he didn't even know he is carrying scrat while digging and he went off
we are almost their she said seeing Diego and Shira having another cub turn out it is a boy Diego and Shira has two daughters name

Natasha has hazel eyes grey fur and black stripes

Stella has turquoise eyes grey fur and black stripes

Dj has brown eyes burnt orange fur sorry if it is bad names

the herd are all cheering
aww he is so cute said sid
Ellie i was thinking if we could have another baby

uhh... i don't think so manny

why not

i really don't like getting pregnant

ohh ok if you say so

he kinda look's like me Diego said looking at his new son

he sure does peaches said

Natasha and Stella woke up and stretch went to their mother Shira seeing their new brother they started to play with him

this is all i got for this chapter some ideas i got what do you think what else would be good