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Opinion by keninv posted over a year ago
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We love this dessert. It is perfect for a little afternoon snack or for a special occasion. It is rich, sweet and healthy.

Sure, really healthy! Ice cream is made from milk and has protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber. It gives you an energy boost. It is the perfect pick-me-up when you are studying and cools you off in the summer heat.

Ice cream is our favorite summer food. And while it is healthy, it should be eaten in moderation. If not, like anything, it can go from being healthy to being unhealthy.

And don't worry if you can't eat dairy or sugar. There are ice creams for everyone. Sorbet does not have milk or dairy in it, and there are special ice creams at the ice cream shop that come without sugar. So there is no reason not to eat ice cream!

In winter you can also eat ice cream, but it is not as popular as in the summer, for sure. In the winter try a scoop of vanilla with a cup of hot chocolate or ice cream over a hot brownie.
Guide by breebree446 posted over a year ago
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A really minty refreshing treat my niece and nefew and I discovered last Summer when we were playing with my sister's blender at her house!

.A blender
.Pina Colada juice
.Peppermints or candycanes(Broken)

Grind the ice in the blender. Don't grind it really fine just yet. Add in the Pina Colada juice and peppermints and grind again. When done, the ice should be really fine and tiny, like an actual slushie. Small enough to drink through a straw, but big enough to eat with a spoon.

Just felt like sharing this with you guys. It's Summer, which means it's hot out. A Peppermint Slush is really a good way to cool off.

Guide by cassie-1-2-3 posted over a year ago
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Brain freeze, also referred to an "ice cream headache" or a more scientific term, a "cold-stimulus headache". Before revealing the secrets to living a brain freeze free life, I want to tell you a little about what they actually are and what causes them so that maybe you can come up with a few of your own ways to avoid the dreaded.

Brain freezes are usually experienced when you apply ice cream (or any similar cold food/drink) to the roof of your mouth. There is a cluster of nerves (sphenopalatine nerve) right above the roof of your mouth that act somewhat as a personal, protective thermostat for your brain. They are very sensitive to any abrupt change is temperature. The nerves sends a message to your brain, warning it of a major freeze, so it would be wise to prepare itself.

As this happens, the blood vessels surrounding the brain shrink as a protective barrier and to keep the warm blood around the brain for a longer period of time. The pounding sensation you feel is the blood trying to squeeze through the shrunken vessels.