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Ichigo & Rukia - Sun & Moon - Question

Post a video and the lyrics of your favorite song that fits Ichiruki!!!!!!!! [PROPS WILL BE GIVEN]

It's hard to find a song that fits their relationship. I'll be posting some lyrics in the articles section along with my explanation of how they fit. If you don't find a video, please post a link to hear the song. It doesn't matter if it's not the whole lyric, it can be just a verse that fits.

First in my list is "Diamond" by alan
 LidiaIsabel posted over a year ago
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Ichigo & Rukia - Sun & Moon - Answers

theichigo123 said:
thsi dues not have lyrics but i love the video and song

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posted over a year ago 
great!!! that's amazing ;)
Lisseth posted over a year ago
yeah!! i loved it!!
LidiaIsabel posted over a year ago
Lisseth said:
I was thinking about a song that fits them flawlessly and then... I got it!!!! I said: one of those songs has to be...

Tabidachi no Uta by AAA

I think this song is just perfect! Just try to imagine Fullbring, when Ichigo misses Rukia so much!!!!! It's very nostalgic and sad T_T

Like how I sketched in my heart during that time
I wonder if I’ve walked that way
Stop a moment, and when I look back
There’s the footsteps that leads here.

The dreams that were too bright, and the tears of long ago
They were all probably there for the departure today woh…

Just say so long, I’ll never forget that at this place
Everything started on that day
Just say so long, I’m staring at it now, no words said
Words aren’t enough to express my thoughts

Just so I won’t lose to myself on that day
I wonder if I can start walking
It’s not the ending, but the start
I looked up to the sky that stretches far beyond.

The yesterday when I chose my new future, too,
Will all be memories from this moment woh…

Just say so long, I’ll never forget that smile
However far apart we are, we’re never alone
Just say so long, we may someday be able to meet here again
Just like that time when I first met you.

Hey, how many years have passed?
We met each other and shared laughters
Times werent always happy,
But it was fine the way it was, still
Whats correct? Whats a mistake?
To confirm it, I’ll step in to tomorrow
You won’t say ‘Wait’right?
Theres no time to stop right now
Watch me, I’ll do my best
Carry the thoughts, and Holla back from here!

The warmth of the hands that pushed my back
They will forever walk in my heart woh…

Just say so long, I’ll never, ever forget
Even when the seasons change, it will still stay clear
Just say so long, thank you is still not enough
I’ll put my thoughts in to this song, and deliver it to you now.

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posted over a year ago 
WOW LISSETH!!! Perfect song! and it's AAA's!!! I love how it fits their relationship! Thanks for giving me another song to put in my Ichiruki playlist, Riseto-chan!! ;D
LidiaIsabel posted over a year ago
viktoriya773 said:
Watch it and tell me this is not the perfect song for them!
Love this song!
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posted over a year ago 
W☻W Vik! this song is just perfect!!! This surely fits IchiRuki!!!♥♥♥ GREAT!!
LidiaIsabel posted over a year ago
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