Ok today is ur day ^^
Why? Because it's ur birthday!!!
Finally got 19 <333
I wish all good things of the world!
There is to much of them so I am sorry that I can't put them...
But maybe I will write xD

Because of all the little things
You've done and will always do,
Because of all the special love
You shine the whole life through,
Because you're just the kind of sis
Who's dear in every way,
You're being wished a very warm
And extra special day! ❤

O daba Lietuviskai xDDDD
As tau sia nuostabia diena linkiu viso ko geriausio!
Vau jau 19 metu!!!!
Nebijok tu nesena xDDDD
Mes augdami tiktai jaunejam xDDDDD
Zinau kaip kokia kaimo bobute pasakoju visokias nesamones.....
Tai tikrai sveikinu tave ir siunciu tau daug oro bucinuku ❤