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Article by Gwiazdeczka posted over a year ago
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Song: Marionette on a Moonlight Night
Artist: Nakamura Yuuichi
Other: Character Song

A noise that perplexes the spirit, I shook it off and ran
Transparent and innocent, aiming for the light
Streaming through my body, no matter what color my thoughts are,
I cannot choose the scenario of my fate.

This false cross I was burdened with,
Is tied to my necklace, so I pull it off, towards a freer world~

A sad melody of love drifts about the stagnating city,
It holds the incurable place in its arms, everyone is crying,
Eyes filled with desire, a greedy, powerful shadow
It captures my arms and legs, turns me into a tearless marionette
The torn bonds that once held me to the star I was born under,
Fruitlessly shake the empty baby cradle.

It was innocent, the illusion on that day long ago,
In that short dream, under the sun, it gently stroked my hair.
Article by Gwiazdeczka posted over a year ago
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Ikuto Tsukiyomi
Voiced by: Yūichi Nakamura
Birthday: December 1
Blood Type: AB
Guardian Chara: Yoru

About Ikuto:
A boy who wants the Embryo to obtain his freedom. During Character Change, he grows cat ears, and his hand turns into a paw with metal claws. His Character Transformation is known as "Black Lynx". During Character Transformation, he uses a claw-like glove and wears a leather 2-piece with boots.

His Shugo Chara is Yoru and has the form of a cat. This could possibly be because Ikuto wants his freedom and cats are free.

He is actually 5 years older than Amu and Tadase, as he told Amu on chapter 28 that he was going to be a 3rd year senior and she was just starting middle school.

At first he is called "nekomimi hentai cosplay otoko" ( lit. perverted cat-ears cosplay guy) by Amu. Ikuto has sensitive ears, like Amu. He possesses the "Dumpty Key", which is the other pair of the "Humpty Lock" owned by Amu. For some unknown reason, Tadase had the key and Ikuto stole it from him. When Tadase confronts him about it on episode 28, Ikuto tells him that he was...