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List by Syltre posted over a year ago
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She is the most popular member along with fellow member, Taeyeon.

Used to be the 2nd shikshin (after Sooyoung), but as of 2011, she is the 1st shikshin (Goddess of Food). This is acknowledge by Sooyoung herself.

According to SNSD's trainer, Yoona has genes that prevents her from getting fat!

CF Queen of SNSD

As of 2013, Yoona has won 7 acting Awards: 2 as Best New Actress for You Are My Destiny (YAMD), 2 Popularity Awards for YAMD, 1 Popularity Award for Cinderella Man & 1 Popularity Award for Love Rain.

Has lots of Ajhuma fans and Halmoni fans because of her daily drama YAMD.

Her body part complex: her feet.

Her best body part according to herself: her eyes.

Yoona's well guarded secret #1 revealed by her childhood friends: she can play Go-Stop! like a pro gambler!

Yoona's well guarded secret #2 revealed by her childhood friends: going into the boys bathroom was her speciality (said with a little tongue-in-cheek)!!!
Article by mitsuki963 posted over a year ago
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Seo In Guk talked about how pretty YoonA was both on screen and in real life!

On the Christmas Eve broadcast of SBS Power FM's 'Cultwo Show,' he was asked everyone's favorite question, "What is your ideal type?" Seo In Guk shared, "I like pure and innocent women... I once mentioned Han Ga In as my ideal type. She is still my ideal type."

When asked, "Is there a female celebrity who you think is really pretty?", Seo In Guk chose YoonA and explained, "YoonA is really pretty. I also think actress Son Eun Seo is pretty. They are all pretty but I end up only being friends with them. They are so pretty that it's burdensome."

He also shared, "I was invited to Girls' Generation's year-end concert by Yuri whom I became friends with through our movie 'No Breathing'... I wanted to go to Girls' Generation's concert, but I had a scheduling conflict. When I watched the videos from the concert the next day, it seemed like they prepared a lot for the stage. I am stomping the ground with regret because I couldn't go."
Opinion by mitsuki963 posted over a year ago
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SNSD's Yoona and actress Soo Ae were spotted wearing a coat of same design.

Recently, in November, SNSD's Yoona appeared on Seoul street for KBS's "Guerilla date" program. She wore a an oversized shearling jacket from ACNE, which is the same design with Soo Ae's when she attended "The way home" VIP Premiere event on December 07.

Soo Ae completed her look with grey blouse, white jeans and a matching pair of shoes, while Yoona used black as her main color. The two look warm and neat, it's hard to say who wore it better.

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