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Yoona Facts

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She is the most popular member along with fellow member, Taeyeon.
• Used to be the 2nd shikshin (after Sooyoung), but as of 2011, she is the 1st shikshin (Goddess of Food). This is acknowledge by Sooyoung herself.
• According to SNSD's trainer, Yoona has genes that prevents her from getting fat!
• CF Queen of SNSD
• As of 2013, Yoona has won 7 acting Awards: 2 as Best New Actress for You Are My Destiny (YAMD), 2 Popularity Awards for YAMD, 1 Popularity Award for Cinderella Man & 1 Popularity Award for Love Rain.
• Has lots of Ajhuma fans and Halmoni fans because of her daily drama YAMD.
• Her body part complex: her feet.
• Her best body part according to herself: her eyes.
• Yoona's well guarded secret #1 revealed by her childhood friends: she can play Go-Stop! like a pro gambler!
• Yoona's well guarded secret #2 revealed by her childhood friends: going into the boys bathroom was her speciality (said with a little tongue-in-cheek)!!!
• Soshi Gamblers are Taeyeon, Sunny & Yoona (YoonSunYeon).
• Part of the Dance Trio of SNSD w/ Hyoyeon & Yuri.
• Nicknamed GoddessYoong: for her otherworldly beauty.
• Nicknamed Im Actress: she has been recognized as the actress of the group.
• Nicknamed Im Choding: she likes to prank her unnies.
• Nicknamed Ago Yoon: when she laughs you can almost see her tonsils.
• Nicknamed Nam Choding: she acts like a mischievous elementary school boy when she pranks her unnies.
• Nicknamed Him Yoona: for her strength.
• Nicknamed Saseum Yoona/Deer Yoona/ Flower Deer: because of her deer-like eyes and long neck.
• Sooyoung mentioned that Yoona loves ballad songs a lot.
• Her former Ideal Types include Daniel Henney & Yun Jung Hoon.
• Her current Ideal Type is Japanese actor and idol singer Kimura Takuya.
• She doesn't care about height when it comes to her ideal type but a little taller than her would be nice.
• Taunts Jessica with cucumbers whenever she can.
• Her Zodiac sign is Gemini.
• She eats a lot but never gets blotted in the morning, inciting friendly jealousy from Sooyoung.
• Loves to eat cereal before going to bed.
• She is the queen of midnight snaking.
• Makes Hyoyeon listen to her until the wee hours of the morning.
• According to Hyoyeon, although Yoona seems quiet and hard to approach, she's actually one of the friendliest soshi members.
• To know her is to know that she gives a ‘ssanti’ feel.
• She is SNSD’s second Maknae.
• The cutest dongseng (younger female) according to Jessica.
• Best S-Line Body of SNSD according to many sources (members, SNSD’s trainer, polls, etc.).
• Imitates to perfection gag woman Anh Yongmi.
• She is SNSD’s dishwasher.
• Became the 1st ever Idol to endorse a big cosmetics company (Innisfree).
• Became the 1st ever Idol to endorse a big national company (S-Oil).
• Winner of many online polls.
• Voted most popular SNSD member in Korea, Japan & Taiwan.
• She is many male Idols, celebrities & sportsmen’s Ideal Woman.
• Amongst singing, dancing & acting, she is less confident in singing, although as of 2010 she has sung a song by herself as part of the endorsing campaign of the national company Innisfree Cosmetics. It has not been released as an official SNSD song, though. As of 2011, her vocals have significantly improved as can be evidenced in the song 'you-aholic' & in SNSD's 3rd Album 'The Boys'. As of 2013, her voice improvement can be heard in the song Not Alone from their 2nd Japanese Album, Girls&Peace.
• CSJH's Dana is/was one of her vocal coaches.
• She was a permanent guest on label mates' Super Junior's Kiss The Radio (Sukira) from October to January (2008-09) for a skit.
• Had a fear of cameras (back in 2009) when a misunderstanding with fellow member, Tiffany, came into focus in the Korean media.
• Loves roller-coaster rides.
• Yoona doesn't know how to swim (2009).
• Her favorite season is Winter.
• Taeyeon mentioned on ChinChin that Yoona's favorite color is blue.
• She enjoys cooking.
• She would have liked to become a Chef if she were not a singer!
• Yoona took pastry classes.
• FT Island's Hongki mentioned on Champagne that when she sleeps at the hair salon, her head is like a 'spinning wheel'!
• She likes mint chocolate ice cream.
• Her favorite fruit is strawberry.
• Her phone in 2009 was a pink Samsung G400.
• She wants to get married by the time she is 27-28 years old.
• Yoona's first visit overseas was to Australia when she was 3-4 years old.
• She uses 3 types of perfumes but she prefers to use ISSEY MIYAKE the most.
• Ex-roommates (when they were trainees & rookies): Taeyeon & Sooyoung. Those days are known throughout SM, as they were wild together.
• Current roommate: Yuri.
• Her heartbeat races when a man rubs her head and says "Aigoo! So cute!"
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