In a land far, far away, there lived a land of unicorns. These unicorns were gorgeous with there gleaming rainbow manes and sparkling black eyes that shone in the sun light. These unicorns didn't just wonder freely though, they were owned and taken care of by the Diamond Princess. Here, let me tell you the History of the Diamond Princess.

Long ago, there lived a king who longed for a wife who he would call hid queen. This king's name was King Stone. One day, a young maiden walked by the Stone Castle while King Stone was overlooking the kingdom in his tower when he came across a beautiful woman. He raced down to invite the maiden into his lovely castle. Her name was Jewels and she was simply gorgeous, a wedding was planned immediately. The two soon had to beautiful girls. The king named the first born child Ore, for she had his eyes and Ore was so perfect when it came to weaving or dancing. The younger girl had her mother's eyes so she was given the name Diamond. Diamond was clumsy but she was graceful and elegant, also beautiful. Ore was very close to her father and she envied Diamond for whenever visitors came, the complimented Ore on how well she could weave but praised Diamond for her beauty. One day, the Prince of another kingdom came and fell in love with Diamond, Ore was furious and insisted her father to banish Diamond from the kingdom, because he loved Ore, he agreed. His wife, Queen Jewels, begged not to but no one could change his mind, he just wanted to please his favorite daughter Ore. Because she was depressed she would lose her daughter, Jewels planned a secret wedding for Diamond and the Prince, that way, he would carry her off back to his kingdom anyway. So, when Ore and the King were off in the village, the ceremony was held and Diamond and Prince. The Prince brought her to his kingdom and when the King and Ore arrived home, the servants helped cleaned up. Queen Jewels explained Diamond ran off on her own because she feared King Stone would scold her before he banished her. The King and Ore believed the Queen.
Meanwhile, in the Prince's kingdom, Rainbow, Diamond and the prince happily ruled Rainbow. One day, a wise old woman arrived at Rainbow and warned Diamond and the Prince that Rainbow would soon be in war and they must escape. So, the two escaped into a magical land of the Unicorns where Diamond took care of the kind creatures. The prince went back to his kingdom to fight but he never returned. Diamond was devastated but learned to communicate with the Unicorns and found a vacant two story house where she lived from then on.
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So the Diamond Princess "ruled" the Unicorn land by herself for a very long time.
One afternoon, while she was grooming the unicorns, in the distance, she saw a tall man walk closer, she recognized the smile, it was the Prince. He explained that Rainbow had won the war and apparently, he was injured so it took about a month and a half to recover then he had to "supervise" the reconstruction of Rainbow for about 10 months because there had been a lot of distructon and Rainbow was a big kingdom. So the Prince and Diamond lived normally in a house, taking care of the Unicorns. They had only one child, a boy which the chose to name Primary. Why? Because life is like a work of art and the Primary colors are just the beginning.

The End

Author's Note: This is my first story on FanPop so idk if you guys like it so please tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :D This is my own original Fairytale.