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Guide by WolfHeart23 posted over a year ago
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This is a page to help you out in the game. Some of the most frustrating things that might happen to you will be mentioned to help you solve them. x3

1. Q.What is the green bar in the bottom right corner for?
A.That bar is your health. if it gets low, push "2" on the keyboard until you find "Cure". It will show how many you have. Then click yourself to restore your health.

2. Q.My health bar is red, and I can't attack or cure myself! What do I do?
A. Relax, don't panic. I freaked out when this happened too. All you have to do is go to a shallow patch of water and lay down in it (it can be any kind of liquid, even lava). You will see the red start to disappear slowly. It will finally disappear completely and you will be left with a very small amount of health. (green) Then just use a few cures, and your good to go :)

3. Q.How do you get items?
A. The most common way to obtain items is by killing prey. Different prey carry different items. You won't always get an item when you kill a prey item, it's just by chance. If you do get an item, you will see sparkles coming up from the animal you just killed. Click on it and select "Equip" to pick up the item and put it on.

4. Q.How do you fly?
A. Easy, as long as you have wings. x3 Just press "C" on the keyboard to take off, and page up to go higher, and page down to go lower. Flying enables you to reach places you cannot normally reach without wings.

5. Q.How do I hunt?
A. If you see an animal, such as a gazelle or hare, click on it and select "Attack". Then, leave the rest up to your character; they will chase down and kill the prey on their own. You may need to assist them though, by using cures as you fight to keep them from dying.

6. Q.What are skills?
A. Skills are like items you obtain that assist you in health and battle. Cure is a skill, used to restore health. Some skills like Lunge and Backflip are used when hunting. You can obtain skills by finding small, glowing blue crystals on the ground, and clicking on them and selecting "Draw". You will then obtain a certain number of a certain skill, such as "Cure x5". You can also get them by killing prey, too. Skills are shown above your health bar, and you can switch between them by pressing "2" on the keyboard. You can use some of them, like Zoom and Cure, by clicking on yourself.

7. Q.I installed the game, but it won't open.
A. First of all, when you install the game, make sure you make a shortcut icon on your desktop to access it easily. Then, try right clicking on the icon and select "Run as Administrator". The game should open and you can play it. :)


These are just some of the basics, and the things I personally found confusing at first. Unfortunately for me I had to learn most of them by myself, because no one would help me and I couldn't find alot of help on the internet. -_- But maybe this guide will save you some trouble. ^_^ If you haven't downloaded the game yet, look in the links section and you will find the download link. :)
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GloStik said:
Im having trouble on my acount, I have a whole bunch of skills, backflip, lunge, roar, cure, tame... and the only one I can use is cure and tame! Whenever Im hunting and I have my target I press E to lock it, but apparently it doesn't lock and I press my character (with the skill ready so I can use it) but it just makes my character stop walking and stop targeting the prey, I've tried clicking everywere on my character, on the skill, the health bar, my name EVERY WERE ON THE SCREEN!!! Its really annouying me, could you help by any chance?
posted over a year ago.
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i tried download it and doing what u said but it says i dont have d3dx9_37.dll and its saying that its missing and then i click ok and then it says the molecule could not be found plz help
posted over a year ago.
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I'm trying to go through portals, but I just go through them and not into another area!!! Can anyone help???
posted over a year ago.
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my problem is the same as vampgirl61 i tried re installing it which ive done over 5 times and i tried running as an administrator but it still shows up that i need d3dx9_37.dll and it says it couldn't load a RenderSystem_Direct3D9 PLZ HELP!!!!!!
posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago
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Hey guys, if you need d3dx9_37.dll this forum has it
Just remove the ()
posted over a year ago.
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For some reason, I cant tame any animals. When i get them down to low health, and i switch to tame, and start clicking on the animal, it just keeps attacking me! Anyone having same issues? If so please help me! :'(
posted 7 months ago.
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Thanks! I didn't know how to fly because I haven't played Impressive World in a long long time x3. Thanks so much!!!
posted 2 days ago.